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ABC surprisingly beats the drum for coal

ABC surprisingly beats the drum for coal

These elected to portray coal mining communities might presumably well moreover be forgiven some exaggeration in their favour. But former Herbert MP Ewen Jones stretched credulity on ABC panel demonstrate The Drum closing week when he cited the (alleged) necessity of coal to the manufacturing of aluminium.

“There’s no other system to safe steel at the moment, there’s no other system to safe aluminium,” acknowledged Jones. “So somebody’s gonna need the coal anyway whether now we like got a carbon put on it or no longer.”

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Ewen Jones reckons coal is the most effective system to safe aluminium.  Dominic Lorrimer

That line of argument doesn’t safe illicit drug pushers very some distance. And in the case of aluminium, it isn’t even honest.

Coking coal is a steel ingredient. It’s miles no longer an aluminium ingredient. And whereas aluminium manufacturing uses immense portions of electrical energy, it doesn’t wish to be generated with thermal coal. Hydroelectricity-powered smelters like for years been charging a premium for their “inexperienced” aluminium, and producers in the country no longer too lengthy in the past got funds from the Australian Renewable Energy Company (ARENA) to convert their operations from pure gas to hydrogen.

Jones, – as soon as a contender to handbook the Queensland Resources Council – was then yet again led off beam, surprisingly, by Drum host Ellen Fanning, who had earlier interrupted him to confidently grunt that the key thing Australia had at stake in the EU’s current carbon tariffs was the coking coal it provided to offshore possibilities for steel manufacturing.

“What we’re talking about is the hope of the side with the coal foyer, that’s metallurgical coal, coking coal, dragged out of the ground in Queensland and which is honest powerful the most effective system now we like got ever had since 1880 to expose bauxite into aluminium,” Fanning acknowledged. All yet again, coking coal is no longer stale to safe aluminium. And bauxite is first subtle into alumina which is then grew to change into into aluminium.

We voice David Anderson can bring this up in Senate estimates the next time Matt Canavan accuses the public broadcaster of being “anti-coal”.

ABC surprisingly beats the drum for coal – The Australian Monetary Overview