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Blair Home guest quarters a temporary home for VP Harris

Blair Home guest quarters a temporary home for VP Harris

WASHINGTON (AP) — Vice President Kamala Harris can’t beat the work streak back and forth.

She’s living temporarily at Blair Home, the president’s official guest location on Pennsylvania Avenue across from the White Home, while some repair work is accomplished at the official vice presidential home a few miles away on the grounds of the U.S. Naval Observatory.

Early Newspaper

Asked what her first job may well be, as she strolled the Inauguration Day parade route along with her husband, Doug Emhoff, Harris advised a reporter, “Walking to work.”

Harris moved into Blair Home the day after the Jan. 20 inauguration, said spokesperson Symone Sanders.

Vice presidents have lived in a white, 19th century Victorian home on the grounds of the Naval Observatory since the late 1970s, starting with Walter Mondale. Nonetheless the home wants a touch-up, and officials said it’s easiest for the work to be accomplished while the home is unoccupied. Mike Pence, Harris’ predecessor, cleared out at the stay of the Trump administration earlier this month.

So Harris moved into Blair Home, where President Harry Truman lived from 1948-1952 for the duration of major renovations to the White Home.

Blair Home is on a part of Pennsylvania Avenue that is below constant surveillance by the U.S. Secret Provider, which presents security for the president and vice president wherever they are. The agency declined to remark on Harris’ living arrangements.

Matthew Costello, the White Home Historical Association’s senior historian, took existing of the home’s stable location — along with a notable bonus for Harris, who is the primary woman, first Black individual and first Indian American to be elected vice president.

“You can’t beat that streak back and forth,” Costello quipped.

It takes Harris mere minutes to get to her workplaces across the road in the Eisenhower Executive Administrative center Building and in the White Home, compared with the roughly 2-mile (3.2 kilometer) travel from the Naval Observatory by motorcade.

It was unclear how lengthy Harris will stay at Blair Home. Chimney liners in the Naval Observatory location are being replaced and assorted unspecified maintenance is underway. No timetable for finishing up the work was given.

Within the meantime, Harris, her husband and any guests can explore Blair Home, which has been expanded via the addition of three adjoining properties.

The complicated has approximately 109 rooms, along with 15 guest rooms — each with a paunchy bathroom — three formal dining rooms, two large convention rooms, two kitchens, a beauty salon, an train room and a laundry facility. It has a staff of 18 paunchy-time employees.

The original Blair Home was constructed in 1824 by Joseph Lovell, the Army surgeon general, and later supplied to journalist Francis Preston Blair. The Blair family supplied the home to the U.S. authorities in the early 1940s, and it was grew to change into into the president’s official guest home.

By that time, the White Home had change into overcrowded with guests, along with contributors of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, advisers, politicians, foreign dignitaries and others as the nation prepared for World War II. All of these guests were lobbying to satisfy with President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

British High Minister Winston Churchill even wandered White Home halls in the wee hours in search of Roosevelt, according to Costello, making first lady Eleanor Roosevelt unhappy.

The State Department began renting Blair Home in 1942, and by the stay of the year had purchased the home and its contents for a total of $183,000.

Foreign dignitaries and at this time-to-be U.S. presidents have enjoyed the accommodations.

President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden slept at Blair Home on the eve of his Jan. 20 inauguration. Former President George W. Bush and his companion, Laura, stayed there in 2018 when they returned to the nation’s capital for funeral products and services for Bush’s father, former President George H.W. Bush.

A couple miles north on Massachusetts Avenue, the official vice presidential location on the gated grounds of the Naval Observatory was constructed in 1893, originally for the superintendent. Nonetheless the home grew to change into out to be so appealing that the executive of naval operations booted the superintendent and moved in himself, according to the White Home web page.

Vice presidents and their families traditionally had lived in their very maintain homes. Nonetheless after the value of securing their private residences ballooned, Congress agreed in 1974 to neat up the home on the Naval Observatory grounds for the vice president.

Three years passed before a vice president actually moved in.

Vice President Gerald Ford became president after Richard Nixon resigned for the duration of Watergate before Ford may exhaust the home. Nelson Rockefeller weak it ideal for entertaining.

Mondale was the primary vice president to settle into the home, which has also been weak by the families of George H.W. Bush, Dan Quayle, Al Gore, Dick Cheney, Biden and Pence.


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Blair Home guest quarters a temporary home for VP Harris