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Blackman Bay renamed as oyster growers heed Shadowy Lives Topic call

Blackman Bay renamed as oyster growers heed Shadowy Lives Topic call

Last 365 days, during the peak of the Shadowy Lives Topic protests, a little community of oyster farmers in Tasmania had been listening — and doing their bit to push for substitute at a local stage.

Key capabilities:

  • Tasmanian oyster farmers enlighten their decision was in half as a consequence of buyer suggestions in the wake of the Shadowy Lives Topic Circulate
  • The Blackman Bay oyster rising jam has been renamed Boomer Bay, but stays unchanged on maps
  • The identify substitute follows a raft of introduced dual identify adjustments

The South East Growers Community unanimously voted to interchange the identify of its rising jam — from Blackman Bay to Boomer Bay —  after issues had been raised by prospects overseas that it had racial connotations.

Early Newspaper

The president of the South East Growers Community Ellen Duke mentioned it was no longer factual prospects who felt the synthetic was wanted.

White tub containing oysters

Oyster farmers joined forces to grasp their rising jam identify modified.(

ABC News: Fiona Breen 


Six diversified corporations farm oysters in the Blackman Bay waterway, with the registered rising jam identify exhibiting on export paperwork, health certificates, bill labelling and oyster packaging heading interstate and overseas.

“[For] somewhat a fashion of years, discussion has been that some of our export markets the build we would must be selling our oysters might perhaps perhaps well no longer fetch it acceptable,” oyster farmer Ben Cameron mentioned.

Ben Cameron at Blackman Bay retrieving oysters

Ben Cameron mentioned the discussion had been going on for years.(

ABC News: Michael Atkin


James Calvert, managing director of Tasmanian Oysters, mentioned suggestions had near from prospects in Japan, Hong Kong and China.

“This adverse suggestions factual kept coming and coming as the Shadowy Lives Topic [movement] grew.

“That’s when we mentioned we need a while to copy on this, be conscious the factors and be a bit more respectful.”

Overseas product rebranded 

The community went to the Tasmanian executive with a inquire to interchange the ‘rising jam identify’ and in a roundabout draw had success.

“I assume importantly the identify of the bay would no longer substitute on any of the maps, that is outside our control but what we can control is how we consult with the jam when it comes to all of our marketing and gross sales, what identify goes on the baggage of oysters,” Ben Cameron mentioned.

Farmer Max Cunningham says the synthetic has been on the cards for a truly long time but in actuality received impetus as the Shadowy Lives Topic sentiment unfold.

The identify substitute means there are three diversified rising areas interior that bay — Boomer Bay, Cramped Boomer Bay and Boomer Bay East.

“You needs to be in a position to head to a restaurant anywhere in Australia and they needs to be in a position to expose you the build your oysters came from, lease quantity and rising jam — lease 255 Boomer Bay … was once 255 Blackman Bay,” Mr Cunningham mentioned.

Per historical paperwork Abel Tasman named the waterway Blackman Bay in 1642 when he saw proof of folks living on its shores.

Man wearing sunglasses and hi vis orange vest stands in front of oyster growing area.

Feeble farmer Max Cunningham mentioned the identify substitute was on the cards for a while.(

ABC News: Fiona Breen 


Another grasp for Aboriginal communities

The native Parrdarrama Pungenna Aboriginal Corporation is fully overjoyed the community is having the conversation.

It has received a number of decent draw adjustments in present days, with two key areas worthwhile popularity of joint names.

Eaglehawk Neck will now grasp a joint Aboriginal identify Teralina and the Tasman Peninsula can grasp the joint Aboriginal identify Turrakana.

The corporate’s secretary Peter Macdonald mentioned it supposed loads to the community.

“We’re very pleased the dual names grasp long passed thru and that language from our folks is being outmoded in the names,” Mr Macdonald mentioned. 

Visit the registry of all decent Tasmanian names on the Placenames Tasmania web sites.

Blackman Bay renamed as oyster growers heed Shadowy Lives Topic call