Home Australia Barley or bust: Contemporary King Island distillers go with the grain

Barley or bust: Contemporary King Island distillers go with the grain

Barley or bust: Contemporary King Island distillers go with the grain

It became once a gathered night time in spring about a years ago and King Island farmer Thomas Shaw became once having a beer and chatting with neighbour Vaughan O’Connor when Mr O’Connor presented the island wished a distillery.

Key capabilities:

  • The distillers are counting on a chop unfamiliar on King Island because of the the wetter local weather
  • The hopeful distillers absorb had an aging header shipped to the island
  • The entrepreneurs protest they are dedicated to a whisky they would possibly merely not inaugurate for 12 years

“And I acknowledged, ‘Woah, don’t rep me started,'” Mr Shaw recalls.

Early Newspaper

“I’ve potentially been talking about it for 5 or six years too lengthy now.”

King Island distillery founder Vaughan O'Connor

King Island Distillery founder Vaughan O’Connor says is completely dedicated to the project.(Equipped: Vaughan O’Connor)

Mr Shaw acknowledged he had dreamed of opening a distillery since travelling to ancestral location of origin Scotland.

For Mr O’Connor, the thought took withhold when he started coming to King Island to surf at the world-vital Martha Lavinia destroy.

“Somebody that is been there (King Island) potentially falls in worship with the community and the location itself,” he acknowledged.

“And the more time we spent there, the more we realised that it could well possibly possibly be a huge opportunity to withhold out one thing particular with the distillery.”

With that, a distillery became once conceived. But the mission hasn’t been without challenges.

Mr O’Connor’s imaginative and prescient is to construct a distillery with a “world-vital pedigree” the same to King Island’s iconic cheese and pork brands.

To raise out that, the distillery will utilize King Island’s pure peat and grow its delight in barley on Mr O’Connor’s 5-hectare [12-acre] block.

Grain vegetation are not normal on King Island, which is dominated by inexperienced pasture because of the its local weather and rainfall, however worn farmer Robbie Payne says they are you can imagine.

“For growing, the rainfall is repeatedly loyal. But the biggest worry is possibly making an strive to rep the grain moisture phases down,” he acknowledged.

King Island distiller Thomas Shaw inspects the progress of the barley.

King Island distiller Thomas Shaw inspects the development of the barley.(Equipped: Vaughan O’Connor)

Mr O’Connor isn’t too concerned. He has grain growing in his veins on myth of his father grew up in Yarrawonga in the “wheat and barley belt” of Victoria.

“We’re very fortunate in the reality that we can reveal up the phone and evaluate with my 2nd cousins and uncles and no doubt protest, ‘What are we doing irascible here? What raise out we ought to withhold out to rep this chop going?'” he acknowledged.

Mr Shaw knows it could well possibly possibly also be finished. The previous owner of his farm grew barley to feed livestock.

“And I grew a test chop about three years ago,” he acknowledged.

The inaugural distillery chop became once planted in November and now boasts “ravishing, fat barley heads”.

But growing would possibly merely be the straightforward portion; harvesting is another story.

‘Cranking up the inclined beast’

An old Massey Ferguson header in a large shed with the farmers

King Island farmers helped transport an aging Massey Ferguson header to the distillery.(Equipped: Thomas Shaw)

Mr O’Connor admits his original notion for harvesting became once a puny naïve.

“I presumed I would upright be in a location to ring any individual up and contract them in to engage off the chop however that wasn’t an chance,” he acknowledged.

Grain headers are upright as rare on King Island as grain vegetation, so Mr O’Connor became once forced to rep an inclined Massey Ferguson header shipped across Bass Strait.

“We didn’t mediate it could well possibly possibly be all that artful, well-organized or financial to engage one in every of the more technologically superior harvesters,” he acknowledged.

Mr O’Connor says they at the 2nd are a pair of weeks away “from cranking up the inclined beast and seeing the contrivance it goes”.

Then the proper work begins, especially for Mr Shaw, who will befriend as chief distiller.

King Island whisky distiller pats a cow in a paddock

King Islander Thomas Shaw will befriend as chief distiller.(Equipped: Thomas Shaw)

Mr O’Connor, meanwhile, will harness his strengths in salesmanship, given his occupation in advertising and mark management.

King Island Tourism Affiliation president Adam Hely acknowledged he became once occupied with the project, which would complement an existing distillery stride by Heidi Weitjens and a brewery living to open in about a weeks.

He acknowledged it made sense for the tourism sector to alternate on King Island’s agriculture excellence.

“The space, rainfall and geography devices us apart for being in a location to perform the solely of the solely,” he acknowledged.

“We have got unreal, devoted farmers however their space makes their job lots more straightforward.”

The ‘Viking approach’

King Island Distillery barley fields

Fields of barley at the procedure of the distillery.(Equipped: Vaughan O’Connor)

As they put together to begin their first batch, Mr O’Connor has already scouted terminate by farms for an expanded barley chop.

He expects sure spirits equivalent to gin and vodka to be on cupboards by September however the whisky will be a lengthy time in the making.

“We’re going to strive to go the entire hog in phrases of a 12-year, barrel-worn [spirit] for our Cape Wickham whisky,” he acknowledged.

Mr O’Connor says he realises it “takes lots with a knowing to withhold pouring into manufacturing you can very well be not going to peep a greenback on for a decade”.

But he’s assured and has embraced the “Viking approach”.

“Let’s burn our boat and go arduous on this and never absorb the chance to either retreat or resign,” he acknowledged.

“Most good companies, if you in point of fact weigh it up, don’t give themselves an exit approach. They in point of fact make certain that they ought to go thru and rep it work.”

Barley or bust: Contemporary King Island distillers go with the grain