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Calgary woman says she felt ‘humiliated’ by Alberta sheriffs during a traffic stop

Calgary woman says she felt ‘humiliated’ by Alberta sheriffs during a traffic stop

KumKum Roychowdhury says she was utilizing home to Calgary from her nephew’s home in Airdrie, Atla., when she was pulled over by Alberta sheriffs and asked to take a breathalyzer.

When she struggled to produce a correct sample after 17 attempts, she said that’s when officers told her to catch part of her cultural outfit and initiate her clothing, an idea she was “insulted” by.

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The 74 year weak was along with her sister Rina Mukherjee as soon as they pulled over for Alberta sheriffs on July 27, near Balzac, for a regulation take a look at stop.

Roychowdhury said the officers demanded she take a breathalyzer, although she says she had no longer been smoking or ingesting.

Below federal law, any officer can demand a breath sample from any motorist who has been lawfully pulled over.

Roychowdhury said she suffers from shortness of breath, a health complication she developed following a delicate stroke in February 2019.

Regardless of her medical challenge, she said the sheriffs made her take the breathalyzer 17 occasions.

“(The) officer was really frustrated because I couldn’t make it all the way via 30 seconds, or how(ever) many seconds, I don’t know,” Roychowdhury told CTV Information.

Following several attempts, Roychowdhury said the officers requested she step out of the car and catch part of her cultural saree gown as to allow her chest to take in additional oxygen.

She said she was asked to undo her bra and calm down her shirt underneath the saree, with other motorists having a investigate cross-take a look at on.

“That makes me so mad because he has no authority and has no moral,” said Roychowdhury.

“Maybe he’s a sheriff doing the law but I’m a woman and he’s a man and he cannot advise this woman that your chest is no longer any longer transferring. I really feel greatly insulted, how dare he state that your chest is no longer any longer transferring (or) your stomach (is) no longer transferring.”


A statement was released by Alberta Justice and Solicitor General’s workplace about the incident.

“The Sheriff Highway Patrol (SHP) was made aware of this matter Wednesday (July 28th) and is smooth in the formula of checking out extra about the particulars,” said spokesperson Jason van Rassel.

“A supervisor will contact the complainant and speak to the officers fascinated with the Checkstop operation to obtain extra details. The SHP is also checking if there are any audio or video recordings available.”

While Roychowdhury said sheriffs have already reached out to her to apologize for the incident, she is smooth searching for to file a formal complaint. Below Alberta’s Peace Officer Act, individuals of the public can file a formal complaint in writing to the investigative services team at Alberta Justice and Solicitor General.

She believes she was treated unfairly as the sheriffs eventually let her slouch.

“I was humiliated, I was in trauma,” she said. “I was really in such a panic attack.”

Chowdhury’s sister Mukherjee says female officers must be required by law to be explain during these take a look at stops, something she says is the case in her home nation of India.

“Some ladies are no longer comfortable with the male police officer,” said Mukherjee.

Calgary woman says she felt ‘humiliated’ by Alberta sheriffs during a traffic stop