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A Brave Team Carried out The Nurburgring 24 Hours In A Dacia Logan

A Brave Team Carried out The Nurburgring 24 Hours In A Dacia Logan

The 24 Hours of Nurburgring items many queer challenges. There’s the sophisticated nature of the be aware itself, the erratic weather the region experiences, and of route, the sheer combine of automobile efficiency.

You beget neatly-funded teams fielding the most modern GT3 autos, sharing a rapid, narrow be aware with issues indulge in venerable 3-sequence BMWs. Ravishing traffic management is key for the drivers of the faster stuff, whereas anyone in slower machinery needs wonderful consciousness of what’s round them. Plus, anyone within the latter camp needs to power rapid but with adequate care to extract the elephantine crawl distance. The autos decrease down the train are steadily humble street autos converted for competition exercise, as a replacement of goal-built racers – belting across the Nurburgring lap after lap isn’t exactly what they were at the delivery designed for.

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So, a doff of the cap is obligatory for ‘Ollis Storage Racing’, which took on persistence racing’s toughest event in… a Dacia Logan. Yep, a automobile which at easiest will beget round a fifth of the vitality of the profitable Porsche 911 GT3 R of Manthey Racing. As chronicled within the videos of among the Dacia’s drivers, Misha Charoudin, the personnel ran a clear crawl and made it to the flag.

The indisputable truth that this one year’s N24 became once the shortest ever with honest nine and a half hours of racing because of heavy fog shouldn’t detract from this success. Of the 121 autos starting, 22 didn’t attain, giving the Dacia a top 100 attain. It wasn’t the lowest-finishing categorised entry both, finishing one residing up in 98th.

The auto did 41 laps, two fewer than the next automobile up the street, and about four within the lend a hand of the next-quickest automobile within the ‘SP3’ class for N/A autos up to 2000cc. Misha extracted the quickest lap from the automobile, clocking an 11: 49.466. Pondering about the N24 makes exercise of both the Nordschleife and the GP loop to form a monstrous, terminate to-16-mile circuit, that’s a vastly impressive effort.

Misha and Ollis Storage Racing – you guys deserve a trophy honest as extra special because the blokes on the podium.

A Brave Team Carried out The Nurburgring 24 Hours In A Dacia Logan