Home Breaking News Beyond the pandemic: London votes for a mayor during crisis

Beyond the pandemic: London votes for a mayor during crisis

Beyond the pandemic: London votes for a mayor during crisis

Beyond the pandemic: London votes for a mayor during crisis


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April 30, 2021 GMT

LONDON (AP) — No longer long ago, London was booming. Now it fears a bust.

Brexit and the coronavirus pandemic have hit Britain’s capital in a supreme storm. In 2021, the city has fewer other folks, fewer companies, starker divisions and more difficult picks than anyone may have anticipated.

On May 6, Londoners will elect a mayor whose performance will merit pick whether right here is a period of decline for Europe’s greatest city — or a chance to accomplish issues better.

“It’s going to be rough, unquestionably,” said Jack Brown, lecturer in London research at King’s College London. “Those two somewhat seismic changes” — Brexit and the virus — “can be a lot to deal with.”


Plagues, fires, war — London has survived them all. Nonetheless it for scamper has by no means had a year care for this. The coronavirus has killed extra than 15,000 Londoners and shaken the foundations of certainly one of the world’s great cities. As a fast-shifting mass vaccination campaign holds the promise of a wider reopening, The Associated Press looks at the pandemic’s impact on London’s other folks and establishments and asks what the future may maintain.


London’s newly elected mayor will lead a city of extra than 8 million that is facing the usual substantial-city troubles — too small affordable housing and transit, too remarkable crime and pollution — as properly as a host of unprecedented considerations.

A year of coronavirus lockdowns and travel restrictions have emptied the city’s place of industrial towers, shut down its nightlife, shuttered its pubs and restaurants and banished international vacationers. Returning to normal will take a long time.

“We’ve lost about 300,000 jobs already, and extra than a million Londoners are presently furloughed,” said Mayor Sadiq Khan, who is in the hunt for re-election. “So the challenge is how we avoid (the) mass unemployment of the 1980s.

“It’s really important to have the same ambition that our forefathers and foremothers had after the 2d World War, because that’s scale of the challenge,” said Khan, whose priorities encompass coaxing other folks back into the city heart and easing the economic inequalities exacerbated by the pandemic.

If idea polls are fair, Khan, 50, is at risk of purchase a 2nd time period in Thursday’s election, which has been delayed by a year because of the pandemic. Both he and his main challenger are made-in-London success tales.

Khan, a lawyer and member of the heart-left Labour Party, is the son of Pakistani immigrants. His father was a bus driver, his mother a seamstress.

Conservative candidate Shaun Bailey’s grandparents, meanwhile, are part of the “Windrush generation” of put up-World War II immigrants to Britain from the Caribbean. He was raised by a single mother in public housing in Ladbroke Grove, an area the place expensive Victorian homes sit down near race-down social housing blocks.

The 49-year-dilapidated former childhood employee is a passionate advocate of the city that he says gave him chances to thrive.

“More than any other place in the world, if you happen to advance from a working-class background, London offers opportunities care for no other,” said Bailey, who believes London’s greatest challenge is crime.

Bailey wants to secret agent extra childhood workers, extra law enforcement officials on the beat and greater employ of stay-and-search powers to take knives and other weapons off the side road. Stay-and-search is a massively contentious coverage because young Black males have been disproportionately targeted, and this has been the focal level of anti-racism protests around policing.

Nonetheless Bailey says it’s essential.

“The thing that’s making the Black neighborhood angry above all issues is the rate at which our children are demise,” he said.

Both Khan and Bailey — and extra than a dozen other candidates, from Liberal Democrat and Inexperienced contenders to anti-lockdown activists and a bucket-headed comedian called Rely Binface — know they are working in a city transformed by the virus and by Britain’s exit from the European Union.

Brexit poses a challenge to London by ending the free drift of oldsters from the continent and imperiling the city’s status as Europe’s financial hub. The pandemic, meanwhile, has challenged the very existence of megacities and the crowded spaces during which other folks stay, work and travel.

After three decades of increase, London’s population fell in 2020 as other folks moved out in search of extra space during lockdown or returned to their areas or dwelling international locations. It remains to be viewed whether they will ever advance back.

Three lockdowns, now gradually being lifted, kept place of industrial workers at dwelling and became the heart of London into a ghost town. Tens of millions no longer commute downtown to work or play, as coronavirus restrictions forced other folks to stay local.

Across London — a “city of villages” whose neighborhoods retain certain characters — the pandemic has led other folks to reassess their priorities.

“In case you plug into central London … there’s no one there, almost,” said Mark Burton, who runs a neighborhood arts venue in Walthamstow, a as soon as-gritty, now-gentrifying area in the city’s northeast. “Whereas out right here, there’s a vibrancy around the cafes.”

Burton thinks Khan has carried out a aesthetic factual job as mayor, though he wants extra reinforce for cycling and neighborhood ventures.

Across town in Ladbroke Grove, resident Nicholas Olajide likes rival Bailey’s pledge to in the low cost of crime. He, too, thinks the pandemic has given the city a original sense of itself.

“I contemplate it has awakened a sense of neighborhood in other folks,” Olajide said. “Before, London was going the way whereby we had been no longer a neighborhood, no longer our neighbors’ keeper. Nonetheless I contemplate that has introduced us back together. Folks staying dwelling and caring about their neighbors, working from dwelling — it has introduced families nearer together.”

Sian Berry, the Inexperienced Party candidate for mayor, says the pandemic has uncovered the yawning gaps in London society and left other folks wanting “a original start.”

“It’s a very thrilling place to stay, London, but it for scamper’s polluted, it can be a strain, and living costs are far too high,” she said. “Each neighborhood in London has its have spirit, too, and we have to be nurturing that.”

Brown, the London historian, is optimistic about London’s ability to leap back. It has been by tough occasions before in its 2,000 years of existence.

“London’s ancient history really is certainly one of getting space on fireplace each now and then — the total city burns down — and then everyone gets the plague,” he said. “This happens in a cycle for years and years and other folks sustain coming back.

“The very long history of London is certainly one of improbable resilience. It’s even a small uncaring typically. It doesn’t always take everyone with it. Nonetheless the place itself, its economy, its appeal, form of endures,” he said.


Associated Press Author Danica Kirka contributed to this anecdote.


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Beyond the pandemic: London votes for a mayor during crisis