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992 Porsche 911 Carrera GTS Review: Strategy Excellent, So Why Plot now not I Need One?

992 Porsche 911 Carrera GTS Review: Strategy Excellent, So Why Plot now not I Need One?

The GTS version of the 992 is hugely impressive and very onerous to fault, but it wouldn’t be our non-GT 911 of substitute

By Matt Robinson, 21st September 2021

Early Newspaper

Ready your hand above the sizable crimson button for the cliche klaxon, as we would also be about to teach the contemporary Carrera GTS version of the contemporary 911 to be the 992 ‘sweet situation’. The one to maintain. The thinking man’s 911.

The reason is unassuming. The final 992 is, reckoning on the roughly vehicle you’re after, a Turbo S or GT3. For my fragment, it’d be the latter for me, but I’ll now not seize any individual who’d bewitch the sublime all-spherical, all-climate skill of the Turbo S. On the opposite hand, the GT3 is a puny bit too hardcore for the road and never exactly the finest thing to search out. Meanwhile, you maintain got to query whether or now not the 592bhp output of the Turbo S is genuinely obligatory.

With so many 911 derivatives, we spend a lot of time (and column inches) trying to figure out which one is the best...
With so many 911 derivatives, we exercise a form of time (and column inches) making an are attempting to envision out which one is the finest…

Enter stage left, the Carrera GTS. Porsche has been slapping this badge on the rump of 911s since the 997, and the recipe has remained the identical for every generation. The suspension drops by 10mm, the vitality goes up by spherical 30bhp, and some typically non-obligatory facets are thrown in at gratis.

Within the case of the 992 GTS, it will get usual sports seats, along with a 911 Turbo-derived chassis that lowers the roam height by, you guessed it, 10mm. As per its predecessors, there’s a visible makeover including smoked front and rear light clusters, centre-locking wheels from the Turbo, and a total lot of incandescent murky bits. Disagreement these smartly with a steady-weight colour, and you’re left with what would possibly maybe well loyal be the finest-having a watch 992.

Porsche - 992 Porsche 911 Carrera GTS Review: Near Perfect, So Why Don't I Want One? - Features

Unlocking the extra vitality is an fabricate bigger in turbo enhance stress from 1.17 to 1.35 bar, and that’s it. Internally, the 3.0-litre flat-six is expounded to the one within the Carrera S, even supposing there’s a beefed-up intercooler system to cope with the elevated compressor-aspect temperatures within the turbos. There’s visible proof of this, with the GTS gaining a bespoke rear bumper with a pair of extra air stores under the number plate.

What we’re left with is a vehicle that slots neatly between the lesser Carreras and the weapons-grade Turbo, Turbo S and GT3 992s. No longer that it feels a wretched relation to the final three ought to you put your foot down. The GTS is tranquil obscenely expeditiously, which is totally unsurprising given that the uplift in vitality gives a recent establish of 476bhp. That isn’t indispensable now not up to a GT3. Its 7: 25.632 Nurburgring lap lags within the abet of the GT3’s 6: 59.927, but Lars Kern, who became as soon as within the abet of the wheel for both efforts, reckons a extra concerted effort with the GTS (including some tweaks and better tyres) would yield a circa-7: 10.

Porsche - 992 Porsche 911 Carrera GTS Review: Near Perfect, So Why Don't I Want One? - Features

It’s no wonder, genuinely. Through some laps at Franciacorta, Porsche’s contemporary Italian Skills Centre playground, the GTS unearths itself to maintain accomplished a sparkling job constructing on the 911’s existing attributes. We’re talking about stubborn traction within the unsuitable Carrera 2 GTS that makes you query the purpose within the all-force 4 GTS, self belief-intriguing excessive-velocity balance, and linear, pure-feeling electric vitality guidance.

Thanks to the chassis tweaks, the 992 is keener when it comes to expeditiously adjustments in direction, and typically extra attentive to your inputs. Understeer does infrequently rear its grotesque, front-tyre torturing head, a near-inevitable quirk of the 911’s atypical rear-engine structure. It’s marginally less prevalent within the GTS, as a minimal, if now not as totally stamped out as it’s within the GT3 with its double-wishbone front suspension setup.

Porsche - 992 Porsche 911 Carrera GTS Review: Near Perfect, So Why Don't I Want One? - Features

Turbo inch is tranquil impressively short despite the fabricate bigger in enhance stress, and the 3.0-litre ‘B6’ flat-six is a puny bit extra vocal on account of a discount in soundproofing. You are going to also fabricate the cabin rowdier tranquil by speccing the Lightweight Bear Bundle, which adds mounted-abet carbon bucket seats, ditches the rear bench, switches to thinner rear glass and adopts contemporary underbody aero. The seats are gorgeous, but I’m now not determined it’s an loyal belief crapping all over the 911’s USP as a 2+2 to maintain them. Plus, the pack isn’t exactly low-cost with an expected designate of spherical £6000 – 7000 when it turns into accessible later this year.

The overwhelming majority of traders will stagger for a ‘PDK’ automatic gearbox, but there’s a seven-velocity manual on the alternate choices checklist. It’s now not the sweetest-transferring thing available, with some care obligatory to extract a soft shift, but it suits the engine correctly and has some acceptably short ratios, reaching the height vitality mark in 2d gear at spherical 60mph. It’s a shame that you just can also’t swap off the auto blip your self without turning off Porsche Balance Management, though, particularly since the pedals are near-sufficient bang on for easy self-rev matching.

Porsche - 992 Porsche 911 Carrera GTS Review: Near Perfect, So Why Don't I Want One? - Features

From a technical standpoint, the 911 GTS is intensely complicated to fault, as lengthy as you stick with a coupe – the Cabriolet is heavy and has an ungainly-having a watch rear, and while the Targa is prettier, it’s porkier tranquil. I hang esteem it’s the one I ought to be lusting after from the Carrera fluctuate, however the topic is, I’m now not. A 992 is so loyal out of the sphere, I’m loyal now not determined it needs extra stuff. It for bolt doesn’t must any extent extra vitality, with the Carrera S already nearing supercar ranges of heterosexual-line efficiency. On the road within the GTS, the extra relate solutions it into aggravating territory, the achieve moments of extensive-open throttle are annoyingly short.

It’s at this point I arrive abet to that ‘pauper spec’ unsuitable Carrera I drove about a months ago because the correct 911 (hope you’re tranquil ready on that klaxon) ‘sweet situation’. Bright though the bells and whistles of the GTS sound, you loyal don’t need them. It’s a shame the Carrera isn’t, for the time being as a minimal, accessible with a manual, but it’s tranquil mega with a PDK ‘field. And while you desire the bells and whistles, correctly, I won’t seize – the GTS makes a truly stable case for itself.

992 Porsche 911 Carrera GTS Review: Strategy Excellent, So Why Plot now not I Need One?