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Billie Eilish’s Happier Than Ever Has A Song For Every Mood

Billie Eilish’s Happier Than Ever Has A Song For Every Mood

Kelia Anne MacCluskey

Early Newspaper

The title of Billie Eilish’s sophomore album Happier Than Ever is a misnomer: There are few delighted tracks to be stumbled on.

As a replacement, the 19-yr-musty singer shows carefully on her contain trauma as a younger lady whose profession all at as soon as exploded, bringing her — and all of her youthful increasing peril — into the highlight. “I went thru some loopy shit, and it in actuality affected me and made me no longer prefer to transfer come somebody ever,” she instructed Rolling Stone in June. She started feeling greater all the intention in which thru her When We All Tumble Asleep tour after a fancy breakup, which is referenced in tracks like “I Didn’t Swap My Number” and “Happier Than Ever,” and in the hunt for therapy. In coping with this, her mom gave her some clever words.

“Should you’re happier than ever, that doesn’t mean you’re the happiest that somebody’s ever been. It methodology you’re happier than you contain been sooner than,” Eilish recalled to the journal, detailing the nuance to her album title.

Though the album is in good section Eilish’s reckoning along with her superstar, she manages to own it relatable by exploring universal emotions of heartbreak and isolation. She also tackles an indispensable systemic factors, skewering the rampant abuse by significant males in “Your Energy” and taking up the objectifiable male ogle in “Male Memoir.” On this methodology, Eilish brings her listeners along for the hurry, while also handing over her signature level-headed, synthy sounds. Below, we fracture down every tune of Happier Than Ever notice by notice and temper by temper.

  1. “Getting Older”

    Hear to it goes to you’re feeling: like reflecting on existence

    Key lyric: “I’m gettin’ older, I guess I’m agin’ properly / I wish somebody had instructed me I would be doin’ this on my contain”

    Eilish opens the album with synthetic ingredients, reflecting how great she has grown at some point soon of her existence and changing into eminent as a baby. She has slightly a number of reasons to be thankful and grateful, nonetheless it absolutely shall be bittersweet in terms of facing on-line troll and right scrutiny: “But it absolutely’s a whole lot of when a stranger’s consistently waitin’ at your door / Which is ironic ‘trigger the strangers appear to prefer me extra / Than somebody sooner than.” Billie brings an fair appropriate rob to her skills in the music industry, even when it’s painful.

  2. “I Didn’t Swap My Number”

    Hear to it goes to you’re feeling: in want of distance from an ex

    Key lyric: “I only modified who I answer to”

    On this soulful R&B notice, Eilish doesn’t prefer to focus on to an ex anymore, refusing to answer to their texts. “You bought slightly a number of fuckin’ nerve,” she sings, although she has no sympathy left. Eilish holds some guilt for no longer paying consideration to her childhood mates that this delight in hobby modified into execrable recordsdata. The tune concludes with distorted synths, which appear to signal the connection breaking aside.

  3. “Billie Bossa Nova”

    Hear to it goes to you’re feeling: flirty nonetheless cautious

    Key lyric: “I’m no longer sentimental / But there may be somethin’ ’bout the methodology you gaze tonight”

    Eilish uses bossa nova sounds to craft a romantic atmosphere. She pines to be on my own with a lover while also seeking to abet a low profile from the clicking: “Some recordsdata’s no longer for sharing / Utilize a whole lot of names at resort study-ins.” Even while it’s appropriate the 2 of them, Eilish worries her boo may perhaps well notify the arena about their relationship.

  4. “My Future”

    Hear to it goes to you’re feeling: ambitious

    Key lyric: “I’m in delight in / With my future”

    Eilish shows on her existence in a tune that swells with electronics, although it transitions to a funkier groove when the hopeful second verse hits. “My Future” indispensable sides her run of self-discovery and reaching for greater heights: “And I, I’m in delight in / But no longer with somebody else / Merely wanna find to understand myself.” Though she admits she has romantic emotions for somebody, she is conscious of it may perhaps perhaps well be a distraction from her run.

  5. “Oxytocin”

    Hear to it goes to you’re feeling: mischievous

    Key lyric: “’Purpose I like to supply issues God would no longer approve of if she noticed us”

    The techno notice’s title refers to the hormone that plays a role in causing delight in, lust, orgasms, and attachment. Eilish is continuously feeling mischievous tonight: “I wanna produce execrable issues to you / I wanna own you hiss / I wanna produce execrable issues to you / Manufacture no longer wanna treat you properly.” While you happen to’re on the membership along with your partner and feeling overwhelmed with prefer, here is potentially the most attention-grabbing tune to find your grind on.

  6. “Goldwing”

    Hear to it goes to you’re feeling: inclined

    Key lyric: “Slip residence, don’t notify”

    Eilish begins with a chant: “He hath attain to the bosom of his cherished / Smiling on him, she beareth him to most sensible seemingly heav’n.” The intro lyrics are derived from a 1907 Gustav Holst translation of choral hymns from a sacred Hindu textual express. The spiritual writing is leveraged for a dialogue about how females are exploited in the industry. Billie, as a gold-winged messenger, tries to warn and aid inclined ladies from anxiety. “You greater abet your head down,” she sings. “They’re gonna notify you what you wanna hear / Then they’re gonna fade.”

  7. “Misplaced Purpose”

    Hear to it goes to you’re feeling: upset by your crush

    Key lyric: “You weren’t even there that day / I modified into waitin’ on you / I surprise must you contain been conscious that day / Changed into as soon as the final straw for me and I knew”

    Eilish is dismayed that her delight in hobby is inconsiderate of her. In the starting up, she belief they contain been appropriate alarmed. “But seemingly you appropriate had nothing to your mind / Almost definitely you contain been thinkin’ ’bout your self on an habitual foundation,” Billie sings. Or no longer it is in overall a chunk of a notify-off, implying this person is a slipshod deadbeat: “I do know you specialize in you are such an outlaw / But you got no job.” Within the tip, she is conscious of this relationship is a lost trigger.

  8. “Halley’s Comet”

    Hear to it goes to you’re feeling: drained of being in delight in

    Key lyric: “I produce no longer prefer it / And I produce no longer prefer to prefer you”

    The tune begins as a piano ballad for Eilish to confess she can’t discontinuance enraged by somebody she’s fallen in delight in with. “I have been cherished sooner than, nonetheless lawful now on this second / I in actuality feel extra and additional like I modified into madе for you,” she sings as the notice involves gentle synths and a thumping backbeat. She’s torn, and against the tip of the tune, the final verse distorts her teach to care for shut her complex thoughts: “I’m sitting in my brother’s room / Have not slept in a week, or two, or two / I guess I would havе fallen in delight in / What am I to supply?”

  9. “No longer My Accountability”

    Hear to it goes to you’re feeling: over the body-shaming

    Key lyric: “Is my value only to your belief?”

    While you happen to followed Eilish’s The build Pause We Slip? World Tour, this is able to perhaps additionally simply seem acquainted. The audio is from a short film that modified into dispensed in March 2020 all the intention in which thru her describe in Orlando as an interlude. It is Eilish’s response to the backlash and body-shaming she has got at some point soon of her profession. “We own assumptions about of us in accordance with their measurement / We judge who they’re / We judge what they’re rate,” she sings.

  10. “Overheated”

    Hear to it goes to you’re feeling: overwhelmed by social media

    Key lyric: “I’m overheated, can’t be defeated / Can’t be deleted, can’t un-relievе it”

    Eilish discusses how social media has felt overpowering all the intention in which thru her upward push to popularity. All the pieces she posts is scrutinized (“I started talkin’, they started laughin’”). When she goes outside, she is gazed upon (“I started watchin’ them photographin’ / I produce no longer in actuality know the intention in which it took place”). Although she deletes one thing, it’s level-headed on the salvage with no raze in sight on memoir of someone somewhere has considered and kept it on teach. “Is it recordsdata? Files to who? / That I in actuality regarded appropriate just like the remainder of you,” she sings.

  11. “Everyone Dies”

    Hear to it goes to you’re feeling: shy of being on my own

    Key lyric: “I produce no longer wanna exclaim, some days I produce / But no longer about you / Or no longer it’s appropriate loads to assume of”

    Eilish shows on the belief to be loss of life and how every part comes to an discontinue with darkish synths that perfectly fit the atmosphere. In overall, of us difficulty dying on memoir of you lose somebody you delight in in the midst of. On occasion, it’s seemingly you’ll perhaps in actuality feel abandoned. She even wonders about when it’s her time: “Everyone dies / And when will I?”

  12. “Your Energy”

    Hear to it goes to you’re feeling: like standing up to somebody significant

    Key lyric: “I believed that I modified into particular / You made me in actuality feel / Fancy it modified into my fault, you contain been the devil”

    In an acoustic guitar ballad, Eilish brings consciousness to the trauma of abuse and energy imbalances in a relationship: “Strive no longer to abuse your energy / I do know we did no longer purchase to substitute / That you can additionally simply no longer wanna lose your energy / But havin’ it is so uncommon.” She also wonders as soon as presently if abusers know what they produce is defective. “How dare you? / And how may perhaps additionally you?” she asks. It’s straight forward to prefer solutions and closure nonetheless in the tip, nonetheless it absolutely’s greater to be self-privy to any toxic behaviors and attitudes you should lead obvious of wounding others.

  13. “NDA”

    Hear to it goes to you’re feeling: defensive

    Key lyric: “Yeah, I made him signal an NDA / As soon as modified into beautiful adequate / ‘Purpose I produce no longer prefer him havin’ shit to command, oh-oh”

    Eilish’s struggles to contain a non-public within most existence and a romantic partner contain in most cases been resulted in by the creeps that stumble on her every transfer, so great in converse that she “needed to assign [her] money for safety.” Deep synth bass beats and intrepid strings accompany the instrumentals to own an eerie atmosphere. Thanks to the stress of popularity, Eilish in most cases has second thoughts about her profession: “30 below 30 for one other yr / I’m able to barely scurry outside, I guess I despise it here.”

  14. “Therefore I Am”

    Hear to it goes to you’re feeling: ill of fraudulent mates’ bullshit

    Key lyric: “I’m no longer your buddy / Or anything, rattling”

    The title of this R&B notice is a play on the iconic philosophical quote from René Descartes, “I guess, therefore I am.” Attributable to her superstar, Eilish explains feeling distrustful as soon as presently when making connections, fearing her mates may perhaps additionally be utilizing her for clout. It’s even frustrating when of us assume they know her nonetheless they in actuality don’t: “Manufacture no longer focus on ’bout me just like the methodology it’s seemingly you’ll perhaps know the intention I in actuality feel / Top of the arena, nonetheless your world isn’t any longer in actuality true / Your world’s a wonderful.” Even must you are a great stan to your favourite artist, you’ll by no methodology know every part about them.

  15. “Happier Than Ever”

    Hear to it goes to you’re feeling: offended and unhappy after a breakup, nonetheless greater off than sooner than

    Key lyric: “When I’m a ways from you / I’m happier than ever”

    The title notice begins as an acoustic breakup ballad, calling out an ex who made Eilish dreadful: “I knew after I asked you to / Be frigid about what I modified into tellin’ you / You would produce the reverse of what you acknowledged you would produce / And I would discontinue up extra shy.” Upon the second verse, the tune evolves to bass strings evoking frustration. By the third, a laborious electric guitar rages to express her exasperate and sadness: “And all that you just did modified into own me fuckin’ unhappy / So don’t shatter the time I produce no longer contain / And don’t try to own me in actuality feel execrable.” While you happen to listen carefully in the outro, you shall be in a speak to hear guttural screams accompanying the riffs, so must you’re going thru a tough breakup, in actuality be at liberty to rage along.

  16. “Male Memoir”

    Hear to it goes to you’re feeling: heartbroken

    Key lyric: “Wager it’s laborious to understand / When nobody else comes round / If I’m getting over you / Or appropriate pretending to / Be alright, persuade myself I despise you”

    The album closes with a somber acoustic ballad as Eilish tries to transfer on from a recent heartbreak, reflecting on what is true delight in and what isn’t any longer. The title is a reference to Eilish’s emotions that pornography perpetuates a chronicle whereby females exist exclusively to please males. “Distract myself with pornography / I despise the methodology she looks at me,” she sings. But Eilish is conscious of true delight in is extra than appropriate sex. And in most cases, you appropriate can’t present it.

Billie Eilish’s Happier Than Ever Has A Song For Every Mood