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Can a sausage be called a sausage without meat?

Can a sausage be called a sausage without meat?

Ought to tranquil a sausage be called a sausage if it’s no longer made out of meat? Is a burger a burger without the beef?

These are questions a Senate inquiry is contrivance to investigate as it probes the labelling of non-animal proteins across the meat and dairy industries.

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Key factors:

  • Plant-based meat alternatives are beneath scrutiny over their labelling
  • The upward push of non-animal protein alternatives has skyrocketed in present years
  • Some specialists say these can be extremely processed and unhealthy

The inquiry has been announced by Queensland Nationals senator and extinct butcher Susan McDonald. 

“The trade invests hundreds of thousands and thousands of dollars each year to invent and enhance the intellectual property and benefits of crimson meat in Australia, and or no longer it’s important that these investments are protected,” Senator McDonald said.

It is far no longer the first time the Nationals have gone after plant-based meals labels, with milk alternatives also coming beneath scrutiny in present years. 

‘No longer healthy’

Clare Collins, a professor of diet and dietetics at the University of Newcastle, said it was a meals safety explain that wished to be addressed, with fake meats no longer always healthy alternatives.

“I contemplate now may well be really the time for physicians and the scientific community to push back on this,” she said.

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Senator Susan McDonald has announced an inquiry into non-animal protein labelling.(



Professor Collins said it was complicated for buyers who may well contemplate a plant-based alternative was healthy when in fact it was ultra-processed.

“Now we have had meat alternatives previously; there are tons of them that are no longer ultra-processed — you already know, appropriate ol’ beans in a can,” she said.

“My explain is that the marketing savvy and turning it into an ultra-processed ready-to-grab-off-the-shelf meals is what goes to confuse other folks.

“A few of these items are high in added saturated fat and added salt.”

A plant-based hot dog

A plant-based sizzling dog is an alternative for vegans and vegetarians.(

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She said she also wanted to gaze clear regulation about pre-processing ingredients being integrated on labels, but that it will be left as much as Food Standards Australia Unusual Zealand (FSANZ). 

“They’re the regulatory authority around the safety and composition of our meals, so you may well contemplate they’d be leading with any form of feedback in regard to that.” 

Labelling laws are developed by FSANZ and enforced by state and territory departments, agencies and local councils, as smartly as the federal agriculture department.

Trade hits back

The Alternative Proteins Council (APC) said in a statement that it was disappointed at the announcement of an inquiry.

“The terms of the inquiry are framed in a way that stokes a false narrative that emerging protein sectors in Australia are in some way impairing conventional protein sectors, based on branding.

“Framing original protein industries as a threat to conventional ones is patently infamous and does a disservice to the thousands of Australian farmers and regional communities who stand to benefit from the recount of the plant-based protein sector.”

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The number of ‘fake meat’ merchandise on supermarket shelves has exploded in present years.(

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The APC also said plant-based meats have been a increasing meals category in accordance with rising demand from buyers, at the side of these motivated to enhance their health.

“The APC is confident that an evidenced-based nutritional analysis of plant-based meat alternatives, when compared admire for admire with the conventional meat sausages, burgers and bacon to which they are an alternative, will reveal plant-based meat merchandise are on average nutritionally comparable or superior.”

Can a sausage be called a sausage without meat?