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Buffalo industry relieved as NT’s only major meatworks reopens

Buffalo industry relieved as NT’s only major meatworks reopens

The Northern Territory’s only major abattoir has reopened after a six-month closure.

Key aspects:

  • After prolonged delays, the Batchelor abattoir has reopened for 2021
  • The buffalo industry depends on the meatworks for animals no longer suited for live export
  • Central Agri Neighborhood, the abattoir’s operator, plans a ‘buffalo-centric’ production for 2021

It is welcome info to contract buffalo musterer Jed Fawcett, who started the season leisurely as a result of uncertainty across the abattoir’s reopening date.

Early Newspaper

“We all form of sat on our hands wanting forward to it to delivery … we didn’t deserve to stockpile too many animals,” Mr Fawcett stated.

“Within the past we be pleased held them for a truly long time [due to delays] … you hasten up feed bills in a short time.” 

The Batchelor abattoir, 100 kilometres south of Darwin, is a extraordinarily important carrier for the Northern Territory’s buffalo industry as a result of it takes buffalo no longer suited to the live-export trade.

Jed Fawcett sitting in the driver's seat of a stripped-down jeep with no windscreen. He's wearing a blue shirt and beige hat

Jed Fawcett catches feral buffalo across the Prime Discontinue. (

ABC Rural: Daniel Fitzgerald


Delayed reopening

The abattoir took a scheduled spoil over the Prime Discontinue’s wet season, but its reopening has reach later than anticipated.

Several tentative delivery dates indicated to industry teams in April and Might perchance well well well also passed with out the abattoir restarting.

Around 20 buffalo grouped in a stockyard beside a mound of hay.

The Batchelor abattoir processed spherical 14,000 cattle and 6,000 buffalo in 2020.(

ABC Rural: Max Rowley


Talking to ABC Rural, Central Agri Neighborhood’s regular supervisor, Johnnie Dichiera, stated the firm had encountered a sequence of challenges.

“It was obviously no longer supreme,” Mr Dichiera stated.

“Then all every other time, we heard the calls from industry for us to be delivery … and while we be pleased opened leisurely, we are in actual fact delivery and we’re angry to be contributing to the Northern Territory economy all every other time.”

‘Buffalo-centric’ season

Mr Dichiera stated Batchelor’s production thought would be very “buffalo-centric” this year.

“That’s, processing 82 head of buffalo a day over a five-day week, and each fortnight desirous to route of cattle,” he stated.

Central Agri Neighborhood has applied to export chilled meat to Indonesia and hopes to catch approval soon.

“That will also very neatly be a vital, serious market for us,” Mr Dichiera stated.

“We need that market, and we’re hopeful we can come by some definite info and that list presently.”

If all goes to devise, he stated, the abattoir would plan to route of larger than 9,000 head of buffalo in 2021.


Buffalo industry relieved as NT’s only major meatworks reopens