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‘Bar Rescue’s Jon Taffer Teases ‘Devastating’ Story In 200th Episode: You’ll Scrutinize Me ‘Inch Up’

‘Bar Rescue’s Jon Taffer Teases ‘Devastating’ Story In 200th Episode: You’ll Scrutinize Me ‘Inch Up’

‘Bar Rescue’ is pouring one out for a extremely special occasion. HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with host Jon Taffer about the milestone 200th episode and the ’emotional’ fable on the center of it.

Bar Rescue premiered in 2011, and now the tell is celebrating its 200th episode on June 13. The episode makes a speciality of a homeless family residing in a restaurant for the period of the COVID-19 pandemic. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Jon Taffer about the impact this special episode had on him.

“It is obviously emotionally devastating, particularly if you happen to contain a examine at youth,” Jon instructed HollywoodLife. “This entire season and being within the restaurant enterprise, you most possible know that I without a doubt contain carried out deal of reports this yr about COVID and the restaurant industry. We all talked about how it has impacted the industry, and this season of Bar Rescue confirmed me how it has impacted of us and this family is a noteworthy instance.”

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Jon Taffer
Jon Taffer hosts ‘Bar Rescue.’ (Roger Kisby/Paramount Community)

The family moved to Las Vegas from Texas to come to a decision on a Mexican restaurant with their existence financial savings and “compare a better existence.” Sadly, the pandemic hit a month after they arrived. Heavenly days earlier than Jon and the Bar Rescue group arrived, the host revealed that the family “misplaced their dwelling and so that they misplaced their dwelling in a trend the put they couldn’t catch all of their stuff out of it. Long fable short, after we got there, the three boys under 10 years old are sleeping on a wood floor above the restaurant and this family has nothing.”

He endured, “We staunch now put them in lodge rooms while we are producing the tell, and I am no longer going to extinguish the tell for you, but we got a moderately exact acknowledge for them. I am very proud on what we did for this family to catch them wait on on their feet all over again, and it’s terribly emotional… This season of Bar Rescue is a lot varied for me. It wasn’t as aggravation and attention-filled. It was as soon as worthy extra emotional for me.”

All of season 8 was as soon as shot in Jon’s put of birth of Las Vegas, and the rescued bars were those impacted severely by COVID-19. Jon has needed to navigate the entertaining topic he has never faced, firms which can maybe per chance be struggling with the pandemic, vaccination rollout and protocols, and surroundings them up for fulfillment in a submit-COVID world.

Jon Taffer
Jon Taffer in a outdated episode of ‘Bar Rescue.’ (Everett Sequence)

Jon never expected for the tell to make it this some distance. “I never belief I’d be on TV,” he instructed HollywoodLife. “It was as soon as never a operate in my existence. It all of the surprising upright chanced on me. I belief I’d stop a pilot and shuffle dwelling and I belief it would discontinuance after the main season or discontinuance after the 2nd season. Heck, I upright shot my 200th episode, and you know what a milestone that is in tv. That will maybe per chance furthermore very properly be a worthy deal. I am so grateful and appreciative of your entire success that the tell has carried out.”

Jon has rescued deal of bars over time, but we needed to position a question to: is there something he needs to rescue for himself? “Nobody has ever asked me that ask earlier than,” he admitted. “I am if truth be told lucky. I got the likelihood to use the week with my daughter and grandson final week. I without a doubt contain a gorgeous relationship with my family, so I don’t if truth be told favor worthy rescuing there. Professionally, I am proud of the put I am at with my existence. I without a doubt contain noteworthy relationships with my workers. They are very proper. Each ways — me to them and them to me. I don’t specialise in I desire deal of rescuing there. I specialise in that my well-known other and my relationship… My well-known other is my simplest friend. You almost without a doubt contain seen her on the tell. I don’t need rescuing there. I could per chance furthermore potentially use some private rescuing in regards to how to plight up my private existence, to be correct with you. But I catch so eager about my loyal existence that I ignore my private existence in most cases. I am no longer noteworthy at taking time without work or taking vacations, and I am no longer noteworthy at taking time for myself in most cases. I catch so worthy pleasure from serving to varied of us who it’s extra satisfying for me to abet varied of us than myself as absurd as that sounds, so this yr my New Year’s Resolution, particularly after going thru the pandemic is to be better to myself this yr. Rob some extra vacations, favor some time without work, lose about a pounds, eat extra healthy, things fancy that!” Bar Rescue airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on Paramount Community.

‘Bar Rescue’s Jon Taffer Teases ‘Devastating’ Story In 200th Episode: You’ll Scrutinize Me ‘Inch Up’