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Brooke Baldwin says she’s leaving CNN in April to focus on her new e book: ‘Inch, I’m feeling inclined’

Brooke Baldwin says she’s leaving CNN in April to focus on her new e book: ‘Inch, I’m feeling inclined’

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CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin printed on Instagram that she examined distinct for COVID-19. She is the second CNN anchor to take a look at distinct after Chris Cuomo.


Brooke Baldwin, one of CNN’s conventional anchors who turned into “incredibly in unhappy health” final 12 months with COVID-19, opened her afternoon demonstrate on Tuesday by announcing she’s leaving the network in April.

Baldwin, 41, has been at CNN since 2008 – first in Atlanta and since 2014 in New York – as host of “CNN Newsroom,” airing from 3 to 4 p.m. EST.

She made the announcement honest after coming on air, suggesting she plans to take a rupture from the news. She also posted on her Instagram. 

She mentioned she’s going to focus on her e book, “Huddle,” due April 6, which is ready females “unlocking their collective vitality.” 

“Before we procure going, let me begin with some personal news: I will be leaving CNN in April,” she mentioned. She paused and gulped. 

Baldwin mentioned her subsequent chapter will be focused on what she loves most, amplifying the lives of extraordinary American citizens and a passion for storytelling. She mentioned she’s been working on her e book for 2 years.

“There is more I’d like to finish inaugurate air the walls of this location, this location I have been privileged to call dwelling for 13 years,” she told viewers. “Inch, we’re level-headed in a virulent disease. No, I don’t absorb another job to jump into. And positive, positive, I’m feeling very inclined.” 

Nevertheless she’s also feeling distinct in regards to the long flee. “I’m so fascinated with what is to arrive.”

Search: @BrookeBaldwin broadcasts that she’s going to be leaving CNN in mid-April. Her e book “Huddle” comes out on April 6: https://t.co/SwcYXL8mzVpic.twitter.com/0FZzOEsVRI

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Then she instantly started interviewing CNN political journalists Jeff Zeleny and Dana Bash; the latter praised Baldwin and hailed her as a mentor.

Final 12 months, Baldwin unfolded in regards to the 2 weeks of hell she skilled with COVID-19, in a personal essay she posted on CNN in April, about living with and covering the international pandemic.

The essay used to be illustrated with Instagram photos of Baldwin during her illness, looking moody and furious, even when she had her pug,  Pugsley, by her facet. 

For Baldwin, it used to be exhausting to contend with the depression and isolation, even with her husband in the identical New York condominium.  He did now not procure in unhappy health (“knock on wooden,” she mentioned), irrespective of many hugs of consolation during the instances she went to “very dark locations.”  

“These easy acts of connecting with me and hugging me had been restorative beyond measure. The isolation would possibly maybe perhaps maybe even be worse than the physique aches,” she wrote.

The physical pain used to be so wicked she had to take long, nightly hot baths to distract her from her absorb aching physique. Then there had been the nightly fever sweats, a pervasive sense of fright, the crying jags and the inability of interest in meals she would possibly maybe perhaps maybe also no longer taste or smell.

“And most of all I’m grateful for the reminders this virus supplied: First, that clarity comes from being level-headed and listening to our feelings. And second, that connection is more vital to our smartly being and happiness than we would possibly maybe perhaps maybe care to admit,” she wrote. 

In October, for her 10th 12 months as anchor of her absorb demonstrate, Baldwin posted a message on Instagram celebrating the anniversary. She mentioned she used to be taking off till after the November election and that Jake Tapper would possibly maybe perhaps maybe be taking over her hour. She did now not explain why. 

USA TODAY has reached out to CNN for hiss. 

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Brooke Baldwin says she’s leaving CNN in April to focus on her new e book: ‘Inch, I’m feeling inclined’