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Blood Power at Port Alfred Lady Manual Hall

Blood Power at Port Alfred Lady Manual Hall

There’ll be a Blood Power at the Port Alfred Lady Manual Hall on August 17 and 18, from 1pm to 6pm.

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic the South African National Blood Carrier (SANBS) requires over 3,300 blood donations day to day to satisfy patients’ interrogate across the country. COVID-19 restrictions personal severely microscopic SANBS’ ability to effect entry to colleges, tertiary establishments and corporates, to host blood drives.

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As a result blood stocks are beneath stress. SANBS hopes that donors will be ready to discover the time to make a distinction to the lives of others by donating blood.

The safety of donors, workers and the total South African community, is of extreme significance to the SANBS and intensive precautionary measures were taken to ensure that that donor security. All other folk having access to donor clinics are completely screened and anybody exhibiting flu-like indicators or indicators of infections is informed to lengthen donation till they are neatly.

Blood donation is collected safe at some point of this time and other folk confirmed with COVID-19 infection or at risk will be deferred from donation for a time-frame.

It’s miles a truly mighty to prove that other folk are no longer at risk of contracting COVID-19 thru the blood donation course of, or via a blood transfusion since respiratory viruses are usually no longer identified to be transmissible by donation or transfusion.

If you might perchance presumably presumably very neatly be en existing donor and there are any modifications to your contact minute print or scientific status please let SANBS know.

Undergo in mind that you might perchance presumably presumably donate complete blood every 56 days. For more information about blood donation, focus on over with sanbs.org.za or observe the conversation on their social media platforms.

Thanks for taking up the reason at the encourage of saving lives!

Blood Power at Port Alfred Lady Manual Hall