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Australia in the gold medal position for producing the precious metal

Australia in the gold medal position for producing the precious metal

Australia has turn into the finest gold producer in the world, overtaking China for the first time.

It be ample information for gold miner Red 5 which is ramping up efforts to begin manufacturing at its King of the Hill mine in Western Australia’s Goldfields.

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“We started constructing in October 2020 and we’re on the staunch song for the first gold in about seven or eight months time, in the June quarter of 2022,” Red 5 managing director Ticket Williams says.

The miner is turning the switch relieve on at the inaugurate reduce and underground gold mine it sold four years in the past.

The timing is fairly right too, with position gold costs hovering at about $US1,800 an oz..

“We now enjoy been ready to in reality beat the sprint with the escalation in the pricing,” Mr Williams tells The Business.


The first gold is anticipated to be mined from Red 5’s King of the Hill gold mine in Western Australia’s Goldfields within months.(



How did we top China?

China has been the world’s finest gold producer since 2007, with Australia the second greatest producer for just a few decade.

Gold analysts Surbiton Friends sage China produced 153 tonnes of gold in the first half of of this calendar 300 and sixty five days.

Australian gold miners produced 157 tonnes.

Dr Sandra Close

Sandra Close says time will describe how long Australia can maintain on to the top position.(

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“That is the first time that is took place,” Surbiton Friends director Sandra Close says.

But, she adds, it wasn’t an increase in Australian manufacturing that resulted in the switch.

“We are in a position to hope to ogle what happens to gold manufacturing in the subsequent six months, every in Australia and in China.”

Australian gold manufacturing is rising

The last two years enjoy been the simplest on sage for Australian gold producers.

In the 2019/20 financial 300 and sixty five days 328 tonnes of gold used to be retrieved from beneath Australian soil — the most ever in a 300 and sixty five days.

Final financial 300 and sixty five days used to be the second simplest 300 and sixty five days, yielding 321 tonnes.

Red 5 man

Red 5 group examine rock 400m underground as they put together to resume mining.(



“We attain enjoy the next sequence of smaller mines in comparison with some of the other gold mining international locations akin to, allege, the US,” explains Dr Close.

“That provides us a chunk of extra flexibility every now and then.”

IBISWorld research predicts the $26 billion sector will ogle earnings rise 11.6 per cent this 300 and sixty five days “because of continued uncertainty about the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the global economy”.

It says the increase is furthermore because of an anticipated surge in industry output and higher gold costs.

Australian Bureau of Statistics information finds investment in gold exploration rose extra than any other commodity in the June quarter, up 19.3 per cent to $429.8 million.

Perth Mint Gold Pour

Australia’s finest gold refiner, The Perth Mint, processes all of its gold by hand.(

ABC Information: Rachel Pupazzoni


Why does the gold worth sprint up when everything else goes down?

Gold is identified as a gain haven asset.

On the entire the worth of gold increases when there’s political and economic instability.

“Gold is the one gain haven asset that all individuals flocks to in instances of trouble, in instances of turmoil and inconvenience,” says The Perth Mint’s chief executive Richard Hayes.

Nevertheless or no longer it just isn’t any longer consistently a straight line.

The gold worth fell when the COVID-19 pandemic first took maintain around the world.

“The initial reaction used to be fairly negative — we definitely saw in March 2020 gold costs fall roughly about 11 per cent and that used to be a reflection of a flight to security and the market running against the US dollar,” explains Commonwealth Bank director of mining and energy commodities research Vivek Dhar.

Six months later, gold peaked at a brand unusual excessive.

It be now come relieve down and is worth about $US1,800 an oz..

“Nevertheless or no longer it’s held at the $US1,800 set rather than the form of $US1,200, $US1,300, $US1,400 set that it used to be holding at pre-COVID,” Mr Hayes adds.

“So certainly that is up by 20 to 25 per cent on where it used to be two years in the past.”

A worker holds a bar of poured gold.

Gold silent glitters for investors around the world.(

AAP: Theron Kirkman


What about digital currencies adore bitcoin?

Some argue digital currencies are giving gold a escape for its cash as the final retailer of wealth.

But the coarse volatility of the likes of bitcoin and ethereum, where the worth can pass extra than 10 per cent in a single day, has others arguing or no longer it’s too volatile.

“Bitcoin or ethereum coin exists in our on-line world. At the stay of the day, or no longer it’s merely an entry in an digital ledger,” argues Mr Hayes.

What else drives the gold worth?

The finest ingredient affecting the gold worth correct now is the US Federal Reserve and a weaker US dollar.

While the Reserve Bank of Australia is continuing with its tapering of bond buying, the US central bank is but to pass.

“A lengthen to tapering is seemingly to give much less strengthen for the US dollar than otherwise and that wants to be distinct for gold,” Mr Dhar explains.

“While the inverse relationship between gold and the US dollar has deviated very a lot in the past, in unusual months actions in the US dollar enjoy provided a unswerving steer of gold worth actions.”

Meaning we could perhaps ogle the gold worth, and its contribution to our economy, rise again.

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Australia in the gold medal position for producing the precious metal