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Australia feels the chill due to nationwide firewood shortage

Australia feels the chill due to nationwide firewood shortage

A crackling fire in the fireplace, smoke billowing out of the chimney, they are decided signs that winter has arrived in Australia.

Key capabilities:

  • Alice Springs firewood supplier Value Probes says provide to Central Australia has “died off” in the wake of a nationwide shortage
  • He says the pandemic, lockdowns, and interstate request are contributing to the shortage
  • NT Parks and Plant life and fauna says americans can no longer recall firewood from National Parks

Nevertheless it’s going to no longer be as total this year, as the nation grapples with a shortage of firewood. 

Early Newspaper

Alice Springs firewood provider Value Probes acknowledged his enterprise in total equipped between 700 and 800 a good deal of firewood all thru the winter months, but that might maybe well well no longer be going down this year. 

“We manufacture tons of deliveries to americans’s home, [but] now we bear stopped deliveries altogether here,” Mr Probes acknowledged. 

Present up in smoke

Mr Probes acknowledged complications begun last year when the coronavirus pandemic arrived in Australia.

“Loads of the wood that gets lop again comes out of Novel South Wales, goes to Adelaide, and they cart wood up here,” he acknowledged.

Interstate request all thru the year had choked provide into the Northern Territory. 

“Adelaide has got a large shortage because of they’ve had a [COVID-19] shutdown. So all americans was as soon as sitting at home burning firewood because of that was as soon as thru the winter shutdown,” Mr Probes acknowledged. 

Stacked firewood catching the sunlight.

Value Probes says the provide of firewood into Central Australia has been dramatically reduced.(

ABC Northern Tasmania: Rick Eaves


He acknowledged it was as soon as imaginable to derive firewood despatched to Alice Springs, but no longer with out a hefty top fee.

“I would bear to derive my mark up by doubtlessly 30 per cent … [but] all I would derive is rubbish on social media asserting ‘what a rip-off’.” 

He acknowledged all workers might maybe well well manufacture was as soon as promise customers they would let them know when wood arrived.

“The finest we can manufacture is ring you if we derive wood, but it hasn’t been going down.”

Wood amassing warning 

Mr Probes acknowledged he was as soon as no longer looking forward to to watch a upward push in provide until next year. 

“Loads of the time they lop again inexperienced [wood] and then dock it up for the year after,” he acknowledged.

A view looking over the West MacDonnell National Park in Central Australia.

Taking firewood from nationwide parks is prohibited.(

Equipped: Tom Raimondo


“On story of of COVID no person was as soon as slicing, so you bear a gap year of no wood on the ground.”

So when you might maybe well well’t hurry and desire wood this year, is there somewhere you might maybe well well hurry to hang it for yourself? 

NT Parks and Plant life and fauna acknowledged there are suggestions stopping americans from taking wood from nationwide parks. 

“You’re completely no longer accredited to hang firewood to recall home for you,” Central Australian Parks director Chris Day acknowledged.

“We will completely be maintaining an behold out … if we manufacture watch someone with a monumental load or a trailer scramble, then we would be pulling them up.”

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