Home Story Can a socialist live in a $2.7m mansion? | Arwa Mahdawi

Can a socialist live in a $2.7m mansion? | Arwa Mahdawi

Can a socialist live in a $2.7m mansion? | Arwa Mahdawi

Hasan Piker, AKA Hasan the Hun, AKA “woke bae”, has purchased a dwelling. If you’re extraordinarily online you then’ll know exactly what this means and already have a grand opinion about it. If you are a normal, nicely-adjusted, human being you then will have no idea what I’m talking about. So, in temporary: Piker is a 30-year-frail dude who has gained a massive following thru leftwing political commentary on the streaming service Twitch. Spending several hours a day ranting about politics on the internet hasn’t factual earned him extra than a million followers, it’s also made him a lot of cash: Piker has factual purchased a $2.7m (£1.9m) dwelling with a swimming pool in West Hollywood. Cue screams of “class traitor” and “hypocrite!”

Piker’s unusual pad has drawn a lot of criticism from fans who think he has betrayed his socialist values. It has also drawn predictable ire from the rightwing media, who have customary the fable to take a search for at to reveal socialists don’t have any values. There may be nothing conservatives adore extra than an opportunity to put in writing a fable along the lines of “FRAUD: self-proclaimed socialist buys something!” They seem to think that you can’t possibly critique capitalism in the occasion you acquire any variety of property. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, for example has been criticised by rightwing commentators for owning a good jacket and a Tesla; Bernie Sanders has been slammed for owning three houses; Patrisse Cullors, a co-founder of Black Lives Matter and self-described Marxist, has been dubbed a hypocrite for buying a couple of houses.

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Glimpse, in the occasion you’re making a living thru socialist politics you then shouldn’t be bowled over if folks raise an eyebrow if you shell out millions of dollars on property. That said, I don’t really care about Piker’s fancy unusual dwelling. There may be a strain of purity politics on the left that means that no person appears to be able to carry out anything appropriately. Had Piker purchased a extra modest dwelling in a cheap neighbourhood, for example, he would probably have been accused of being a gentrifier. Instead of wasting all its time in-fighting, the left really ought to exert its power building a broader base and trying to actually win into power. Let Piker appreciate his fancy unusual pool. There are larger fish to fry.

  • Arwa Mahdawi is a Guardian columnist

Can a socialist live in a $2.7m mansion? | Arwa Mahdawi