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Adjustments to Snowy Hydro route please some, leaves others ‘in glum health in the guts’

Adjustments to Snowy Hydro route please some, leaves others ‘in glum health in the guts’

Adjustments to the proposed hall for a high-voltage transmission line in southern Fresh South Wales has brought aid for some farmers nonetheless heartache for others.

Key points:

  • The footprint for the undertaking has been reduced from 500km to 350km
  • TransGrid says this can prioritise consultation with landholders tormented by the adjustments
  • The proposed route is being refined with an environmental affect converse expected subsequent year

TransGrid has refined the footprint for the HumeLink undertaking that will join the $5 billion expanded Snowy Hydro undertaking to the grid.

Early Newspaper

The routes from Book Book to Gobarralong and from Maragle to Yaven Creek maintain been dropped.

There is, on the other hand, a brand recent hall through the Gilmore Valley and a brand recent option north of Tumut.

Project director Tim Edwards stated the adjustments had reduced the footprint from 500km to 360km.

“The circuit going from single to double circuit contrivance the requirement for the footprint and the quantity of towers reduces, and when that occurs you finish up having a smaller impacted dwelling,” he stated.

Melody McMeekin from the Kyeamba Valley Involved Landholders Community stated she turned into relieved her farm turned into no longer included.

lady leaning on a fence on a rural property

While the adjustments are a win for Melody McMeekin, she concedes they now affect others.(

Supplied: Catherine Kelly


“Nonetheless we are mute conscious that there are some landholders that are mute impacted, so there’s mute more to be finished.

“A option of folks maintain stated to me, what would maintain came about in the event you hadn’t place as remarkable time and effort into it, and I stated we would maintain machinery right here clearing and putting the towers up; there’d be no two systems about that.”

Area about affect on farmland

While there is a sense of aid in some areas, recent areas of farmland near Tumut are if truth be told being thought about for the hall.

In the picturesque Gilmore Valley, landholder Mick Kelly is insecure about the doubtless affect on productive agricultural land and the standard of living values of the ardour blocks in the put.

Mick Kelly

Mick Kelly wants TransGrid to maintain in mind using more public land for the transmission line.(

Supplied: Catherine Kelly


“It be another curveball thrown — everybody’s aid on their feet, they’ve finished a quantity of work after the fires, folks maintain obtained everything cracking and a few blokes maintain supplied rather more country since this has been going on.”

Mr Kelly is calling for greater consideration of using publicly owned land for the transmission line.

“There’s ground there that is authorities ground, be it nationwide park or forestry,” he stated.

“Nonetheless the whole thing is it’s the stamp of the undertaking, they don’t desire to lumber onto these places because they’ve obtained to clear the easements beneath the powerlines — if they can lumber over someone for a monetary aid, that is what they’ll lift out.

“They prefer to meet with folks [in] inner most, nonetheless everybody’s rather gun stricken of that, you realize, ship the information spherical and then let folks talk and let them arrive at us as a untied front.”

Updated Hume link map 230921

A recent route is proposed to fight through Gilmore Valley and north of Tumut.(

Supplied: TransGrid


Consultation to continue

TransGrid stated it had “reset” its community consultation following an independent review, which discovered its processes relating to the HumeLink undertaking did not meet ideal-note requirements.

Mr Edwards stated consultation with farmers in the Gilmore Valley will almost certainly be prioritised as the routes had been further refined.

“Additional studies will refine them further and prospectively win just a few of the further alternatives that now we maintain placed on the table by making determined we join the lines and in the end work through the constraints spherical environmental, technical and regulatory,” he stated. 

“All alternatives spherical the numerous systems spherical connecting the lines are thought about, and effectively where public land is feasible and we can work through either public or inner most land, we work through those constraints in an intention skill.”

TransGrid has been advertising for fogeys to be section of community consultative teams for the undertaking.

An environmental affect converse is predicted to be placed on public exhibition subsequent year.

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Adjustments to Snowy Hydro route please some, leaves others ‘in glum health in the guts’