Home Story Biden addresses Atlanta attacks: ‘words have consequences’ whatever the motivation

Biden addresses Atlanta attacks: ‘words have consequences’ whatever the motivation

Biden addresses Atlanta attacks: ‘words have consequences’ whatever the motivation

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That concluded our coverage for this day. Right here’s a abstract of the day’s events:

  • Joe Biden and Kamala Harris condemned the Atlanta attacks in remarks on Friday evening. They additionally condemned a upward push in anti-Asian violence over the previous yr, with Biden pronouncing “our silence is complicity”. Harris acknowledged that “Asian Americans have been attacked and scapegoated” over the previous yr.
  • More essential functions of the victims’ lives have emerged this day. The son of Hyun Jung Grant acknowledged his mother: “was once no doubt one of my most attention-grabbing visitors and the strongest impact on who we are this day” in a put up on the GoFundMe web region.
  • Police in cities all the map via the nation elevated foot patrols in Asian neighborhoods amid fears of anti-Asian violence after the capturing.
  • Joe Biden and Kamala Harris met earlier with Asian American community leaders. Biden is additionally calling for sleek dislike crimes laws to offer protection to Asian Americans and others centered by a “upward push of dislike crimes exacerbated all over the pandemic.”


Biden, who has known his handsome portion of loss, equipped a heartfelt tribute to the households of the Atlanta capturing as he concluded his speech.

“I do know they in actual fact feel love there’s a shadowy hole in their chest […] and that issues would possibly perhaps well not ever recuperate,” Biden acknowledged.

“Our prayers are with you, and I state you, the one you lost will continually be with you. And the day will come when their memory brings a smile to your lips sooner than it brings a slip to your interrogate, as not doubtless as that’s now.

“This will doubtless lift a while, however I promise you this would possibly perhaps occasionally come. When it does, that’s the day you’re going to fabricate it.”

Joe Biden speaks at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.

Joe Biden speaks at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. Characterize: Eric Baradat/AFP/Getty Images


Biden – ‘words have consequences’

Joe Biden has addressed the shootings in Atlanta, pronouncing that “words have consequences” as he detailed the violence Asian Americans have confronted over the previous yr.

“Whatever the motivation [for the shootings] all of us know this: too many Asian Americans have been strolling up and down the streets and annoying. Waking up each and every morning the previous yr feeling their security and the security of their family persons are stake. They’ve been attacked, blamed, scapegoated and confused,” Biden acknowledged.

“It’s been a yr of residing in fright for their lives upright to scamper down their aspect toll road. Grandparents afraid to depart their properties. Little firms attacked.”

Donald Trump and other Republican politicians many instances dubbed Covid-19 the “China virus”, and Biden acknowledged that language had contributed to a dramatic spike in anti-Asian violence over the previous yr.

“We’re finding out again we’ve continually known, words have consequences. It’s the coronavirus, paunchy conclude,” Biden acknowledged.

“Abominate and violence many times cloak in straightforward peek,” Biden acknowledged, yet that dislike and violence is “many times met with silence”.

That has to alternate, Biden acknowledged, because “our silence is complicity”.


Kamala Harris has acknowledged the Atlanta shootings had been a “unpleasant act of violence” in a speech in the metropolis, and hinted at the impact of Donald Trump’s racist language.

“We had been reminded once more that the crises we face are many, that the foes we face are many,” Harris acknowledged.

“Whatever the killer’s motive these information are clear,” Harris acknowledged: six out the eight of us killed had been of Asian descent, seven had been females, and “the shootings took dwelling in firms owned by Asian Americans”.

Violence in opposition to Asian Americans has risen dramatically over previous yr, Harris acknowledged.

“Racism is exact in The USA and it has continually been,” and so has xenophoba and sexism, Harris acknowledged.

Over the previous yr, “Asian Americans have been attacked and scapegoated”, Harris acknowledged.

“We’ve had of us in positions of fabulous vitality scapegoating Asian Americans. Other folks with the ideally suited pulpits spreading this roughly dislike.”


We’re waiting to hear from Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, who’re scheduled to talk any time now at Emory college, in Atlanta.

United for the Other folks

President Biden and Vice President Harris are about to talk at Emory University in Atlanta. And a colossal crowd is expecting their arrival.


March 19, 2021

CNN has a paunchy checklist of the of us Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are meeting with in Atlanta to focus on Asian American violence.

Amongst the inform leaders and community leaders are Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms; Georgia inform senator Dr Michelle Au; Georgia inform senator Sheikh Rahman; Georgia inform representative Marvin Lim; Georgia inform representative Bee Nguyen and Georgia inform representative Sam Park.

Greg Bluestein

Georgia’s 5 AAPI inform legislators dwell up for the arrival of Biden & Harris at Emory University, where they’ll portion their concerns about the upward push in violence and dislike crimes focused on Asian-Americans. #gapolhttps://t.co/otSab9nh7U

March 19, 2021

The president and vice-president are additionally meeting Stephanie Cho, govt director of the Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Atlanta and Victoria Huynh, vice chairman of the Center for Pan Asian Neighborhood Services and products.

Biden is anticipated to provide an tackle at Emory college later this day.


Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are space to meet Asian American Georgia inform legislators and other community leaders in Atlanta at 3.35pm.

The president and vice-president are acknowledged to focus on the racist rhetoric and actions in opposition to Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, which have proliferated all over the pandemic, after Covid-19 first emerged in China.

President Biden

This afternoon, Vice President Harris and I are meeting with Asian American leaders in Atlanta, Georgia. We’re going to focus on the ongoing attacks in opposition to the community and how we pass ahead. It’s up to all of us to root out racism and offers dislike no protected harbor in The USA.

March 19, 2021

Biden and Harris had already been scheduled to visit Atlanta, as portion of a tour designed to laud the currently passed $1.9tn Covid-19 relief bill, however the level of interest of the visit was once changed in the wake of the shootings.

The Fulton County scientific examiner’s dwelling of industrial has updated the checklist of victims in the shootings who had been named this day. The eight who had been killed on Tuesday:

Rapidly Chung Park, age 74

Hyun Jung Grant, age 51

Suncha Kim, age 69

Yong Yue, age 63

Delaina Ashley Yaun, age 33

Paul Andre Michels, age 54

Xiaojie Tan, age 49

Daoyou Feng, age 44

Hyun Jung Grant’s son, Randy Park, wrote that his mother: “was once no doubt one of my most attention-grabbing visitors and the strongest impact on who we are this day.”

Delaina Ashley Yaun’s buddy, Rose Luce, informed the Guardian: “I’ve by no technique seen such appreciate in a family the manner I interrogate the appreciate Delaina had for hers.”

Paul Andre Michels’ brother, Paul, informed the Guardian: “He was once upright an odd man, very honest correct-hearted, very delicate-natured.”

Xiaojie Tan’s daughter, Jami Webb, informed USA At the present time: “She did all the issues for me and for the family. She equipped all the issues. She labored each and on daily foundation, 12 hours a day, so that me and our family would have a more in-depth existence.”


Reporting for the Guardian from Atlanta, Mike Jordan spoke to of us at Martin Luther King Jr Nationwide Historical Park about the shootings this week.

Kyra Kimber, a Dim lady, acknowledged she wasn’t wide awake Joe Biden and Kamala Harris had been visiting the metropolis that day, however acknowledged she was once contented they had been visiting today.

“Being right here on this dwelling reminds me to endure in thoughts Martin Luther King’s legacy and what he stood for,” Kimber acknowledged. “Also being right here makes me mediate not only about what took place the other night time, however to endure in thoughts we are the next generation. We are the future. We wish to lift action and we have to lift fee of our community.”

Kelly Beck, a white lady, acknowledged: “I in actual fact feel both moved by the promise that Martin Luther King’s message held for us all, and additionally a runt disheartened that 50 to 60 years later, not only are we feeling the repercussions of a society built on systemic injustice, however now I mediate, specifically in these particular murders, that it is miles the intersection of urge and gender,”

“So it’s white supremacy and the patriarchy that’s so deeply embedded in the culture and plot that’s The USA.” Beck acknowledged. “One man’s remark in actual fact isn’t ample. It was once a shiny beacon, however the work is collective work, and it hasn’t gone away.”

The suspected gunman in Tuesday’s shootings was once an packed with life member at Crabapple First Baptist Church, in Milton, Georgia, which has launched a shriek about the killings. “The shootings had been a total repudiation of our faith and note, and such actions are fully unacceptable and opposite to the gospel,” the church acknowledged.

The congregation held a individuals-only meeting on Wednesday night time and took down its social media profiles after the shootings. The church acknowledged it had cooperated with law enforcement in the shriek and acknowledged it blamed the suspect fully for the shootings.

“No blame will also be positioned upon the victims,” the church acknowledged. “He on my own is responsible for his execrable actions and desires.”

The shriek concluded: “we deeply regret the fright and anguish Asian-Americans” had been experiencing because of the shootings.

Raymond Chang, a Korean American who’s head of the Asian American Christian Collaborative, informed the Washington Post earlier this week that he was once disenchanted however not stunned to learn that the suspected gunman was once a Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) member.

“Thought to be one of the issues that’s complicated about white evangelical Christian churches and spaces is that they battle to focus on urge and racism in any meaningful manner and impact instances wherein racism and white supremacy can sadly flourish,” acknowledged Chang.

He acknowledged the SBC “have to wrestle with whether they had a component systemically in the long chain of discipleship in producing any individual that would possibly perhaps well manufacture something love this”.


Afternoon abstract

  • More essential functions of the victims’ lives have emerged this day. The son of Hyun Jung Grant acknowledged his mother: “was once no doubt one of my most attention-grabbing visitors and the strongest impact on who we are this day” in a put up on the GoFundMe web region.
  • Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are in Georgia and scheduled to meet with Asian American community leaders later this afternoon. The president and vice-president had previously scheduled a day out to the metropolis on Friday to meet with officials at the Centers for Illness Steal watch over and Prevention.
  • Biden additionally launched a shriek this day expressing “disaster and outrage” at the Atlanta attacks and calling for recent dislike crimes laws to offer protection to Asian Americans and others centered by a “upward push of dislike crimes exacerbated all over the pandemic.”

Flowers, candles and signs are arranged in a memorial outside Young’s Asian Massage

Flora, candles and indicators are arranged in a memorial exterior Young’s Asian Rub down Characterize: Robin Rayne/ZUMA Wire/REX/Shutterstock

Randy Park, the son of sufferer Hyun Jung Grant, created a GoFundMe to raise money for him and his brother, who he acknowledged are the only individuals of his family who’re residing in the US.

On the fundraising web region, he acknowledged that he was once going via arranging the funeral, figuring out the brothers’ residing dispute and attempting to pay for costs love bills and meals.

Park wrote of his mother:

She was once no doubt one of my most attention-grabbing visitors and the strongest impact on who we are this day. Shedding her has attach a brand sleek lens on my eyes on the quantity of dislike that exists in our world. As mighty as I wish to grieve and project the fact that she is gone, I have a youthful brother to lift care of and matters to safe to the bottom of as a outcomes of this tragedy.Frankly, I have no time to grieve for long.

As of Friday afternoon, extra than $878,000 had been raised. In an update, Park wrote:

Thank you all people and please portion whatever care and kindness you have confirmed right here to any individual that feels insecure or in doubt about the world we dwell in. I will’t relieve however in actual fact feel selfish for all the consideration this has garnered. Thank you all people so mighty. This doesn’t signify even a fragment of how I in actual fact feel. My mother can relaxation easy though-provoking I have the relieve of the world with me

Biden addresses Atlanta attacks: ‘words have consequences’ whatever the motivation – as it took place