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Bailee Madison Finds How Her ‘Animal-Loving’ ‘Cinderella Memoir’ Differs From Others: ‘It’s Ironic’

Bailee Madison Finds How Her ‘Animal-Loving’ ‘Cinderella Memoir’ Differs From Others: ‘It’s Ironic’

The beloved ‘Cinderella Memoir’ franchise has a brand new leading girl in Bailee Madison! She spoke to HL about how this film stands out from the relaxation!

Bailee Madison fits perfectly in the glass slippers of the leading females sooner than her and is taking the reins in the fifth installment of the A Cinderella Memoir franchise! Out lately, June 29th, A Cinderella Memoir: Starstruck follows Bailey as Finley, who resides along side her step-family on her boring father’s farm, tending to the animals and searching for to flee her little town by pursuing her dream of being a singer. “Cinderella is the ideal princess to position into the contemporary world without feeling comparable to you’re stripping away its roots. It’s a classic retelling, which is why the franchise is so cherished and embraced,” Bailee explained on the upcoming HollywoodLife Podcast. “It feels very welcomed. It doesn’t in actuality feel compelled.”

Bailee Madison as Finley alongside Michael Evans Behling as Jackson Stone in ‘A Cinderella Memoir: Starstruck.’ (Warner Bros. Leisure Inc.)

She admitted that this sequel is never like the four movies sooner than her, because every installment followed in the footsteps and storyline of the new 2004 film, starring Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray. “I’d advise one thing that we all talked about turned into as soon as the irony that A Cinderella Memoir has never really took scrape at farm. There’s been no connection to animals, which is a big piece of the new Cinderella — her adore for animals and her adore for the outside house,” Bailee stated. “There’s loads more refined nods to the new Cinderella in this film…When she’s altering out of her attire, she locations her diminutive bandana over her head and begins milking the cow — that’s an instantaneous nod to Cinderella’s outfit when she’s doing the house chores.”

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She persevered, “We did our most efficient to strip down the film as great as imaginable to determine out to search out those more classic moments that took scrape in the earlier movies that I’m for my piece in actuality gay with.”

Bailee additionally recorded five enticing songs for A Cinderella Memoir: Starstruck, that helped her attain to a resolution to pursue her tune career additional. “I’d advise ‘Stars Align’ and ‘One thing in the Water’ are the closest ‘Bailee’ songs, and even supposing I’m singing it as a personality and discovering her converse through those songs, it’s a diminutive bit different than recording your contain tune,” Bailee, who honest signed with Kevin Jonas‘ The Jonas Community management firm, stated. “I attain in actuality feel cherish the country part is a diminutive little bit of a more in-depth peep other folks to me and my tune, so I had such pleasure attending to attain that.”

Bailee Madison as Finley in ‘A Cinderella Memoir: Starstruck.’ (Warner Bros. Leisure Inc.)

She added that she has been writing tune the wonderful plenty of years and plans to with any luck accumulate in the studio rapidly! “That’s a dream of mine — to construct up to construct up to piece my story and my heart without it being condensed to 10 minutes or without it being manipulated into one thing else,” Bailee printed. “I in actuality feel cherish I really like constantly tried to be as originate and transparent as imaginable, but there are so many tales that I haven’t shared that I’d adore to piece about my lifestyles. I’m angry for that.”

Originate lunge to determine out A Cinderella Memoir: Starstruck on digital retails! Protect tuned for the film to attain support out on DVD July 13 and HBOMax at a later date.

Bailee Madison Finds How Her ‘Animal-Loving’ ‘Cinderella Memoir’ Differs From Others: ‘It’s Ironic’