Home Consumer Tech Apple may launch a MagSafe battery pack for iPhones

Apple may launch a MagSafe battery pack for iPhones

Apple may launch a MagSafe battery pack for iPhones

According to Bloomberg sources, Apple is working on a unusual MagSafe accessory for the iPhone 12. A magnetically attached battery pack would let iPhone customers easily piggyback a battery pack to juice up the battery. The advantage with MagSafe is that magnets would easily align the charger pack to the back of the cell phone.

With the iPhone 12, Apple introduced back the MagSafe name sake to make use of on a unusual ecosystem of iPhone accessories from wireless charging pads, to cases and wallets that are held to an iPhone by magnets. All four iPhone 12 variants assist MagSafe.

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According to the source, prototypes of the battery: “prototypes of the battery pack have a white rubber exterior.” In any case, Apple has now now not made this accessory public yet. We marvel if this can be the same material Apple mature on the official Apple charging cases. There’s no notice on how one can recharge the battery pack, but a pack that will probably be thrown onto a MagSafe charger that simultaneously juices up the cell phone sounds savor a cute idea.

iPhone 12 with MagSafe chargeriPhone 12 with MagSafe charger

Reportedly, the charging pack’s making an attempt out revealed some disorders all by internal making an attempt out. Although the magnets have been stable adequate to retain its maintain weight on the iPhone, software disorders related to the charger are what may cause delays and even the ultimate scrapping of the idea totally. The source indicated that the iPhone was improperly triggering a warning that the pack was overheating. One other challenge had to gain with utilizing the pack to charge an iPhone interchangeably, with or without a case.

Apple has faced challenges with the 2017-announced AirPower Charging Mat that never made it to market. It eventually cancelled the product because of overheating of charging coils, since there crucial to be large and small sized coils so that an Apple Watch will probably be charged.

We don’t doubt that Apple may make this product a risk. The misfortune lies herein with how well the pack will probably be able to manage to command a fast adequate charge without overheating in normal scenarios savor charging in a pocket.


Apple may launch a MagSafe battery pack for iPhones