Home Cars & Bikes BRZ STI tweaks give the latest Subaru coupe a (non-turbo) boost

BRZ STI tweaks give the latest Subaru coupe a (non-turbo) boost

BRZ STI tweaks give the latest Subaru coupe a (non-turbo) boost

Ever since the Subaru BRZ was hatched a rumour mill has been churning out speculation that there’s a turbocharged STI variant in fashion. Subaru even revealed a theory version in the ‘States back in 2015, nonetheless the factory has so far resisted the temptation to develop a production BRZ STI despite the evident pent-up demand among legions of fans.

Meanwhile, the 2nd-gen BRZ was revealed back in November 2020 – now joined by its Toyota GR 86 sister-mannequin – and as you’d examine the STI crew have been dabbling with a few travel-faster candies for the home market.

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This primary wave of STI parts for Japanese owners consist of an in-your-face carbon rear cruise for the rear deck, a location of 18-dawdle BBS alloys, and a performance exhaust gadget which presumably will bring a few extra decibels and/or bhp to the BRZ party – details on either front are but to be confirmed.

There are other exterior upgrades too, together with front and rear splitters, wheel arch winglets and a roof-mounted vortex generator.

The STI team have also confirmed the continuing availability of a flexible V bar engine bay strut brace, which it also gives for the first-gen BRZ. On the weak car it’s said to increase steering response and average automobile speed through a slalom by 1.4 per cent, whereas offering at least a 30 per cent increase for your below-bonnet drool factor. (We made the last bit up.)

Either way, we reckon the latest BRZ no doubt advantages from the added visual impact of the larger wheels and aero upgrades. Nonetheless there’s calm room for Subaru to transfer a lot further to give its latest BRZ a bit more STI spice, and we wager there’ll be masses more to approach back by way of fashion and performance upgrades for the latest coupe.

Sadly, the subsequent BRZ gained’t be bought officially in Europe due to the emissions considerations – although Toyota will allow us to win our hands on the GR 86.

BRZ STI tweaks give the latest Subaru coupe a (non-turbo) boost