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A desk job was construction worker Emily’s worst nightmare and there are lots of young women like her

A desk job was construction worker Emily’s worst nightmare and there are lots of young women like her

Third-year carpentry apprentice Emily Bailey can not imagine spending her life sitting within the wait on of a desk.

Key facets:

  • Australian female construction apprentices bigger than doubled from 2010 to 2020
  • Civil constructions and electric work declare the top female participation boom
  • Third-year carpentry apprentice Emily Bailey encourages other young women to affix a alternate

The 20-year-frail from Rockhampton in central Queensland is one of thousands of Australian women at the forefront of a trade rippling by a historically male-dominated industry.

Early Newspaper

National knowledge from Construction Abilities Queensland (CSQ) describe Australian female construction apprentices perfect like Emily Bailey bigger than doubled within the leisure decade.

In December 2020, the number of female construction apprentices was 2,929, compared to 1,361 in 2010, an expand of 115 per cent.

The total number of women in construction roles elevated by 34 per cent in five years, from 44,583 in 2015 to 59,587 in 2020.

Compared to the men, then all over again, women mute advise a chunk of the 1.2 million-sturdy body of workers.

Ms Bailey needs of proudly owning her hang carpentry alternate finally, however is specializing in polishing off her four-year apprenticeship in Rockhampton.

“I’ve always in fact loved working with wood … working with my hands,” she stated.

“I in fact abilities the job. Having the capability to position my title to something at the quit of the day, having a homeowner be ecstatic with my work … or now now not it is gargantuan.”

Carpentry apprentice Emily Bailey clutches scaffolding while on a roof, with blue skies and a palm tree behind her.

Carpentry apprentice Emily Bailey says she’d like to open her hang alternate finally.(ABC: Laura Mayers)

Females ‘rare’ onsite

In regional Queensland, Ms Bailey stated female colleagues had been mute few and some distance between.

“Or now now not it is ravishing rare to discover any other females on a alternate build of residing,” she stated.

“Nevertheless it absolutely’s always ravishing uplifting seeing other girls giving it a walk.”

CSQ Be taught Director Robert Sobyra stated electricians and civil construction workers had shown the top boom in female participation.

“We build now now not think that is going to trade, we predict we are on the honest notice.”

Mr Sobyra stated the CSQ had noticed more women altering their perceptions of career choices, attributable to early exposure to trades in college.

“On the present time in colleges, females and males are handled equally in terms of the career paths they are uncovered to,” he stated.

‘Construct now now not protect wait on’

The constructing and construction industry generates bigger than $360 billion in revenue and produces approximately 9 per cent of Australia’s Faulty Home Product, in step with the Australian Industry and Abilities Committee (AISC).

Warren Hale, from the Australian Apprenticeship Enhance Network, stated there was an more and more excessive demand for apprentices of all genders across the nation.

“There’s in fact been an expand of 52 per cent of Australian apprentices, when put next to the the same duration remaining year,” he stated.

Carpentry apprentice Emily Bailey uses a power drill to work on a roofing project, high up on scaffolding.

Emily Bailey says she finds it satisfying to work with her hands, encouraging other women to beget in mind a alternate career.(ABC Capricornia: Laura Mayers)

Emily Bailey stated it was heartening to accumulate so many other women attach up their hands to work in alternate.

“I will be able to also instruct… walk for it. Construct now now not protect wait on,” she stated.

“If or now now not it is something you like to must attain, attain it.

“Or now now not it is perfect going to create your life better.”

A desk job was construction worker Emily’s worst nightmare and there are lots of young women like her