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Camila Cabello denies Shawn Mendes engagement rumours

Camila Cabello denies Shawn Mendes engagement rumours

Camila Cabello has shut down speculation that she’s engaged to boyfriend Shawn Mendes.

The Havana singer sparked speculation that she had popular the Stitches hitmaker’s proposal when she was spotted carrying a hoop on her engagement finger throughout a TikTok dance video earlier this month.

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All the contrivance thru an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday, Camila was asked in regards to the rumours and she spoke back, “Ooh, is that this news? No, guys!… He has no longer (proposed) and I am no longer engaged.”

The 24-year-dilapidated, who has been dating the Canadian singer since summer season 2019, went on to account for that she did no longer realise she was carrying the ring on this form of necessary finger.

“I drawl to god, I originate no longer know what hand the engagement ring goes on, so now and again I will real adore gain it on my ring finger,” she insisted. “I imply, I’d in actual fact adore you to voice me – which hand is the engagement hand? Because I originate no longer know. My fogeys are married, and they every lost their rings. Literally, my mom couldn’t yell me, either. She could perchance also establish me from this, but she would no longer due to she would no longer know, either!”

Fallon spoke back, “It be the left hand, stunning?” to which she acknowledged, “You originate no longer even know! Is this total data?”

The dull-night time host then joked that he would no longer gain on a marriage ring but has a tattoo declaring his marital field on his lend a hand, and Camila performed along.

“I maintain a tattoo of Shawn on my lower lend a hand too – it says ‘Shawn Mendes,'” she quipped. “It says ‘señor,’ and he has one on his lower lend a hand that says ‘señorita.'”

Camila Cabello denies Shawn Mendes engagement rumours