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‘A loud bang was heard’: Here’s what federal investigators know so far about Boeing 777 United Airlines engine failure

‘A loud bang was heard’: Here’s what federal investigators know so far about Boeing 777 United Airlines engine failure

Printed 12: 06 a.m. ET Feb. 23, 2021 | Updated 12: 17 a.m. ET Feb. 23, 2021


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United Airlines Boeing 777 returned to Denver World Airport rapidly after takeoff when the fine engined failed.


Investigations of plane accidents and incidents can eliminate more than a year, nonetheless officers normally get an early learn on components that will hold played a job.

On Monday, two days after the excessive-profile engine failure on United Airlines Flight 328 from Denver to Honolulu, the National Transportation Safety Board held its first briefing on the incident, highlighting likely steel fatigue to an engine fan blade and documenting a “loud bang” heard on the cockpit allege recorder.

NTSB Chairman Robert Sumwalt equipped diminutive print on how the in-flight emergency unfolded and equipped preliminary findings.

The highlights from the NTSB briefing:

► About four minutes after takeoff from Denver World Airport early Saturday afternoon, when the plane was at 12,500 toes and traveling at 280 knots, “a loud bang was heard” on the cockpit allege recorder and increased vibrations were recorded on the affected engine. The pilots declared an emergency with air visitors controllers and commenced a prime in-flight guidelines, including the shut down of the engine.

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► The plane’s condition did no longer require an instantaneous evacuation upon touchdown. After passengers deplaned, it was taken to a halt by United hangar for investigation. Parts from the plane, including those that fell from the sky across Bloomfield, Colorado, for the time being are laid out on the flooring of the hangar. The cockpit allege recorder and flight info recorders were shipped for diagnosis to NTSB facilities in Washington, D.C.

► Two of the 22 fan blades on and not using a doubt one of the essential Pratt & Whitney engines were broken. One fan blade separated on the root and the opposite was fractured within the center, seemingly getting struck because the opposite blade was conserving apart. One of the most items was showcase in a soccer self-discipline in Broomfield, a Denver suburb. A preliminary investigation of the fractured fan blade shows signs of wreck in line with steel fatigue.

The signs: so-known as sea scoot marks or crack arrest marks that can normally be seen with the naked see. Sumwalt likened it to marks left at some stage in tides.

“It’s love if the ocean is available in and goes help out; you’re going to head looking a ticket the attach the ocean was,” he acknowledged.

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The fractured fan blade is is being flown in a single day by non-public plane to Pratt & Whitney facilities for investigation.

Under a microscope, Sumwalt acknowledged, “It is likely you’ll maybe in actuality rely the sequence of (flight) cycles for the reason that initiation of that fatigue.”

► The NTSB has no longer but reviewed the maintenance info for the plane and engine nonetheless that is a high precedence, significantly given the same incidents appealing engine fan blade wreck, including one on a 2018 United flight from San Francisco to Hawaii and a December 2020 Japan Airlines flight.

“What’s crucial is that we in actuality, in actuality observe the info, circumstances and circumstances on this verbalize event earlier than we compare it to any other event,” Sumwalt acknowledged. “However and not using a doubt we are in a position to desire to know if there might maybe be a similarity.”

► There was “minor wreck” to the physique of Boeing 777, the attach the hover joins the physique of the plane, nonetheless no structural wreck to the plane.

Requested why it looks in photos that there might maybe be a huge hole within the plane, Sumwalt acknowledged the affected deliver is a fiberglass share that is without notify punctured.

“It is likely you’ll maybe maybe no longer lope up and sock it alongside with your fist nonetheless a share of steel flying at a excessive scamper can also puncture it. It is never structural in nature.”

► The NTSB would not but know why the engine was on fireplace, maybe the scariest image to emerge from Saturday’s flight.

“We develop hold indications that the gasoline to the engine was turned off, so we are in a position to be attempting to head looking what would hold persevered to propagate a fireplace,” Sumwalt acknowledged.


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‘A loud bang was heard’: Here’s what federal investigators know so far about Boeing 777 United Airlines engine failure