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Amazon joins multimillion dollar partnership to combat common workplace injuries

Amazon joins multimillion dollar partnership to combat common workplace injuries

Published 4: 58 p.m. ET June 10, 2021 | Up to date 4: 59 p.m. ET June 10, 2021


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Andy Jassy is the top of Amazon Net Providers and will be replacing Jeff Bezos to develop to be the firm’s subsequent CEO in Q3. Right here’s what you’ll need to know.


The Nationwide Security Council and Amazon presented a partnership Thursday geared toward cutting back musculoskeletal injuries, common workplace injuries including sprains and tears, hernias, carpal tunnel syndrome and wait on distress.

The aim of the campaign is to better stamp how musculoskeletal problems develop and obtain ways to prevent them. Amazon will make a contribution $12 million to NSC, the largest corporate donation made to the actual person and workplace safety nonprofit in its 108-yr existence, acknowledged Lorraine Martin, the president and CEO of the Nationwide Security Council. 

The trouble will consist of an worldwide advisory council made up of other companies, researchers and safety consultants. Over the following 5 years, the partnership will present exiguous firms and universities with grants to fund compare, as successfully as sponsoring innovation competitions.

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Musculoskeletal problems involve distress to the bones, muscles, joints, ligaments or tendons, assuredly from repetitive motions or overexertion. 

“Musculoskeletal complaints are among the many most common reasons that folk look a doctor, and about 80% of of us sooner than the age of 50 experience some extra or less decrease wait on distress,” acknowledged Dr. Edward Laskowski, a professor of physical medication and rehabilitation at Mayo Sanatorium.

In accordance to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 30% of all 2018 incidents whereby non-public sector employees had to take days off eager MSDs. Approximately 1.7 billion of us like musculoskeletal stipulations all around the globe, in accordance to the World Effectively being Organization.

Heather MacDougall, Amazon’s vp of world workplace successfully being and safety, acknowledged MSDs are her firm’s most common distress and usually happen within the main six months of employment.

“At Amazon, about 40% of our injuries are MSD connected,” acknowledged MacDougall for the interval of a digital news conference Wednesday. The firm employed over 1.2 million employees worldwide at the live of 2020, in accordance to Macrotrends. 

In accordance to a Washington Post evaluation of 2020 data from the Occupational Security and Effectively being Administration, Amazon warehouses reported 5.9 serious distress incidents per each and every 200,000 hours worked. Tons of warehouses reported a fee of three.1. The fee changed into as soon as better in 2019, with 7.8 serious incidents.

The firm currently shared its aim to decrease recordable incident charges 50% by 2025 

The significance of cutting back injures extends beyond employees themselves, Martin acknowledged. 

“MSD injuries don’t upright signify challenges for the impacted employees, however additionally their households, loved ones, and their communities,” she acknowledged.


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Amazon joins multimillion dollar partnership to combat common workplace injuries