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Bruce Willis among stars in cast of White Elephant

Bruce Willis among stars in cast of White Elephant

Bruce Willis, Olga Kurylenko and Michael Rooker are to neatly-known person in ‘White Elephant’.

The trio indulge in boarded the cast of the action-thriller that will in all probability be written and directed by Jesse V. Johnson.

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The story centres on Gabriel Tancredi (Rooker), a outmoded marine turned into mob enforcer who have to war his sense of correct and incorrect and code of honour when he’s forced to natty up a botched assassination job by his protégé Carl.

Willis stars as Arnold, the highest man in the mob whereas Kurylenko plays Vanessa, a police officer who has spent years trying to bring down Arnold and his crime syndicate, and groups up with Gabriel to have confidence so.

Jesse has penned the screenplay with Erik Martinez for the film, which is at the moment shooting in Georgia.

BondIt Media Capital are financing the flick with Corey Huge producing for 308 Enterprises.

Meanwhile, Bruce has lately signed as a lot as neatly-known person in ‘The Fortress’ trilogy.

The 66-three hundred and sixty five days-ordinary actor has boarded the film sequence with Jesse Metcalfe and Chad Michael Murray additionally starring in the flicks directed by Cullen Bressack.

The first installment has begun production in Puerto Rico and can be shot attend-to-attend with the sequel. The third film is made up our minds to be filmed in the long term.

The distance revolves spherical a top-secret resort for retired US intelligence officers as a neighborhood of criminals led by Balzary (Murray) breach the compound, hellbent on revenge on Robert (Willis) – forcing the retired officer and his son (Metcalfe) to set aside the day.

‘The Fortress’ has been developed by Randall Emmett and Emile Hirsch with the script being written by Alan Horsnail. The first two films will in all probability be produced by Emmett and George Furla, Luillo Ruiz and Chad A. Verdi. Tim Sullivan, Cut D’Angelo, Caesar Richbow and Danny are executive producing.

Bruce Willis among stars in cast of White Elephant