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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Title Update 1.3.1 Provides Original River Raids, Talents, And Aesir Trouble Risk

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Title Update 1.3.1 Provides Original River Raids, Talents, And Aesir Trouble Risk

The most modern change for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla will be available this week and can feature a series of extras equivalent to a punishing unique mode for gamers looking to select on the closing enviornment in old England. Title Update 1.3.1 will be between 25-35 gigabytes in measurement reckoning to your platform and can add three waterways to the River Raids sport mode, the Erriff and Berbha rivers in Eire, and the Rhine rivers. Lugh’s Armor and 5 weapons will be pillaged from these areas, collectively with the unique one-handed sword.

A novel distress choice called Aesir is being introduced and ingredients reduced therapeutic, +200% extra injury inflicted on a player, and the window for efficiently parrying an assault has been reduced by 38%. The amount of therapeutic that Eivor can activate may perchance per chance also be per a player’s selected distress setting, and ranges from 100% health restored at Easy as a lot as 60% on Very Laborious and Nightmare mode.

Early Newspaper

Eivor may perchance per chance per chance enjoy unique abilities to discover, and a few unique tattoos to discover. This Nordic ink will be available for free, and gamers can snatch them from the Ubisoft Join store after the change goes live. While there may perchance per chance per chance no longer be a singular Assassin’s Creed sport this year and even in 2022, Ubisoft plans to take care of supporting Assassin’s Creed Valhalla with further lisp in its 2nd year.

This contains a singular expansion that teases a visit into the underworld, besides the scenic Discovery Tour mode that permits gamers to explore the medieval countryside and now no longer must fear about being ambushed by wolves or brigands. Currently, fans enjoy had the likelihood to endeavor beyond England in Irish and French-themed expansion lisp.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Title Update 1.3.1 Patch Notes

Activation time

  • September 7, 8 AM ET, 5 AM PT

Patch sizes

  • Xbox Series X|S: 34.05 GB
  • Xbox One: 26.23 GB
  • PlayStation 5: 14.31 GB
  • PlayStation 4: 30.00 GB
  • PC: 26.49 GB

River Raids Update

  • Added 3 unique Rivers to the RIVER RAIDS sport mode. (Erriff, Berbha, Rhine)
  • Face 2 River Champions and the unique Champions of the Faith. Defeat them to rating your hands on unique weapons.
  • Added unique rewards to River Raids (Lugh’s Armor and 5 weapons – collectively with a short sword)
  • Jomsviking Hall will be upgraded to Stage 4-5, permitting gamers to hire Jomsviking of Stage 4-5, respectively.
  • Jomsviking of increased inferior can lift extra rations and carry out extra injury to enemies.
  • River Raid Longship cargo will be upgraded to Stage 4-5.
  • 3 unique abilities will be stumbled on in River Raids monasteries:
  • Spinning Harpoon = Eivor performs a spinning assault that will be mixed with other harpoon-primarily based abilities. Enemies caught within the lunge are knocked wait on
  • Percussion Arrow = Hit an enemy’s Defend to create a shockwave that staggers and damages internal attain enemies.
  • Precision Axe Throw = Eivor performs a devastating axe throw that targets an enemy’s extinct level.

Rune Perk Adjustments

  • Focused Rune socketing – This change approach that RUNES will excellent have an effect on the weapon they are socketed in, permitting gamers to create extra centered loadouts.
  • As an instance, you may perchance per chance per chance enjoy your left-hand weapon with Attack runes and your comely-hand weapon with Stun runes so that both weapons enjoy very varied effects.
  • Some stats will terminate global (example: Assassination damages, Fire damages, and so forth.).
  • No adjustments enjoy been made to Runes slotted on armor; they are going to soundless impact your character as a entire.
  • Perk & Rune Perk Cap elimination – We also removed the CAP that prevented Perks & Rune Perks (diamond shape) effects from stacking beyond a obvious threshold.
  • Gamers will now constantly watch the impact of their Perks and be in a build to create extra specialized loadouts.

Trouble Atmosphere Adjustments

Added Aesir (Nightmare) fight distress to the game.

  • +200% damages purchased
  • Fashioned injury inflicted
  • -40% rations heal
  • -38% Parry timing windows

Gamers will now heal primarily based on their selected distress setting:

  • Easy & Default = 100%
  • Laborious = 80%
  • Very Laborious = 60%
  • Nightmare = 60%

Odin’s Blessing – Neighborhood Tattoo Contest

Added Neighborhood Tattoo Contest objects to the game

  • Elfydil on Twitter – Torso/Chest
  • OuterDesert on Instagram – Head
  • Le_Papillon08 on Instagram – Torso/Again
  • SherllyzArt on Instagram – Fingers

Sport Enhancements


Up to this point the below skill nodes to consist of the unique weapon sorts as follows:

  • Quick sword = Greatsword skill node
  • Scythe = Spear skill node
  • Sickle = Seax skill node
  • Gamers who can now no longer enhance their settlement to stage 6 ensuing from lack of offers will now be in a build to grab offers at the settlement merchant. (Supreme available at Stage 5 and as soon as a obvious amount of offers enjoy been mild)
  • Gamers didn’t choose injury from fireplace after destroying a ship.
  • Gamers now no longer receiving XP after winding up day-to-day quests in Eire & Francia.
  • Longship lacking or will be seen spawning in River Raids, Growth 1 & 2.
  • (PC) Photos deformed when taken in non-native side ratio in Without boundary lines window mode.

The Siege of Paris – Growth 2


  • Gamers may perchance per chance per chance re-enter the Île de la Cité by method of unintended approach. Sorry of us
  • The church gatekeeper from The Rot within the Slums is now no longer at the gate, causing the investigation to disappear.
  • (SPOILERS) Addressed several considerations with the boss warfare in Madness of King Charles.
  • Longship sails to be opened at some level of the dialogue scene upon arrival in Francia.
  • Quest marker is misplaced on the Atlas for Homecoming.
  • The Duelist remained caught on the mount and didn’t warfare the player.
  • A amount of considerations with the Barn bull warfare.
  • Sigfred may perchance per chance per chance rating caught in The Rot within the Slums if gamers positioned a horse on the steps.
  • World plan is now no longer opened after pressing the relevant key at some level of the Revolt mission tutorial.
  • The player can now no longer exit Little Mother’s sanctum if the warfare is initiated with either of the two NPCs within the tunnel old to the dagger room.
  • Ascertain crash scenes lacking for The Duelist, Hunter, Cavalier below obvious situations.
  • The Duelist can now no longer be carried out if the dead physique is being carried round after taking them down.
  • The Duelist’s sheep discover his dead physique if the player carries it round.
  • Gamers may perchance per chance per chance engage with the door from the factitious side within the Gisacum Extinguish.
  • Can not development in Little Mother after distracting her with Explosive Corpse, triggering the occasion.
  • Addressed a distress that precipitated the Finisher camera to now no longer be disabled in The Siege of Paris despite turning it Off within the menu.

Wrath of the Druids – Growth 1


  • Mattress in Dublin became as soon as no longer accessible.
  • Courting the Kings does no longer change after freeing prisoners.
  • Trial of the Morrigan can now no longer be started if it has been carried out in a old playthrough.
  • Dublin’s Reach may perchance per chance per chance no longer be carried out as Azad became as soon as dead.
  • Dim Shuck attacked the player old to the open cinematic camera ends.

Significant Quests, World Events, and Aspect Activities


  • Each day Quest Dialogue Scene takes a truly prolonged time to load and can discontinue up having the camera underground when the Each day Quest menu opens.
  • Basim became as soon as lacking within the muse of Severing the Traces.
  • Unable to full Under the Pores and skin as Vili became as soon as caught within the water.
  • Quest marker lacking in Smashing the Compass Doubtlessly don’t enjoy smashed that compass
  • Unable to talk to Soma after regrouping in An Island of Eels
  • Unable to head fishing with Ceolbert in Bloody Course to Peace. Ceolbert will never know peace
  • Unable to full the sector occasion King of the Hay Of us.
  • Unable to full the investigation of the three clues in Within the Absence of an Ealdorman.
  • Unable to full the hunt Walls and Shadows because the cinematic didn’t open. or now no longer it is all partitions and shadows*
  • No stones round to full the Stoneman thriller.
  • Unable to full the Eurvicscire arc as player purchased Road to Hamartia after winding up This Son of Jorvik.
  • Ragged cellar thriller may perchance per chance per chance no longer be carried out because the pill wasn’t there.
  • Unable to enjoy interplay with NPC in Goddess of Delivery.
  • Gamers every so recurrently didn’t receive Orphans of the Fens after winding up the hunt The Extensive Scattered Navy.
  • Unable to rating admission to the hunt The Plot of the Berserker (with Ubisoft Join overlay disabled)
  • The duel with Dag didn’t trigger after slumbering at some level of A Storm is Brewing.
  • Hunwald does no longer discover Eivor if they meditate after a ingesting mini-sport in Homecoming.
  • The boss in Prolonged Family may perchance per chance per chance rating caught below obvious situations.
  • A Plague of Rats now no longer working at some level of the closing fragment of the warfare with Dag.

River Raids & Mastery Trouble


  • Enemies disappear from some River Raids areas after looting a chest, or it resets.
  • Looting resource chests does no longer award Materials after fully winding up at the least 1 Mastery Trouble shrine.
  • Unable to return to the settlement after a River Raid.
  • Unable to open the River Raids tutorial after loading an auto-assign twice at some level of A River to Raid.
  • NPCs fell from their stations occasionally and died in Mastery Trouble.
  • Oil jars exploded old to getting into the Templebrough Castle Ranged Trouble if exiting and restarting the trial after destroying them.
  • The alert stage didn’t lengthen when raiding a Fortress.
  • Mastery Trouble achievements and trophies didn’t switch between platforms.
  • Gold medal may perchance per chance per chance no longer be obtained anymore at some level of stealth trial in Calleva Outpost, below obvious situations.

Graphics, Audio, and Animation


  • A amount of graphics or lights considerations.
  • Diverse animation considerations.
  • A amount of Menu Narration considerations.

Gameplay, Fight, and AI


  • A amount of NPC behavior considerations.
  • Finisher Cameras for some animal takedowns is now no longer disabled while the selection is turned off.



  • Conditions where Eivor, NPCs, or the longship would rating caught.
  • Conditions of misplaced or floating objects or textures.
  • Rapidly commute to Viewpoints while disembarking may perchance per chance per chance trigger Eivor to offset from the build.

User Interface/HUD


  • A amount of UI/HUD considerations.
  • A amount of VFX, GFX, UI parts weren’t adapted for colorblind modes.
  • The Kind By name to circulate within the runes allotment will now cloak the next sorting choice available and now no longer the one who’s for the time being applied.

Talents & Abilities


  • Paladin perk for increased stamina consumption on assault didn’t practice
  • Scythe of Tribulation Perk wasn’t working precisely.
  • Couldn’t breeze while on the mount after buying Heidrun Slam.
  • Moon’s Lower perk activated if the player shot any object.
  • Auto-pathing is now no longer functional on most fundamental skill nodes.
  • Eivor stored an arrow of their hand after the usage of some vary abilities.
  • Crescent Defend’s perk activates excellent as soon as after a parry and does no longer stack.

Efficiency and Balance

  • Improved efficiency and steadiness.

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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Title Update 1.3.1 Provides Original River Raids, Talents, And Aesir Trouble Risk