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Axe Files: Ragged prosecutor Daniel Goldman

Axe Files: Ragged prosecutor Daniel Goldman


David Axelrod, the founder and director of the University of Chicago Institute of Politics, brings you The Axe Files, a series of revealing interviews with key figures within the political world. Transcend the soundbites and procure to know just a few of the most appealing players in politics.

  • Ep. 429 — Daniel Goldman

    Early Newspaper

    After bigger than a decade working as a federal prosecutor and accurate analyst, Daniel Goldman changed into a family name in 2020 for his role as lead counsel for the Condominium within the first impeachment trial of feeble President Trump. As Trump’s 2d impeachment trial continues, Daniel joined David to discuss the Condominium managers’ opening arguments, the by map of line from Trump’s first impeachment to his 2d, rising up a descendent of Levi Strauss, and the map dropping his father as a minute bit one impacted the trLevel to moreajectory of his existence. 

  • Ep. 428 — Andrew McCabe

    Ragged FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe didn’t constantly idea to change into an agent, nevertheless while interning at the Department of Justice he came upon himself interested by intricate crucial aspects in case data. The fascination led him to a 22-yr profession within the Bureau—one which would discontinue with McCabe himself at the center of a DOJ investigation. He joined David to discuss the “behind burning upward thrust” of home terrorism, the resolution to initiate an investigation into Russian involvement within the 2016 election, and the Level to morehurt he believes the Trump administration has carried out to the FBI.

  • Ep. 427 — Win. Adam Kinzinger

    Win. Adam Kinzinger, a sixth-term Congressman from Illinois, only within the near past came upon himself within the highlight after he called for feeble President Trump’s removal from plot of enterprise following the January 6 attack on the Capitol. He changed into also one of 10 Republican Condominium individuals to vote in desire of impeaching Trump. Whereas some are lauding him as a sing of motive within the Republican Procure collectively, others are deriding him for turning in opposition to Trump and being out of contact with the broader GOP. Win. Kinzinger joined David toLevel to more discuss what he sees as his battle to revive the Republican Procure collectively, what occurs when leaders are more involving about standing than protection, the execrable he felt on Jan. 6 and whether he has future plans for statewide plot of enterprise.

  • Ep. 426 — Doris Kearns Goodwin

    Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin came upon she had a knack for storytelling as a minute bit one, recounting baseball games inning-by-inning for her father when he’d return dwelling from work. The Pulitzer Prize-winning creator has since harnessed that skill into chronicling the lives and management kinds of American presidents at moments of nationwide disaster, most only within the near past with her 2018 book Leadership in Turbulent Occasions. Doris joined David to discuss the episodes of history which private led us to the unique day, tLevel to morehe battle for the soul of the Republican Procure collectively, and the ancient inauguration of President Joe Biden. 

  • Ep. 425 — Joe Scarborough

    Joe Scarborough had his first media expertise web hosting a call-in display cloak on public entry television to boost his political profile throughout a bustle for Congress. He won that 1994 Congressional bustle and held the Florida seat unless 2001 sooner than returning to television fat-time. Now the co-host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, he joined David to discuss the violence at the US Capitol on Jan. 6, his cool and sizzling relationship with Donald Trump, what occurs subsequent for the Republican Procure collectively, and his recent book, Saving FrLevel to moreeedom: Truman, the Frigid Battle, and the Fight for Western Civilization.

  • Ep. 424 — Win. Ayanna Pressley

    Win. Ayanna Pressley purchased her commence in revolutionary politics at a younger age, watching as her mother fought for tenants’ rights as an organizer in Chicago. When Win. Pressley left college to esteem her unwell mother, it didn’t terminate her political trajectory. After serving because the first girl of coloration on the Boston Metropolis Council, she beat out a prolonged-time incumbent in 2018 for a seat in US Condominium of Representatives. Win. Pressley joined David to discuss the destruction precipitated by Covid-19, prioritiziLevel to moreng marginalized teams in laws, prison justice reform, and the implications of the Georgia Senate runoffs.

  • Silence is No longer an Risk: Shaded to the Future

    This week we’re bringing you an episode of Silence is No longer an Risk, a CNN podcast hosted by Don Lemon. A file need of Shaded candidates ran for plot of enterprise this yr, representing now not simplest their constituencies, nevertheless also the range of perspectives that exist amongst Shaded Americans. Don talks to two newly elected representatives, Mondaire Jones (D-Glossy York) and Cori Bush (D-Missouri), about their platforms, their solutions for Congress, and the formulation forward for Shaded politics.

  • Handiest of the Axe Files: Tony Blinken

    Antony “Tony” Blinken, President-elect Joe Biden’s nominee for Secretary of Converse, first met Biden bigger than 15 years within the past when he served as workers director for the Senate International Family Committee, which Biden chaired. Blinken went on to support as Deputy Nationwide Security Consultant and Deputy Secretary of Converse throughout the Obama administration, cementing his role as a member of Biden’s inner circle. This week, we’re revisiting a dialog David had with Blinken support in 2017. He joined David to tLevel to morealk about spending his childhood in a foreign country, his relationship with Biden and the significance of enticing in diplomacy accurate by map of the world.

  • Ep. 423 — Win. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    U.S. Win. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took the Condominium by storm when she beat out 10-term incumbent Win. Joe Crowley, winning on a staunchly revolutionary platform. She is regularly portrayed because the embodiment of the liberal left, each and every by the media and her GOP adversaries who support her up as a warning of how a long way left the Democrats private gone. Now in her 2d term, she has confirmed no ardour in backing down from her priorities, love a $15 minimal wage and healthcare for all. She joined David to discuss hLevel to moreer upbringing, how an ardour in maternal health inspired a pivot to politics, the state of Covid-19 stimulus negotiations and the express with austerity politics. 

  • Ep. 422 — Dan Moderately

    As a younger reporter, Dan Moderately changed into no stranger to getting the myth by any formulation obligatory, whether that supposed sneaking off to utilize the plot of enterprise phone at Lyndon B. Johnson’s ranch or chaining himself to a tree throughout Typhoon Carla. The legendary broadcaster joined David to discuss his storied profession, why overlaying civil rights modified him for my fraction and professionally, how he learned to steel himself while overlaying earth-shattering and usually emotional ancient moments and the map he peaceable finds joLevel to morey in his work after seven decades in journalism.

Axe Files: Ragged prosecutor Daniel Goldman