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Alberta government says municipality acting illegally in EMS dispatch dispute

Alberta government says municipality acting illegally in EMS dispatch dispute

An ambulance is shown in Edmonton, Alberta on Friday Feb. 28, 2014.

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FORT MCMURRAY, Alta. – A think says a northern municipality must resume transferring emergency medical calls to a provincial dispatch centre by noon on Saturday.

Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Kent Davidson heard a joint application from Alberta Correctly being and Alberta Correctly being Companies, which delivers successfully being care in the province, to require the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo to ship medical calls to AHS dispatch.

He granted an interim injunction till the beefy case will most likely be heard.

“The final public interest weighs very intently in this case,” Davidson acknowledged Friday in his risk.

“There is a solid public interest in the enforcement of the legislation and … the dwelling of the applicant in this topic appears to be stronger.”

The municipality, which includes Citadel McMurray, stopped transferring calls at noon Thursday after its council determined the provincial ambulance dispatch carrier is putting patients at threat attributable to delays and confusion.

It got here after the province consolidated emergency medical dispatch services to save loads of money, and compelled Pink Deer, Calgary, Lethbridge and Wood Buffalo to produce the commerce in January no topic their objections.

Lawyers for the government argued Friday that Wood Buffalo wasn’t following the Emergency Correctly being Companies Act by refusing to ship calls to the provincial dispatch centre.

“The municipality appears to be acting illegally,” acknowledged Sean McDonough, who represented Alberta Correctly being.

“They would perhaps perhaps think it’s greater protection on their finish, but … there’s a solid case it’s no longer lawful.”

Chris Davis, a authorized authentic for Wood Buffalo, argued it’s in the final public interest for the municipality to abet handling emergency medical calls by means of its dispatch centre, which also deals with fireplace calls.

“The regional municipality has been operating a dispatch centre since 1979,” he acknowledged. “It’s most interesting been in the final three weeks where we haven’t operated a dispatch centre for EMS purposes.”

Davis suggested that the municipality can operate it legally below a separate piece of legislation called the Emergency 911 Act.

The think called it a new argument.

“It’s determined that Alberta Correctly being Companies and Alberta Correctly being were unaware of this argument up till this day,” acknowledged Davidson, noting the municipality must occupy an different to flush it out extra.

The hearing for a permanent injunction turned into procedure for March 9-12.

Mayor Don Scott of the regional municipality acknowledged he respects Friday’s risk.

“This does no longer indicate the province is greater at dispatching ambulances,” he acknowledged in a assertion. “It lawful diagram that the provincial government is willing to power us to comply.”

Scott acknowledged he’s involved the non permanent risk will negatively have an effect on affected person outcomes in the dwelling.



“Wood Buffalo has a proud history of resilience and solidarity, and in this unprecedented bag 22 situation, I take care of that the court docket of public opinion weighs intently in our favour,” he acknowledged. “I remain resolved to continue this fight in the courts of Alberta.”

This listing by The Canadian Press turned into first printed on Feb. 12, 2021.

— By Colette Derworiz in Edmonton.

Alberta government says municipality acting illegally in EMS dispatch dispute