Home Story Andrew Cuomo sexual harassment: the key testimony from the report

Andrew Cuomo sexual harassment: the key testimony from the report

Andrew Cuomo sexual harassment: the key testimony from the report

Months after New York governor Andrew Cuomo denied plenty of allegations of sexual harassment, the New York legal legit general’s workplace launched a 165-page report on Tuesday that corroborates the allegations that made public over the closing One year.

The report info the allegations from 11 girls folks. The investigators interviewed 179 witnesses, 41 of whom testified below oath, and got “thousands” of documents as evidence.

Early Newspaper

9 of the 11 girls folks are present or ancient workers of the enlighten authorities. Many portion identical tales of fielding deplorable questions from the governor and being enviornment to unwanted touching in his presence.

While the report integrated testimony from girls folks who had temporary, unsettling encounters with the governor, investigators moreover talked to ladies folks who continued years of unwanted habits whereas working below the governor.

Below are their key accounts, which investigators squawk had been corroborated by interviews with witnesses and documents.

Lindsey Boylan

Boylan, a ancient executive at the Empire Reveal Style Corporation (ESD) and deputy secretary for financial pattern, used to be the first girl to come all over again out with allegations in opposition to Cuomo in December.

The report stated investigators had been in a situation to corroborate Boylan’s public allegations that she skilled plenty of incidents of deplorable touching and comments whereas working with Cuomo. Boylan joined the ESD in 2015 and climbed the ranks of the agency unless she resigned in 2018.

Basically based on the report, Cuomo veritably commented on Boylan’s appearances and casually touched her waist, legs and again. Cuomo urged Boylan she looked treasure a ancient lady friend and from time to time called her by that lady friend’s name.

Boylan described an incident the attach, after a one-on-one meeting with the governor, she walked by him to leave and he stepped toward her and kissed her on the lips. The incidents had been “deeply humiliating”, Boylan urged investigators.

“I possess rather a few of us are treasure: for certain this took space to young girls folks who haven’t any energy. Successfully, I used to be in actuality senior, and I had worked my complete lifestyles to web to some extent the attach I would be taken significantly, and I wasn’t being taken significantly,” she stated. “I worked so laborious to be a doll for the governor of New York.”

The report moreover described retaliation in opposition to Boylan from the governor’s workplace, together with leaking to the press confidential interior documents that negatively portrayed Boylan as a defective employee. The governor and his workplace moreover circulated amongst workers an op-ed that used to be by some means no longer published that disparaged Boylan.

Charlotte Bennett

Bennett, who worked for Cuomo as an executive assistant unless closing tumble, used to be the 2nd girl who went public with allegations in opposition to the governor in February. Cherish Boylan’s allegations, investigators stated in the report that they had been in a situation to corroborate the accusations Bennett had made public in the spring.

Bennett described plenty of deplorable comments Cuomo made to her whereas she used to be employed by his workplace. At the starting attach, she described seeing Cuomo as a father figure nonetheless later saw their interactions as deplorable as he started asking her non-public questions and making unhappy comments.

She described a series of conversations that took space over two days in January closing One year. Cuomo complained to Bennett about how lengthy it had been since he hugged any individual. Bennett stated that she urged Cuomo that he would perhaps maybe maybe hug his daughters, nonetheless he stated “no longer treasure that – treasure a precise hug”. He then stated he used to be lonely and wished a girl friend.

The governor moreover requested Bennett if she had ever been with older men and whether she understanding age used to be principal in relationships. The governor urged Bennett – who used to be 25 at the time – that he would web a relationship with any individual who used to be “22 and up”.

Bennett described feeling “in actuality unhappy” nonetheless moreover described attempting no longer to upset the governor.

Govt assistant #1

A present aide to the governor, whose name has no longer been publicly launched and who’s commonly called “executive assistant #1” in the report, urged investigators of plenty of incidents when Cuomo inappropriately touched her, alongside with comments and jokes he made about her non-public lifestyles and relationships.

She described plenty of incidents when the governor touched her, together with shut hugs the attach Cuomo would jog his fingers up and down her again. After the governor requested to exhaust a selfie with her in December 2019, she felt Cuomo grab her butt and rub it. In November, after a hug, the governor slid his hand up her blouse and groped her breast.

The assistant stated that the touching made her careworn out and anxious to be around the governor, inflicting her bodily reactions treasure hives on her neck. She urged investigators that she believes the governor knew that she used to be troubled and used to be emboldened by it.

The assistant stated that she at the start deliberate to exhaust the groping incident “to the grave” nonetheless turned into emotional after Cuomo stated at a press convention in March that he had by no formulation “touched any individual inappropriately”.

Trooper #1

The report integrated two incidents that had no longer beforehand been reported. One engrossing an anonymous employee at the enlighten’s successfully being division who stated Cuomo made sexually suggestive comments whereas she used to be performing a are residing Covid-19 nasal test on the governor.

The 2nd entails another anonymous employee, veritably called “trooper #1” in the report, who, after first meeting Cuomo, used to be hired to be part of the enlighten’s Holding Products and providers Unit.

The trooper, who has been with the PSU since 2018, described plenty of incidents when Cuomo touched her or made deplorable comments.

At some point of the summer season of 2019, Cuomo approached the trooper and kissed her on the cheek, she stated.

Cuomo moreover discussed age differences in relationship with the trooper. He requested the trooper, who used to be in her gradual 20s, how passe she used to be, and answered: “You’re too passe for me.”


The governor met Kaitlin, whose closing name has no longer been made public, at a fundraiser match that used to be hosted by the lobbying firm she used to be working for at the time, the report says. At the match, she launched herself to the governor, who ended up pulling her precise into a “dance pose” for a characterize and urged her that he used to be going to web her work for the enlighten.

9 days later, Kaitlin got a bid message from the governor’s workplace engrossing her to educate to a job, at the governor’s predict. She urged investigators she did no longer portion her recordsdata with the governor’s workplace at the fundraising match nor did she say hobby in a job to him or his workers at the match. She stated the replace used to be introduced to her thanks to her look.

Kaitlin took the job at the governor’s workplace, the attach Cuomo would veritably create comments about her look and the look of other girls folks. He would comment on her makeup or clothes.

In one incident, Cuomo called Kaitlin into his workplace and requested her to scrutinize automobile parts for him on eBay. She described feeling unhappy bending down to utilize his computer as she used to be in a dress and heels and Cuomo used to be directly at the again of her.

Andrew Cuomo sexual harassment: the key testimony from the report