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5 tech recruiters for companies like Tesla, Google, and Amazon share how candidates can stand out in a more competitive job market and the qualities they look for in hires

5 tech recruiters for companies like Tesla, Google, and Amazon share how candidates can stand out in a more competitive job market and the qualities they look for in hires
  • Over 80,000 tech workers have been laid off in today’s market, which breeds fierce opponents.
  • Five technical recruiters shared with Insider what their employers look for when vetting candidates.
  • At the start of your job search, they advocate applying early and to more than one roles at one company.
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We’re in the midst of a flipped labor market, and tech talent hasn’t been spared from layoffs and stiffer opponents. According to the latest numbers from layoff-tracking web status Layoffs.fyi, over 590 tech startups have downsized since the start of the pandemic, resulting in more than 80,000 individual job losses. 

Whereas most efficient 15% of tech leaders surveyed by the social network Pulse, a platform leveraged by executives at Netflix, GE, Facebook, Clorox, Google, Amazon, and more, listed hiring as a top precedence in the latter half of 2020, several recruiters specializing in technical hires who spoke with Insider reported seeing an uptick in activity.

Early Newspaper

There’s been “intensive increase” after an initial lull between the finish of the first quarter and beginning of the second quarter of 2020, Jona Jennings, a senior technical sourcer at Terminal.io who’s worked in recruiting for Microsoft, Wayfair, and Tesla, told Insider.

Here are the handiest ways candidates can stand out in a more competitive market, according to experienced recruiters.

Community, be among the first to apply, and withhold in mind applying to more than one relevant openings within a company

There’s a reason asking your network for referrals to job openings works: Employers are usually able to save time and cash when they can hire candidates that come urged, explained Brianne Thomas, head of recruiting at recruiting software company Jobvite

Candidates that fabricate no longer have a impart connection to a company may nonetheless reach out straight to recruiters or other resolution makers on LinkedIn, Jennings said. She added that she receives requests daily from job seekers within the tech space. 

Jona Jennings, a senior technical sourcer at Terminal.io

Jona Jennings.

Jona Jennings

“Oftentimes, they finish up being the ideal candidate for a role I or somebody on my team is working on,” she said, adding that she’s hired candidates who reached out to her personally after initially being overlooked by applying straight on the company web status.

“Reaching out straight to sourcers, recruiters, or resolution makers can be the contrast between getting lost,” she said, and “getting into the company you have wanted to work at.”

“Don’t be scared to reach out to that C-stage executive or anyone else at a company whenever you happen to’re interested in that company or a role,” she added. “It may suitable work.”

Referrals are a good-to-have, however no longer a must, Thomas illustrious.

“Apply fast and bag your resume at the front of the line,” she said. “You can always reach out and gain a referral connection after the application is full.”

Brianne Thomas, head of recruiting at Jobvite

Brianne Thomas.

Brianne Thomas

Whereas it may seem like applying for more than one positions may probably be a detriment, Thomas said that doing so can actually be a wait on — as long as candidates make mosey they’re really qualified for each role they apply for.

“Competition for jobs is fierce, so it be important to emphasize your strengths and accomplishments in a thoughtfully tailored cloak letter that shows you have also executed research on the company,” she said.

Full your LinkedIn profile with a memorable anecdote, your accomplishments, and stable recommendations

Recruiters said they look for detailed LinkedIn profiles that inform a full anecdote.

“Listing explicit abilities and detailed descriptions of outcomes and outcomes will assist them bag featured over candidates who fabricate no longer share any information,” said Rohit Srinivas, a recruiter at Getro.org, a nonetheless tech job search platform that matches laid-off talent with companies that are nonetheless hiring, who helps curate talent recommendations for startups like Asana, Barkbox, and Carta.

Because of how online algorithms work, candidates want to include relevant words on their profile to be came upon by the moral hiring manager or recruiter. For instance, a senior software engineer may be a stable match for a fullstack developer place, however no longer if they most efficient list frontend abilities from when they had been a junior developer, Srinivas said.

Jessica M. Gutierrez, a technical recruiter at Wealthfront who previously worked as a technical recruiter at Google, urged candidates spherical out their profiles with their top 10 abilities and scrutinize out endorsements for these specifically.

Jessica M. Gutierrez, a technical recruiter at Wealthfront

Jessica M. Gutierrez.

Jessica M. Gutierrez

Srinivas added that he spends time reviewing recommendations from former teammates and managers, who usually reveal details about the candidate’s strengths and value.

Including relevant key phrases is important, however recruiters may be delay if a candidate’s total profile is filled with them.

“When I am reviewing any candidate, a great summary or goal part stands out for me as effectively as really taking the time to spotlight what their abilities and accomplishments have been rather than suitable focusing on adding a lot of buzzwords or abilities that are irrelevant to their career,” Jennings said.

“The handiest summary I have come across was of somebody who is a spacious X-Men fan telling his career anecdote — including proficiencies and what he’s actively learning — in the format of an X-males comedian,” she added.

Great summaries may nonetheless include proficiencies, including abilities, frameworks, and languages, as effectively as what candidates are doing to reinforce their abilities (such as ongoing education they’re pursuing), the kinds of tasks they like to work on, and a personal factor (such as being a fan of X-Men). 

“This no longer most efficient helps candidates stand out from those who employ a lot of buzzwords that may no longer be relevant to their experience, however also allows for more personalization in messaging, which is the start of a great candidate experience,” Jennings said.

Storytelling and personality are two differentiators that can assist applicants.

“Is there a clear anecdote for how your career has developed over the years?” Thomas said. “In the occasion you made a ample industry or job shift or had a significant gap, find a natural place to explain that part of your career crawl so recruiters fabricate no longer have to examine out to wager.”

“Your personality may nonetheless shine by means of your materials — the moral company will value the outlandish things that make you, you and want you on their team,” she added, noting that there may be exceptions to this rule, such as when applying to buttoned-up companies like a leading research organization.

Ultimately, recruiters are looking for outcomes. “What had been you in charge for, and was it profitable?” Thomas said. “Metrics are the place great ideas and great execution meet. Share facts and figures that show how profitable your work has been in previous roles and on a variety of tasks.”

Candidates who can spotlight how their accomplishments impacted the business, “using metrics and data to quantify,” are a plus, Gutierrez added.

Demonstrate passion for tech innovation and continuous learning 

Nearly every recruiter Insider spoke with said they check candidates’ activity on GitHub.

“There is an increasing preference of hiring leaders who include some form of ‘active and contributing on GitHub’ in their must-haves for finding the moral candidate,” Jennings said. She added that she takes a look at how candidates make a contribution to others’ tasks as effectively as objects they’ve initiated on the platform.

Jennings said she also wants to know how candidates are furthering their education, such as pursuing a nanodegree in frontend pattern when they’re a backend developer or teaching themselves the latest framework in their free time.

Jamini Pulyadath

Jamini Pulyadath.

Jamini Pulyadath

Jamini Pulyadath, senior talent acquisition manager at tech recruiting startup HackerEarth, a tech recruiting agency that’s helped place hires at over 1,000 companies including Amazon, PayPal, Intuit, Walmart Labs, Wells Fargo, and Barclays, said her company prioritizes candidates who share their participation on competitive coding platforms (like the company’s savor as effectively as on others like CodeChef) as effectively as participation in hackathons, tech occasions, and developer teams and authoring tech blog posts.

Highlight gentle abilities in addition to in-demand technical abilities

In a virtual working atmosphere, recruiters are looking for candidate profiles that spotlight their ability to work across more than one locations and offices, manage workers across time zones, and work independently, said Kerri McKinney, the director of global sourcing for Terminal.io who’s placed candidates at excessive-increase companies including Indeed.com, PayPal, and Amazon.

“Flexibility, being adaptive to change, and hyper-organization are key abilities wished in tech companies moral now,” Thomas said. “There are continued unknowns in this market, and workers that can demonstrate they can pivot and adjust to change — while keeping their goals and deliverables on track — are critical moral now.”

Coming to interviews prepared shows

When candidates take the time to prepare by doing mock interviews ahead of time, it shows, Pulyadath said.

Gutierrez urged candidates ask what coding language their interview will likely be performed in. 

“Candidates can also undertake coding challenges and practice tests to brush up their coding abilities,” Pulyadath said.

Past being prepared on the technical aspect, candidates may nonetheless also make certain to know what the company does, what their mission is, and what their products and services and products are, added Gutierrez.

Ahead of upcoming interviews, applicants may nonetheless review information about the individuals they’ll be interviewing with on LinkedIn or the company’s web status to have more engaging conversation and ease any interview jitters.

This article was originally printed on Insider January 11, 2021.

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5 tech recruiters for companies like Tesla, Google, and Amazon share how candidates can stand out in a more competitive job market and the qualities they look for in hires