Home Australia Aussies survive Y Combinator, snag $3.3m investment

Aussies survive Y Combinator, snag $3.3m investment

Aussies survive Y Combinator, snag $3.3m investment

“The stage of adrenaline we had been working at, condensing three years of anguish and suffering and getting the firm into investment stage, was love jumping out of a airplane,” said Mr Dwyer, of the three-month program.

“And that every body came down to a one-minute pitch with one stride.”

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By approach of Zoom to a panel of Silicon Valley investors, the pitch was this: GreatQuestion machine collates buyer interviews, surveys and prototype assessments, and permits firms to analyse and understand what their prospects are telling them, with or without phrases.

“Finding the ethical prospects to talk to is refined, and there are hundreds various research systems and incentivisation systems, so we support firms arrange all that and then analyse what they’ve stumbled on,” Mr Dwyer said.

Mr Dwyer, who lives in San Francisco, and Mr Murray, who lives in Melbourne, beforehand constructed web pattern marketplace Elto in 2012, which they supplied in 2015 to GoDaddy for an undisclosed amount.

GreatQuestion is coming into a market dominated by gamers similar to Qualtrics, with a $US20 billion market cap, and Momentive, which was beforehand named Gape Monkey, and has a $US5 billion market cap.

Mr Dwyer said these firms had failed to innovate or modernise the instruments wished by digital firms that wished to hang and analyse buyer suggestions.

Aussies survive Y Combinator, snag $3.3m investment