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California election’s chief says recall election is secure

California election’s chief says recall election is secure

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California’s Secretary of Boom said Friday she received’t require a more rigorous audit of next week’s recall election outcomes that might perhaps engage Gov. Gavin Newsom from set apart of business, announcing issues in regards to the safety of the train’s election management machine are “wrong.”

A gaggle of eight election security experts — including computer scientists, election technology experts and cybersecurity researchers — said the audit is famous after copies of Dominion Vote casting Machine’s election management machine had been released publicly last month at an event organized by MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell.

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The experts, who detailed their issues in a letter to Secretary of Boom Shirly Weber last week, said the management machine is very equivalent to the one venerable in 40 of California’s 58 counties, including the risk “can’t be fully defended in opposition to by technical manner.”

But Weber, a Democrat who used to be appointed to the job by Newsom earlier this 365 days, said it’s no longer you can think about to behavior the earn of audit the experts requested on such short concept. She said that audit requires “foremost preparation, coaching and attempting out,” including that virtually all of the train’s local elections officers had by no manner finished this earn of audit sooner than.

“Extra, the implication that California’s elections can’t be performed safely and securely without (a more rigorous audit) is wrong, as California has the strictest vote casting machine attempting out, procedures for exercise and security necessities within the nation,” Weber wrote in a answer to the election security experts, a duplicate of which used to be got by The Linked Press.

The protection experts desire California to lift out a “risk-limiting audit,” which uses a statistical manner to make certain that that election outcomes match the precise votes forged. California uses paper ballots, making it more uncomplicated to examine outcomes.

Weber’s comments echoed that of many county clerks. Donna Johnston, president of the California Affiliation of Clerks and Election Officers, said it wasn’t functional to produce any such fancy audit so end to the recall election. She said California has more than one safeguards in set apart, including that none of the machines venerable to depend paper ballots are linked to the procure.

Santa Barbara County Clerk Joe Holland said county election officials “accept as true with such rigorous security protocols that it’s end to not doubtless or anyone to procure procure entry to to the server … that tabulates the votes.”

“It’s no longer even a issue,” he said.


Brumback reported from Atlanta.


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California election’s chief says recall election is secure