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As Greece installs ‘sound cannons’ on border, Denmark passes law allowing asylum seekers to be sent overseas

As Greece installs ‘sound cannons’ on border, Denmark passes law allowing asylum seekers to be sent overseas

A law passed by Denmark’s Parliament on Thursday enables asylum seekers to be sent open air Europe to look forward to the review of their applications.

In Greece, excessive-tech “sound cannons” are being customary to deter migrants from crossing into the European Union from Turkey.

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Each controversial unusual strategies highlight broader efforts to tighten immigration controls across some countries in Europe amid the pandemic.

Greek border police are experimenting with long-fluctuate acoustic devices that can fabricate sounds as loud as a jet engine, the Associated Press first reported. Mounted on an armored truck and aimed toward the Turkish border, the “sound cannon” emits deafening blasts of noise and successfully creates a wall of sound that deters americans from drawing terminate.

The highly effective sound waves “can trigger vital inconvenience and shock to the human body, inflicting exposed americans struggling that bound from serious health issues and severe inconvenience to deafness,” Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor, a Geneva-primarily based mostly autonomous organization, warned Thursday.

Identical devices bear been customary spherical the globe to crack down on protests or decide natural world a ways from airport runways, the community eminent, calling the process of increasing a sound barrier in opposition to migrants “annoying.”

Human rights advocates bear questioned whether the utilization of the cannons violates international law, and the European Union has expressed concerns and acknowledged this can be attempting to in finding extra information from Athens. Member nations bear the freedom to make a decision how to police their have borders, however the strategies they utilize “can bear to quiet conform to European basic rights, together with the simply to dignity,” European Commission spokesman Adalbert Jahnz told the AP.

The sound cannons are segment of a increased approach to in finding a excessive-tech barrier that will prevent migrants from coming into Greece in hopes of attempting to in finding asylum. Man made intelligence will be customary to analyze potentially suspicious motion captured by long-fluctuate cameras, and the nation can also be experimenting with the utilize of the technology to conduct lie detector tests for the duration of interviews with asylum seekers, in accordance to the AP.

Earlier this year, the U.N. refugee agency rebuked E.U. member states for pushback and violence in opposition to refugees at Europe’s borders.

In Denmark, makes an strive to discourage migration bear taken on a determined create: A law that passed Thursday potential asylum seekers can be sent to one other nation open air Europe while they give the impression of being forward to his or her cases to be reviewed.

“Once you apply for asylum in Denmark, you realize that you just will be sent attend to a nation open air Europe, and subsequently we hope that americans will stop attempting to in finding asylum in Denmark,” Rasmus Stoklund, a spokesman for the Danish authorities, told broadcaster DR, in accordance to Reuters.

Despite the indisputable reality that it’s not but clear what countries will make a choice up refugees beneath such an association, Denmark and Rwanda only lately signed a memorandum of figuring out that has led to speculation that migrants will likely be relocated to Africa.

Human rights advocates enlighten the cross potential refugees will conclude up in countries with fewer sources, potentially jeopardizing their safety and well-being, and questioned how Denmark will be ready to monitor the medication that refugees receive in other countries and be certain their human rights must not violated. The United Nations Excessive Commissioner for Refugees warned closing month that the policy could well well additionally be the begin of a “speed to the bottom” as other well to place European nations stare to offload responsibility for asylum seekers.

Denmark, one of the wealthiest countries in Europe, has increasingly taken a onerous-line stance on migration in most modern years. The Danish Refugee Council acknowledged in a assertion that sending refugees to a third nation became once analogous to Australia’s worthy-criticized policy of housing asylum seekers in offshore camps, and warned that the model has intended that migrants face “physical assault, late asylum proceedings, lack of entry to health care and shortage of entry to correct assistance.”

As Greece installs ‘sound cannons’ on border, Denmark passes law allowing asylum seekers to be sent overseas