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Are guns getting banned in Woodlands County? Don’t believe everything you hear online

Are guns getting banned in Woodlands County? Don’t believe everything you hear online

By Serena Lapointe, Local Journalism Initiative ReporterWhitecourt Press

Mon., Sept. 6, 20213 min. be taught

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At the mid-August Woodlands County Council meeting, the topic of gun employ on county properties popped up. A shortened clip from the online meeting feed shared on social media implied that Woodlands County Council desired to impose gun lend a hand a watch on. For Councillor Ron Govenlock, the social media dialog used to be concerning.

“Folks are being misled. I am to blame to my residents and all of Woodlands County to indicate their concerns and bring forward possible alternatives to those points. Now, my resident’s concerns are being overshadowed by a video on social media that makes the troubles seem to be about gun lend a hand a watch on in preference to about one individual’s behaviour,” he explained.

During the meeting, Councillor Govenlock brought up a mumble raised to him by a neighbour concerning the employ of firearms in a particular context. “His rapid neighbour is using firearms from the early mornings upright via unless the darkish of night time. He had approached this resident, who used to be using his property as a gun fluctuate, and asked them to curtail their activities attributable to he needed to work in the morning, and it used to be preventing him from getting the relaxation he desired to continue his day.”

Councillor Govenlock explained that the resident who approached him wondered what they needed to maintain out to find abet. “Other neighbours had expressed the equal concerns, and he desired to grab if he needed to find a petition going to find Woodlands County to act on the matter.” Councillor Govenlock said the resident had approached his neighbour concerning the realm and used to be told to name the police if he didn’t find it irresistible. “The police were called in the previous. They maintain got failed to answer to the matter, and there’s some uncertainty as to the alternatives the County has to put into effect anything on this particular property,” he explained.

“I’ve bought calls from four of those neighbours now, and that’s in a residential subdivision. Their properties are within as end as 100 metres of the set up this exercise takes intention. So, it’s abominable, reckless and this dialogue isn’t about gun lend a hand a watch on. Right here’s about controlling a neighbour who makes employ of guns and is irresponsible,” said Councillor Govenlock.

As a county resident, Councillor Govenlock said that seeing the explosion of comments on social media linking his actions to gun lend a hand a watch on is nowhere end to his intentions. “I in actuality maintain registered guns that I employ legally, whether it’s for game or for controlling predators. Delight in most rural Albertans, we don’t determine on gun lend a hand a watch on, and we don’t determine on our rights undermined by the reckless, irresponsible behaviour of one or two individuals. So, we must find a resolution to this particular mumble that doesn’t pick away gun proprietor’s rights however reasonably addresses the difficulty of irresponsible employ in a residential dwelling, of one particular individual.”

In the meeting, Councillor Govenlock made a motion to declare Administration to survey out information on what alternatives Council has to take care of the realm and address the troubles brought forward by residents. “Now we determine to maintain an beginning dialogue on how we solve these kinds of problems. It isn’t about gun lend a hand a watch on. It’s about solving the difficulty with a neighbour.” Certainly one of many alternatives he talked about used to be using the Community Standards Bylaw. “We insist about noise levels and nuisances in that bylaw, and in that context, whether it’s somebody playing loud tune into the wee hours of the morning or whether it’s somebody using guns, that’s disruptive behaviour.”

As for the video making the rounds, chopped from the original audio (viewable on Woodlands County’s YouTube channel), Councillor Govenlock said it’s disappointing. “When that’s essentially the most efficient information that the public has, what are they left to believe? A mode of them are no longer going to wade via any effort to maintain out the examine or design a phone name to me to find the different side of the yarn.”

His motion handed by a margin of 4-3, and information will come at one of many following two upcoming Council meetings. “We must never run faraway from conversations or concerns that residents maintain. The truth that the public shows interest in a neighborhood (via comments online) is encouraging, however when misrepresented, that introduces important dangers. This used to be made into something it isn’t, and that takes faraway from the seriousness of the resident’s concerns.”

Are guns getting banned in Woodlands County? Don’t believe everything you hear online