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An Oral History Of The A*Youngsters, The ABBA Veil Band That Outlined Y2K Pop

An Oral History Of The A*Youngsters, The ABBA Veil Band That Outlined Y2K Pop

By Brennan Carley

In 1998, Britney Spears traveled to Stockholm to sage songs for her debut album, …Toddler One Extra Time, with producers take care of Max Martin and Rami Yacoub. She used to be certainly one of many stars on the time who ventured to the Swedish metropolis to capitalize on the phrases and sounds of its burgeoning pop scene. Months later, at a dance college greatest about a miles away, a crew of sage label executives convened to audition a community of 100 younger of us for a project they known as the “ABBA Youngsters,” an homage to Sweden’s hottest musical export.

Early Newspaper

That year, ABBA had been celebrating their 25th anniversary as a community, though they hadn’t released sleek tune in virtually two a protracted time. Loved by an older abilities of Swedes, ABBA had been identified round the field for his or her execrable (and tax-evading) costumes, as effectively as their huge hits take care of “Dancing Queen” and “Waterloo.” Their songs hadn’t yet been repurposed correct into a protracted-operating Broadway musical, which later impressed a blockbuster movie franchise starring Meryl Streep. ABBA weren’t, for lack of a better be aware, cool. Nonetheless the ABBA Youngsters had been intended to change that by introducing the foursome’s hits to a sleek wave of tune customers: pop-savvy pre-children discovering their style as they came of spending age.

One name change later, the four singers chosen grew to was the A*Youngsters. Their first album, The ABBA Technology, topped the charts in Sweden and sold over 2 million copies worldwide. Nonetheless it used to be their all-originals be aware-up, 2001’s Teen Spirit, that broke the community in non-Swedish markets. “Bouncing off the Ceiling (Upside Down)” pierced the Billboard Sizzling 100 and grew to was their supreme hit up to now, catapulting the A*Youngsters from opening act to headliners. They toured the globe. They grew to was Radio Disney mainstays, taking half in concert events across the US with varied in style early-aughts acts take care of the Baha Males and Aaron Carter. Teen Spirit went to No. 50 on the U.S. chart however captured the hearts and consideration of younger listeners round the field.

On the ground, issues appeared ideal for the foursome, however after the start of their third studio album Pop ’til You Tumble!, the community quietly disbanded without powerful thought. Fans had been handled to a Preferrred Hits album in 2004 after which… silence. It took unless 2006 for a member to acknowledge publicly that the A*Youngsters had been no more; it took many more for the community to reunite as chums, ready to revisit the whiplash six years that changed their lives with no slay in sight.

Whereas ABBA has seen their very hang cultural resurgence in present years due in gigantic fragment to the success of the star-studded Mamma Mia! movies, the A*Youngsters’ affect lives on, having given early opportunities to producers and songwriters who went on to work with predominant abilities take care of Avicii, Zara Larsson, and Woman Gaga. 20 years after the start of Teen Spirit, the album that crystallized that legacy, MTV Recordsdata Zoomed with every member of the community as effectively as the creative crew who helped form them into global superstars. (Participants of ABBA declined to comment.) Here is the oral historic previous of the A*Youngsters, a teenaged duvet band no longer constructed to final that by some potential overcame all expectations to was certainly one of the most liked and successful teams of pop’s pre-fab era.

Fryderyk Gabowicz/characterize alliance via Getty Pictures

In 1998, approaching the 25-year anniversary of ABBA’s legitimate formation on the 1974 Eurovision Music Contest, Stockholm Recordsdata started discussing plans to celebrate while injecting sleek life into the Swedish community’s abet catalog.

Ola Håkansson (founder, Stockholm Recordsdata): I aged to work with Agnetha [Fältskog, from ABBA], so I know the participants somewhat effectively. I had a firm known as Stockholm Recordsdata and the premise used to be to attempt and start Swedish artists internationally. Niklas used to be the promoting manager, and he came up with this knowing: “What if we attain something with the ABBA catalog?”

Niklas Berg (marketing manager, Stockholm Recordsdata): We had an knowing and we had tour dates, because we had been tying it to the anniversary. I bribed this one tour sponsor. I promised them we would be No. 1 on the charts, in any other case they didn’t settle on to pay for it. I said to my boss, “This have to work.”

Anders Johansson (A&R, Stockholm Recordsdata): We ended up attempting a screen college in Stockholm. We started off attempting for teenagers with a singing background, however an challenge we beget now got right here with Swedes is that other folks esteem being successful however additionally cosy. With the recording commerce, being cosy is no longer a upright ingredient.

Berg: The basis used to be to beget of us 10 to 11 years aged. Nonetheless after we started to meet these of us, we thought, “Oh, which that you just can maybe well no longer build a 10-year-aged girl on tour.” After we met Amit, Sara, Dhani, and Marie, we said, “Here is some distance better,” because they had been 14 and 15 years aged.

Håkansson: We went down there with a digicam and said, “We’re going to avoid wasting together a community that will deliver and dance ABBA tune.” They sang a music a cappella. We picked out Marie, Dhani, Sara, and Amit. They would maybe deliver and they could well maybe well pass, and they had been younger and in actuality spicy.

Amit Paul (member, A*Youngsters): I used to be introduced up in an educational house, however I continually had tune with me. I used to be taking half within the piano after I used to be 4, and we had been continually singing. My predominant ardour came via Lasse Kühler’s dance college, the save we had been chanced on. I joined there after I used to be 13 on a whim. I spent when it comes to all my time, rather than studying, on the dance college. I quit all sports actions and appropriate did that.

Sara Lumholdt (member, A*Youngsters): I did the choir there as effectively, so it used to be every little thing from ballet, tap, screen dance, jazz, choir, and jitterbug. I wasn’t there for that long earlier than we obtained the audition.

Dhani Lennevald (member, A*Youngsters): I started there after I used to be 7 because my older sister danced and I used to be take care of, “I don’t would like to play soccer and hockey. Fuck that. I would like to attain this.” When I used to be 14, the head of the college known as me and said, “I would equivalent to you to attain abet subsequent weekend. We beget got just a itsy-bitsy audition.”

Marie Serneholt (member, A*Youngsters): I’ve identified since I used to be very younger that I desired to entertain. Our dance teacher said a sage firm desired to withhold a remarkable casting for a secret project. It used to be appropriate purported to be an album, and we had been going to tour in Sweden for a summer time. It used to be no longer purported to be the leisure larger.

Lumholdt: There had been two varied auditions. On the most foremost, I sang “The Rose” by Bette Midler. On the 2d, I sang “Mamma Mia.” That is the save they teamed us together. They build a music on and they’re take care of, “OK, dance round, beget an even time!” They desired to peek chemistry within the community. We had such upright fun. No person in actuality knew how remarkable it used to be going to was.

Håkansson: We build together the community take care of The Monkees. It used to be no longer something we attain in Sweden. Which you can maybe well’t attain a Monkees right here. That is no longer the shining ingredient to attain.

Serneholt: After we obtained solid, TV reveals take care of [American] Idol didn’t exist. We had been the most foremost community in Sweden that used to be solid.

Berg: We had in actuality remarkable plans from the open, so we had to talk to them, “Are you ready to be famed?” It used to be a dumb interrogate. For certain they weren’t ready.

Håkansson: Radio DJs remembered ABBA. Nonetheless the younger children, they didn’t beget a clue. They heard [A*Teens’] “Mamma Mia,” and they saw this younger, good band and said, “That is a upright ingredient.” Nonetheless the fellows on the radio said, “Here is an ABBA music. I don’t would like to play it.” For me, the remarkable say used to be learn how to lead the gatekeepers to give it a gamble.

Berg: In April of 1999, we released “Mamma Mia,” and it went No. 1 on the chart. I mediate it sold 225,000 copies appropriate in Sweden.

Lennevald: After we released it, we had been known as ABBA Youngsters. The general theory used to be purported to be ABBA, however children that score more updated versions so the sleek abilities can connect with it. Thanks to rising up in Sweden, you don’t mediate or no longer it’s no longer skill. “I can attain this because ABBA did it.”

Serneholt: I take into accout after we went to the States, all americans thought that we had been the younger of us of ABBA. A ramification of the younger children didn’t know about ABBA. They heard our songs and they thought that these had been usual songs. They had no knowing they had been covers.

Berg: The name “ABBA” used to be owned by the sage firm for the time being. So I talked to a guy and I said, “Would possibly maybe well well we attain this? Because we are no longer ABBA.” He said, “Certain, however you ought to talk to Björn [Ulvaeus from ABBA].” So I had a in actuality rapid meeting with Björn, and he said, “Yeah, it sounds upright. No say.”

A month later, there used to be an editorial within the Swedish papers announcing, “[ABBA’s] Benny Andersson: Here is no longer OK.” And of us came to me and said, “Are you dumb? How could well well you open ABBA without asking ABBA?” In the tip, this used to be the correct ingredient to happen because we took so powerful PR from ABBA that we had been No. 1 on the one charts in Sweden. All of them started talking about us. And we had to change the name.

Håkansson: A manager came up with the premise of A*Youngsters after which some dots. [I thought it was] artful, because A is a high grade within the U.S.

Serneholt: The sage firm felt take care of there usually is a future for this community with usual songs. Cherish, “We beget got something right here.” We changed the name after we released “Corpulent Trooper.”

L. Cohen/WireImage for Geffen Recordsdata

In 1999, appropriate twelve months after their initial auditions, A*Youngsters released their first album, The ABBA Technology. It debuted on the head of the Swedish charts, going double platinum there and gold within the U.S.

Lumholdt: Marie and I obtained to budge to Varberg, a dinky metropolis out of doorways Gothenburg, the save we had to sage the album in an instant. This used to be in December 1998, so it used to be greatest eight weeks [after the auditions]. I serene beget my aged folders from abet then with the total textual narrate material and lyrics. We recorded six songs. It used to be appropriate my and Marie’s voices on the origin, clearly, since the ABBA songs weren’t featuring powerful of the boys’ singing.

Serneholt: We didn’t mediate; we appropriate sang. It had a in actuality varied sound to the aged ABBA songs, however we appropriate did it. I appropriate sang it, however loads stronger, because they wanted it to be aggressive.

Paul: That album used to be in actuality our learning job. By the time we came in, the appropriate ingredient that used to be lacking on the tracks had been our voices. There used to be zero flexibility.

Lennevald: The ABBA songs had been what they had been. You do no longer would like to interfere too powerful with the creative fragment of it, since you are appropriate, take care of, strolling into the museum in Paris and being take care of, “Oh, Mona Lisa desires to be repainted. I mediate this wants just a itsy-bitsy mustache.”

Paul: The global growth didn’t in actuality open unless 1999. That descend, we did a performance in San Francisco in front of the Universal Neighborhood managers. It used to be Aqua, after which it used to be us, then it used to be S Club 7. After that, they accredited us and pushed us into the field.

Serneholt: All of a surprising, all americans wanted us. I mediate we had 300 hotfoot days every year. Each day used to be planned. That came about so fleet, however I used to be so thrilled. This used to be my dream.

Paul: At the most foremost screen in Sweden, there had been about a thousand of us on this metropolis sq.. Those crowds had been rising. In direction of the tip, it used to be 10, 15, 17,000 of us within the group.

Lumholdt: After we had been signed as a lot as budge tour with *NSYNC, that is after we had been take care of, “Oh shit, right here is remarkable.” We obtained [Britney Spears’s dance coach] Wade Robson to attain our choreography. We had been children having fun, taking half in tour, singing, dancing, traveling. No person in actuality thought of it as a job.

Serneholt: We had been sitting on a aircraft on our manner to Chile to gain and they told us, “You guys are in actuality remarkable in South The USA.” After we landed on the airport, it used to be take care of a movie, with hundreds of followers. There used to be a van that used to be riding subsequent to us with a TV reporter putting out the window. We had armed security day and night. I obtained a bit worried because so many americans had been attempting to take hang of us. I lost my shoe, after which I saw that a reporter chanced on my shoe and held it up on the info.

Fryderyk Gabowicz/characterize alliance via Getty Pictures

As the A*Youngsters grew to was a global commodity, the strain used to be on for Stockholm Recordsdata to strike while the iron used to be sizzling. In the heart of touring with acts take care of *NSYNC, Britney Spears, and Aaron Carter, the band started work on what would was their first all-usual album, 2001’s Teen Spirit.

Håkansson: I wanted them to score one other ABBA album because there had been a full bunch songs I desired to sage. They said, “No, we would like to attain this ingredient,” because they had been younger. I said, “OK, ultimate-attempting.”

Serneholt: I mediate all of us already knew at some stage within the most foremost summer time [of 1999] that we had been going to score into the studio as soon as more to sage a sleek album with usual songs.

Johansson: To admire Teen Spirit, you ought to take hang of yourself abet to Stockholm round that time, 1999 to 2000. Stockholm used to be booming. All americans used to be in metropolis making pop tune. [Renowned producer] Denniz Pop had handed away, however Max Martin used to be taking it to the next stage.

Paul: We had been a remarkable ingredient in Sweden for the time being. Nonetheless there wasn’t loads of room for creative style. You came into the studio, you delivered, after which you had been out as soon as more.

Serneholt: It used to be loads of fun recording it, even supposing we did it somewhat like a flash. Correct now ought to you heard “Halfway Round the World” and additionally “Upside Down,” you knew they had been going to be singles.

Johansson: There used to be loads of opponents available, so we mandatory to be fleet. I used to be operating round studios because I knew, “If they ship that music to Reduce Carter for Backstreet Boys, he’ll tackle that one.” It used to be a extraordinarily upright time for pop. Other folks name it a manufacturing facility — yeah, there used to be a definite manufacturing facility mode to it, however I mediate in a upright manner.

As some distance as the writing on that sage, I had some briefs that I sent out. There used to be a camp down in southern Sweden the save they came up with “Upside Down” after they played round with the Motown sound. Later on, we had “Halfway Round the World” attain in, after which “Sugar Speed,” then “Firefly” — that used to be Marie and my current music. I mediate we prick about 20 songs.

Lennevald: That used to be after I started to work loads with RedOne [who went on to produce Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance,” “Bad Romance,” and more]. We did a music with Savan Kotecha, too, certainly one of the most gifted writers I’ve ever met [who went on to work with Ariana Grande].

In 2002, the A*Youngsters released their third album, Pop ’til You Tumble!, within the U.S. The following year, they build out Fresh Arrival for the global market, which recycled six Pop songs and would was their final studio album. The general while, they toured the field.

Paul: We didn’t beget loads of publicity to intercourse, treatment, and rock and roll. We had been somewhat contained and safe. One could well well reveal that is boring, however I’m very grateful for it currently. There had been about a varied Swedish acts — I don’t would like to claim any names — that had been signed to varied labels and they had been ground down into mud. There used to be nothing left of them after they came out of it.

Johansson: We saw that with other folks that we toured with. You saw it with Reduce Carter. You saw it with Aaron Carter, with Beyoncé with the breakup of Destiny’s Youngster. And Britney, clearly — we did a bunch of tours along with her.

Paul: It wasn’t that she did no longer would like to hang round with us. It used to be that there used to be physically no time. The style that they labored her used to be insane.

Lennevald: One time, me, Marie, and Sara had been in Beverly Heart on a rupture day in 2003. We walked round after which we appropriate saw, some distance away, a remarkable community of of us shouting and taking pictures. We went correct into a store after which 5 minutes later, these two remarkable guys came internal. We grew to was round and in came Britney. Then she saw us and used to be take care of, “…A*Youngsters?!” We had been take care of, “Britney fucking recognizes us! Here is improbable!”

Paul: I had braces on the time. We had been touring, then I came house, and I would beget two weeks for being within the studio, for doing the exams that I mandatory to attain for excessive college, and for getting my braces tightened.

Lumholdt: Marie and I obtained feedback on our web web narrate online about what we had been wearing and what we looked take care of. We didn’t beget Facebook. We didn’t beget social media. We had feedback on our web web narrate online. Other folks had been discussing whether or no longer we had titillating disorders. Are we gaining weight? All of a surprising, it wasn’t appropriate having fun being on tour. It appropriate went straight from cosy to, fleet, something else.

Scott Harrison/Liaison

In 2004, the band released Preferrred Hits, which contained three sleek songs, along with one single. The band quietly went on hiatus. The A*Youngsters’ breakup used to be formally announced in 2006, two years after they parted strategies privately.

Lennevald: With Preferrred Hits, we had been all take care of, “Is no longer it time to pass on — presumably?” We had such stunning success. Are we in actuality going to be that band that appropriate forces issues out? It came naturally to us to take hang of a rupture.

Paul: We didn’t in actuality grow our relationships [within the group]. We disregarded these years within the basement, rising together. There had been some varied visions, and a few varied incentives, and varied targets.

Lumholdt: We had been serene doing in actuality effectively. The sage firm did no longer settle on us to quit. I don’t mediate our parents in actuality wanted us to quit, either — we as younger of us said, “We do no longer would like to attain this anymore.” That didn’t attain from any place rather than us. We had been the ones who sat down and said, “We won’t lie anymore. We won’t faux that we’re having a huge time. Slowly, the magazines are going to attain that we’re no longer the same crazy, fun, cosy younger of us that we had been three years within the past.” That’s after we decided we couldn’t budge on.

Paul: This passive-aggressive restful breakup, or no longer it’s some distance a extraordinarily Swedish, warfare-avoiding manner of going via it.

Serneholt: We obtained to be fragment of the tune commerce when it used to be in actuality beautiful, and also that you just can sell info. Nonetheless we additionally had been fragment of the sage commerce occurring. Which you can maybe well in actuality feel on the tip that or no longer it’s no longer as fun working on this commerce. It had changed loads.

Johansson: By the third album, it used to be somewhat definite that they desired to budge attain varied issues. Events had been changing. [Justin] Timberlake used to be teaming up with Pharrell and Timbaland. The sounds had been so varied. As in every remarkable pattern, or no longer it’s somewhat definite as soon as it passes the expiration date.

Lennevald: There wasn’t ever a fight. In that manner, A*Youngsters will deserve to had been the most boring band ever. Other folks in actuality desired to attitude it take care of, “Oh yeah, they’re splitting up. They’re arguing.” We’re take care of, “No, or no longer it’s ultimate-attempting. Call it quitting, or that we’re taking a rupture.”

Paul: It used to be such an intense duration. Getting spit out on the more than a few discontinue used to be piquant. I talk to it as the appropriate and the worst time of my life.

Serneholt: I lived with my parents and I didn’t pass out unless about a years after we ended A*Youngsters, after I used to be 25. I appropriate desired to land just a itsy-bitsy bit and exhaust time with my family because we had been away so powerful.

Lumholdt: We had been four children that had grown aside internal six years. We started off being greatest chums, however there wasn’t any time for us to be creative. We had been a product. We conducted, we interviewed, we did what we mandatory to attain to score the CDs and tours sold and booked. That is it.

Paul: Coming out of that total ingredient used to be… There had been so many affords. Now that I beget two children, or no longer it’s some distance a varied life. The last few years, [A*Teens] has been initiating to attain abet up as soon as more and I’ve been going via it. One of the most imprints that or no longer it’s made on me as a particular person beget started to in actuality feel urgent to peek at it.

Lumholdt: After we done, I wasn’t in unpleasant health, however I had in actuality evil health. I used to be greatest 20 and I had the physique of a 45-year-aged. It used to be loads of labor, hotfoot, and evil titillating habits. My God, we ate McDonald’s I-don’t-technology-repeatedly every week. I had to write my will and testomony within the same week as I obtained my health checked and it used to be roughly take care of, “Wait, what? I’m 20 years aged and I’m loss of life.” [Afterwards,] I obtained a dog. I obtained my hang rental. I moved some distance off from the metropolis. I had to push the quit button.

Håkansson: I mediate that they’ll deserve to beget carried out one other. We had one other extraordinary sage that we could attain with ABBA songs. Nonetheless I mediate after they peek abet, they are saying, “This used to be an unbelievable abilities.” It used to be a upright ending of the legend for me as effectively.

Wiebke Langefeld/characterize alliance via Getty Pictures

After parting strategies, all four participants finally returned to tune, however greatest one remains within the commerce currently.

Lumholdt: I went to Los Angeles. I tried to attain [music with the stage name] Sara Cherish, which used to be a extraordinarily fun hotfoot. A ramification of these songs, they’re serene my favorites, and they’re unreleased. I went to Stockholm Recordsdata with my demos. They did no longer settle on it since it used to be take care of Woman Gaga, and that used to be earlier than Woman Gaga used to be famed. I came up with [the song] “Glamour Bitch,” and they had been take care of, “No, or no longer it’s never going to work.”

I had a huge sage — 10 improbable songs. I would positively start them if I would salvage them because that is the say now: I don’t even know the save they’re. I tried as soon as more in 2012, for Melodifestivalen [Sweden’s version of Eurovision]. It wasn’t appropriate me singing on the stage; it used to be more for proving that I used to be powerful of being a fragment of the pop community.

I didn’t beget any ardour in doing more. Been there, carried out that, obtained the T-shirt. Nonetheless I’m in actuality cosy I obtained the different because if I don’t beget carried out that, I would doubtlessly no longer be as confident and cosy as I am currently. That made me realize that I’ve carried out my fragment. I don’t have to attain more tune. I don’t have to show off the leisure.

Lennevald: Because I had been within the studio experimenting with producers, I believed it used to be so powerful fun. I used to be the supreme Justin Timberlake fan. That used to be the direction I desired to budge. Anders came to me and used to be take care of, “We beget got this different with Sony. They’re going to start MP3 players attempting to fight with the iPod.” That is how long within the past it used to be. “Let’s build out a single with them that includes the most foremost 10,000 items.” We chanced on a music known as “Woman Discuss.” I wasn’t gigantic cosy about it, however Anders used to be take care of, “Here is the form of upright different for you for the publicity.”

Since then, I’ve started working with varied artists. Carl Falk and I did the Reviews album with Avicii in 2015. We went to L.A. and helped him form it. By then, I had started growing an artist known as Sandro Cavazza. Sandro sang on two songs on Reviews. It used to be appropriate the form of gigantic moment for us as tune creators. I’m working on my hang tune now, too, as Dhani, and I beget one other project known as DHARC. That’s all coming this year.

Paul: I joined commerce college. I jumped straight into that. After about a years, I ended up going abet into the studio and recording my hang ingredient and, frankly, getting a classical lesson in what it’s some distance the sage firms in point of truth attain. Coming in taking into consideration or no longer it’s all referring to the art, and popping out taking into consideration, “OK, the art’s carried out however nobody cares.” That used to be an extraordinarily painful job and additionally an unbelievable learning abilities. The songs A Key Of Mine that I released, I’m gigantic ecstatic with them.

Serneholt: I would beget doubtlessly never gotten the different to attain something solo if it wasn’t for A*Youngsters. I obtained fervent with [songwriter] Jörgen Elofsson, because I knew what he had carried out for a huge selection of artists [like Britney and Céline Dion]. I used to be hoping to score one music from him, however he in actuality believed in me and desired to score your total project together. He made your total Revel within the Sprint album for me.

I did the solo sage, however then I obtained approached to attain TV as a presenter. I’ve been doing that for the previous 10 years. The final tune I released used to be in 2012, after I used to be fragment of Melodifestivalen. I don’t in actuality budge over it. I take care of to entertain, and I score to entertain after I attain what I attain now.

Though they’ve never reunited as A*Youngsters, all four participants beget kept fervent, meeting for necessary life moments and the occasional dinner in Stockholm when their calendars align.

Serneholt: I beget the A*Youngsters dolls serene. I beget some T-shirts from when it says “ABBA Youngsters,” the in actuality early ones. That used to be so outlandish that we had dolls.

Lennevald: We said, “Let’s meet twice a year.” Nonetheless that never came about. Nonetheless we beget now got a community chat on WhatsApp to be take care of, “OK, guys, when are you able to meet?” Now all americans has children rather than me.

Johansson: [I said to them in the beginning,] “Whereas that you just can take care of to attain this for an awfully long time, or no longer it’s some distance a have to to be greatest chums. You do no longer have to be greatest chums the total time, however you in point of truth settle on to score along and complement every varied.” I’m in point of truth in actuality proud after I’m having a peek on the four people currently because they’re in actuality upright of us.

Paul: In Sweden, we are announcing, “You do no longer was a prophet for your hang nation.” ABBA used to be remarkable, however when you happen to review it to the UK’s response to ABBA, Sweden used to be nothing. There used to be barely any ardour at all. I mediate we started the revival. We came up alongside this total Mamma Mia! musical and movies, after which it took off as soon as more. I mediate we laid the groundwork.

Håkansson: I take into accout every good ingredient. I mediate it used to be a extraordinarily fun time to attain it. And I mediate they had been fully extraordinary as of us and as artists.

Paul: Sara and I beget continually had a shut bond. I went to her wedding. Every now after which, all of us attain community dinners, however or no longer it’s infrequent. On a non secular stage, on a prime stage, I in actuality feel very shut to Sara, and each Marie and Dhani. They’re very expensive to me. I esteem them.

ryderyk Gabowicz/characterize alliance via Getty Pictures

Lumholdt: I esteem the thought of reuniting. I would reveal certain. If any individual gave me a phone name and said, Howdy, we settle on a reunion tour,” I am going to be take care of, “Fuck yeah.”

Lennevald: It appropriate depends upon the particular occasion, you understand? If or no longer it’s for a upright web narrate online off, then I would attain it too, in a heartbeat.

Paul: If it’s for charity, for the planet, for the field? In a minute, I would be there.

Serneholt: If we had been requested to present an award, clearly I would be up for that.

Lennevald: From the A*Youngsters, I learned which that you just can maybe well attain the leisure. After we had been rehearsing for the Britney tour, we had been standing there with the supreme of us within the commerce. I came from a dinky itsy-bitsy dance college in Stockholm — take care of, what? There desires to be 1 billion other folks that can deliver and dance better than I can, however or no longer it’s no longer about that. Or no longer it’s about working onerous.

An Oral History Of The A*Youngsters, The ABBA Veil Band That Outlined Y2K Pop