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Aaron Rodgers ran for a TD then yelled at Bears fans ‘I still own you’

Aaron Rodgers ran for a TD then yelled at Bears fans ‘I still own you’

In what may be his final game at Soldier Field as a member of the Green Bay Packers, reigning MVP Aaron Rodgers did what he always does: give Bears fans a little bit of hope, then rip it all away as painfully as possible for Chicagoans.

On Sunday, he took it to an even more visceral level. Not only did Rodgers run in for a touchdown to put the Pack up 24-14 with 4: 30 remaining in regulation, the QB celebrated the score by looking into the souls of Bears fans everywhere and shouting a truth even they know is undeniable:

Early Newspaper

“I still own you!”

BAD MAN. @AaronRodgers12

📺: #GBvsCHI on FOX

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— NFL (@NFL) October 17, 2021

And he said he doesn’t think that this is his last time playing the Bears at Soldier Field in this rivalry🤔🤔

— Kalyn Kahler (@kalynkahler) October 17, 2021

Can confirm. https://t.co/oiXBkXUdYs

— David Bakhtiari (@DavidBakhtiari) October 17, 2021

Rodgers entered the Week 5 contest 20-5 all-time against Chicago. He’d thrown for more career touchdowns against the Bears (55) than any other opponent he’s faced. There’s nothing Bears fans could say back even if they wanted to argue against Rodgers’ claim and everyone knows it. Especially after another Packers win on Sunday.

Packers are publicly owned.

Bears are privately owned (Aaron).

— Andrew Brandt (@AndrewBrandt) October 17, 2021

This game felt like most Packers-Bears games do.

— Adam Jahns (@adamjahns) October 17, 2021

Rodgers just solved taunting. Taunt fans, not players.

— Mina Kimes (@minakimes) October 17, 2021

Aaron Rodgers and these comments will haunt me for the rest of my life. 🤦🏾‍♂️ #Bears 🚫🧀 #GBvsCHI pic.twitter.com/iFBECAFNs9

— Jarrett Payton (@paytonsun) October 17, 2021

Look, the Bears lost, the rookie QB made some bad decisions and Aaron Rodgers still owns us, but look on the bright side.

Wait, there is no bright side.

— Steve Greenberg (@SLGreenberg) October 17, 2021

😉 https://t.co/WwwqkbdxYu

— Jason Wilde (@jasonjwilde) October 17, 2021

It hurts because it’s true!

— Lauren Comitor (@laurencomitor) October 17, 2021

Maybe next year Rodgers will be playing for an AFC team and regularly beating up on the likes of the New York Jets and Houston Texans instead of continuing to torment Bears fans.

Unfortunately, Chicago still has to play at Green Bay in Week 14.

If this is how Rodgers is treating the Bears at their own house, it probably won’t be any better when the Packers play host in mid-December. At this point all Chicagoans can hope for is that Rodgers either retires or moves elsewhere—and that Jordan Love isn’t to Rodgers what the MVP was to Brett Favre.

Until then, ownership of the Bears remains in Rodgers hands.

Aaron Rodgers ran for a TD then yelled at Bears fans ‘I still own you’