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5 ways to hedge against an inflation spike, plus what it’s like to work for Cathie Wood

5 ways to hedge against an inflation spike, plus what it’s like to work for Cathie Wood

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Your weekly recap/outlook

This past week was a total throwback. GameStop merchants ran rampant. The US stimulus outlook brought on significant market gyrations. It felt like the closing week January during but again.


GameStop surged 104% within the closing 30 minutes of trading on Wednesday and prolonged these beneficial properties to 311% at Thursday intraday highs. The spike was sufficient to assign immediate-sellers – it appears gluttons for punishment – another $1.9 billion in designate-to-market losses. The rally petered out on Friday, nonetheless it completely was refreshing for all and sundry’s licensed brick-and-mortar game retailer to glean another couple days within the sun.

Strangely sufficient, the most up-to-date GameStop frenzy was largely overshadowed by a bond-market tantrum that saw 10-365 days Treasury yields climb to a extra than one-365 days high. The wrongdoer was renewed inflation fears stemming from President Biden’s proposed $1.9 trillion stimulus bill.
The disaster is that consumer prices will overheat as the US economy snaps lend a hand into shape, and the Fed’s assurance that this would possibly possibly possibly possibly assign a loose monetary protection for the foreseeable future did nothing to soothe nerves. The most overrated segments of the stock market – most notably mega-cap tech – supplied off rapidly as the skyrocketing yields all true now made bonds an gorgeous different.

On the center of all this going forward, per usual, is the financial recovery. The extent of development will inform ongoing stimulus negotiations, which can stoke extra debate about inflation danger. The parable that prevails will resolve whether the bond-market outburst was a flash within the pan, or a longer-time length building that can possibly possibly furthermore upend portfolios and ship stocks into another tailspin. Preserve tuned.

5 ways to guard against inflation

John Normand of JPMorgan is preserving an in depth explore on rates, and says a diminutive expand would possibly possibly possibly furthermore set an gigantic distinction since the economy is so leveraged. Normand says he’s aloof “comfortable” investing today, nonetheless that can possibly possibly furthermore change if exact rates take up. He laid out five asset classes that will provide protection to investors if inflation ramps up.

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JPMorgan says these 5 rotten-asset hedges are the most productive ways to provide protection to portfolios from stimulus-pushed inflation

Working at Cathie Wood’s Ark Invest


All eyes had been on Cathie Wood’s Ark Invest this past week amid volatility in tech stocks. In recent interviews, two Ark analysts share how Wood has built the agency to weather pullbacks – and their responses present insights into what it’s like to work at the reputed agency.

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Well-liked investor Cathie Wood has staffed her agency with analysts of their 20s and 30s as she appears to be like to predict the future. 2 analysts wreck down what it’s like to work at Ark Invest.

SPAC winners and losers


The crimson-scorching SPAC craze is no longer slowing as 154 SPACs maintain raised $48.5 billion to this level this 365 days. JPMorgan’s Michael Cembalest studied 85 SPACs to stare the winners and losers within the ecosystem. He also shared why this is also important to monitor the SPAC market over the following two years.

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The chairman of funding strategy at JPMorgan’s $2.2 trillion asset management arm studied 85 finished SPAC IPOs – and lays out the winners and losers within the ‘significant wealth transfers’ right by means of the ecosystem

Stock take central

In the hunt for experts who are willing to title names? Watch no extra:

5 ways to hedge against an inflation spike, plus what it’s like to work for Cathie Wood