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3 observations: Zion Williamson, Pelicans knock off listless Sixers

3 observations: Zion Williamson, Pelicans knock off listless Sixers

The Philadelphia 76ers acquire been looking to continue their street time out with one more rob after beginning the time out with a victory on Tuesday, nonetheless they came out flat from the soar and the group didn’t increase against the New Orleans Pelicans on Friday.

Zion Williamson used to be an scenario all evening lengthy and he had 37 parts, 15 rebounds, and eight assists to handbook the skill in a 101-94 rob over the Sixers down in the bayou. New Orleans also received a double-double from Wily Hernangomez and 12 parts from Jaxson Hayes as smartly.

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Tobias Harris led Philadelphia with 23 parts and seven rebounds, Joel Embiid had 14 parts and nine rebounds, Furkan Korkmaz had 12, and Ben Simmons had 10 parts, nine rebounds, and six assists.

Here are the three observations from this one:

The Pelicans are one in every of the worst defensive groups in the league and while the Sixers scored 50 parts in the first half of, it didn’t feel uncover it irresistible used to be easy to bag. They acquire been missing loads of originate looks, there acquire been too many turnovers, and that allowed New Orleans to bag out in transition which is an station where Philadelphia continues to fight on defense. They’d seven turnovers in the third quarter alone which allowed New Orleans to plan some separation. Then, in the fourth, they had two for dawdle substandard turnovers after they had an opportunity late in the sport. Correct all evening lengthy, they acquire been for dawdle sloppy with the basketball.

An station that in actuality hurt the Sixers used to be the selection of 2d-probability parts the Pelicans acquire been in a narrate to bag. They grabbed nine offensive rebounds and they had 12 2d-probability parts on the half of and they also scored 34 parts in the paint as Williamson used to be having his skill early and in total. New Orleans scored 16 of their 26 third-quarter parts in the paint because it used to be true too easy for them all evening.

It felt just like the Sixers acquire been playing very unorganized on offense on this game. There acquire been too many times where they would possibly bustle their shots on offense and they also failed to profit from some mismatches. For instance, there used to be one instance where Hernangomez used to be defending Embiid and the Sixers didn’t profit from it. They in its build ran a relaxed capture-and-roll for Simmons and it resulted in a missed shot. They have to bag the ball to the huge fella in that scenario.

There used to be one more instance where Harris even took a grand shot as an alternative of acquire Dwight Howard for a easy scrutinize down low. There acquire been some for dawdle substandard possessions on offense on this one as they didn’t profit from playing against a substandard defensive group in New Orleans. There acquire been true too many unforced errors on this one and it for dawdle ended up costing them in the live.

After the rob over the Celtics on Tuesday, coach Doc Rivers used to be speaking about how he wished his stars to rob more free throws. Embiid only took four in the first half of, which is a extraordinarily low number for him, and Simmons only took three that are numbers that ought to for dawdle be elevated. Simmons continues to power into the paint only to gaze others and while that will be a huge segment of his game, against a gaggle just like the Pelicans, he needs to trot up and attack in loads of these circumstances.

As for Embiid, doubtless the knee is soundless bothering him. He had four free throws in the first quarter, nonetheless after that, he settled loads against Steven Adams. As an different of attacking as he did early in the sport, he used to be jab getting into into soar shots as an alternative of being aggressive and the best thing that can sound logical is that the knee is doubtless bothering him and forcing him to settle as an alternative of power. On the flip side, Adams is a pretty damn sturdy dude so that would possibly doubtless play a ingredient.

3 observations: Zion Williamson, Pelicans knock off listless Sixers