Home Breaking News Atteridgeville riots: ‘Silent’ protest descends into chaos, as N4 blocked

Atteridgeville riots: ‘Silent’ protest descends into chaos, as N4 blocked

Atteridgeville riots: ‘Silent’ protest descends into chaos, as N4 blocked

A morning of violence, destruction, and fiery retribution has engulfed the Atteridgeville township discontinuance to Pretoria. What was first and foremost billed as a gentle protest degenerated into a chaotic spectacle, which also saw a blockade develop on the N4.

Atteridgeville protests – most modern info and updates

Scattered debris, burning tyres and gatvol locals all populated the streets on Friday. The protesters are it sounds as if taking a stand against spoiled policing and gun violence inside of the Atteridgeville space. On the opposite hand, the demonstration didn’t clutch long to descend into a fleshy scale insurrection, and traffic on the N4 temporarily came to a standstill as a consequence of a convoy of taxis.

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— RIOT & ATTACK info South Africa (@RiotAndAttackSA) February 26, 2021

Gaze: Atteridgeville protest turns chaotic, violence erupts

The “gentle” march going down in Atteridgeville ravishing now. pic.twitter.com/WqDTeRO4hZ

— Nebula (@ati_makwati) February 26, 2021

@bonglez⁩ Wretchedness ravishing now in Atteridgeville pic.twitter.com/j6yZAxUHol

— Alkebulan’s Daughter✊🏽 (@TiAmoNtombonina) February 26, 2021

Whoever lives around Pheli… No motion from moroe aspect road Neh. pic.twitter.com/bNbhEAbAKP

— Lesedi Poo (@LesediPoo) February 26, 2021

Burning tyres, roads closed, N4 blocked

We realize that the demo acquired underway at 6: 00 on Friday, with a mammoth meet-up on the Oustad Shell storage. Dozens changed into up early doors, and protester numbers swelled from there. Sadly, the scenario unraveled, making Atteridgeville a ‘no-hasten zone’ for non-residents. Team organisers posted this update earlier than the match started:

“We won’t pretend to be pleased while we are in an abnormal scenario. We won’t preserve our patience when our families are being robbed, raped, and killed. We call upon the communities of Atteridgeville and Saulsville to advance and be a part of us in our native peace march. No looting, and no mask contrivance no participation.”

We need replacement ways to manage with our grievances in want to blocking off roads with burning tyres and rocks. #Pheli #Atteridgeville

— Kutu Ka Moses Makwela (@onthaza) February 26, 2021

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Atteridgeville riots: ‘Silent’ protest descends into chaos, as N4 blocked