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AUSSIE ANCHOR’S SHOCK EXCHANGE: Taliban’s sick women claim revealed

AUSSIE ANCHOR’S SHOCK EXCHANGE: Taliban’s sick women claim revealed

An Afghan-born Australian journalist has revealed a surprising conversation she had with a Taliban chief.

In spite of the more novel persona the notorious community is pushing — its assurances of “no revenge on anyone” and its remedy in direction of women are being wondered.

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Yalda Hakim, a BBC anchor who appeared on Q&A’s Afghanistan special, shared necessary components just a few conversation she had with a Taliban frontline commander which became very assorted to the image being pushed throughout the click convention earlier this week.

“It became a lot like what I in actuality beget heard the Taliban suppose sooner than. They’ve talked about it to me on-air, they’ve talked about it to me face-to-face after I travelled to Doha — that women would beget their rights, there wouldn’t be any revenge attacks or reprisals,” Hakim talked about about the convention.

But, the 38-one year-feeble journalist, who beautiful just a few weeks ago spent almost one month reporting from her native nation, claimed the commander urged her in another case.

“I requested him a series of questions and he talked about to me we want to return to the more or much less rule we had to in the 90s,” Hakim explained.

“So, after I requested about to illustrate, if a lady became accused of adultery, now adultery according to whose judgments, he talked about ‘for optimistic we’d beget stonings, we’d beget public executions and would employ soccer stadiums to entire that more or much less ingredient. There may perhaps perhaps be amputations on fingers and feet, if somebody had been to commit the crime of theft’.

“He talked about right here is all specified by the Koran. Here’s all segment of Sharia regulations and whereas you defend to beget to dwell inner it, noteworthy, if now not you’ll face the more or much less reprisals you’ll want to.”

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Hakim’s feedback attain after Taliban opponents shot and killed a lady for allegedly now not wearing a burqa in Afghanistan on Tuesday.

It moreover took put to be the equivalent day the community pledged to herald a new inclusive technology in the nation of “women’s rights”.

The horrific act is a a ways deliver from a conversation Hakim moreover had with the community’s spokesman, Shail Shaheen, who known as her throughout a dwell segment.

He claimed the Taliban would appreciate the rights of women and allow them accumulate entry to to education.

Beneath previous Taliban rule girls weren’t allowed to pass to faculty, women had been forced to wear the burqa and weren’t allowed out with out a male guardian.

Because the Taliban strive hard to push their new image, Afghan women are now not cheerful they’re going to doubtless be safe below the notorious community’s “new and mute” agenda.

Many women in Kabul are jumpy for his or her lives. Zarifa Ghafari, 27, the nation’s first feminine mayor, talked about final week: “I’m sitting right here ready for them to attain motivate. There’s no one to motivate me or my household; they’ll attain for parents cherish me and slay me.”

Dozens of women journalists from world media organisations are today stationed in Kabul — and beautiful one of three feminine reporters allowed into the convention wasted no time in confronting the organisation’s leaders on their attitude in direction of women.

Charlotte Bellis, a NZ-born journalist who stories for Al Jazeera, requested whether Afghan women also can moreover be assured the accurate to proceed work and place confidence in and moreover requested if the new authorities would yet all yet again lock women and female childhood in their properties and refuse them education or jobs.

To this, the Taliban replied that women’s rights will doubtless be guaranteed “inner the bounds of Islam”.

A spokesman urged Bellis the “Islamic Emirate” became “dedicated to the rights of women”. even supposing fully “inner our framework of sharia”, suggesting women would silent procure their lives grand restricted.

Diana Sayed, CEO of the Australian Muslim Women’s Centre for Human Rights, talked about the Taliban’s ideological mentality hasn’t shifted and the notorious community is beautiful “all focus on”.

“What they’ve bought is a truly sophisticated PR (public household) machine now and they’ve bought social media at their disposal,” she talked about on Q&A on Thursday.

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“True due to they’ve a spokesman and they’re ready to employ Twitter doesn’t necessarily erase the ideology — their sense on women’s rights, on how they can proceed to persecute other minority teams and others in risk in the nation.

“I don’t belief anything else that they are in actuality now spinning.”

Also on the panel became world safety skilled, Lydia Khalil, who talked about you fully beget to see at what the Taliban did in the 90s, as soon as they in the starting up came to vitality, to build up a gape of the future.

“They talked about precisely the equivalent things — ‘there won’t be any reprisals, ‘we won’t lunge door-to-door, ‘our rule would now not be brutal’.

“But then we saw what took put. They ruled according this broken-down and brutal Islamic rule which frankly diverse the area’s Muslims stop now not establish in mind as legitimate.”

Ms Sayed talked about at the 2nd, the Taliban crave world legitimacy and they want the wait on — and due to of that, they’re going to doubtless be making the “accurate noises”.

“But all yet again, their ideology hasn’t changed and their imaginative and prescient for Afghanistan hasn’t changed and we ought to not anticipate it to.”

AUSSIE ANCHOR’S SHOCK EXCHANGE: Taliban’s sick women claim revealed