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Canada helped 145 Afghan refugees flee overland to Pakistan

Canada helped 145 Afghan refugees flee overland to Pakistan

Canada has helped 145 Canadian-plug refugees flee Afghanistan overland to Pakistan.

A spokesman for Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino says all 145 beget Canadian visas and are literally being processed in Pakistan and can very correctly be on their manner to Canada internal “days or weeks.”

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Alexander Cohen says many of the refugees are Afghans who helped Canada all the diagram in which via its militia mission to Aghanistan from 2001 to 2014 and who fright retribution now that the Taliban beget regained care for an eye fixed on of the country.

He says their number includes people related to the Malala Basis, college students at the Marefat Women College and “fixers” who helped Canadian journalists overlaying the mission.

The overland evacuees are as well to the 3,700 Canadians, Afghan refugees and other country’s nationals who had been airlifted by Canada out of Afghanistan prior to American troops performed a frenzied withdrawal from the country at the end of August.

On Thursday, 43 Canadians had been evacuated on a flight organized by the federal government of Qatar, the first passenger flight to leave Afghanistan since closing month. Ten extra had been evacuated Friday on one other flight plug for Qatar.

Cohen talked about the federal government began working with allies and neighbouring international locations even prior to evacuation flights had been shut down closing month to bag original routes for Afghan refugees to flee to safety.

“Up to now, the overland recede to Pakistan has been the very finest manner to gather other folks out of Afghanistan,” he talked about.

Cohen talked about officials are working with people to guarantee they’ve the mandatory paperwork and with allies, together with humanitarian groups, which were helping prepare overland convoys of refugees.

Employees at the Canadian Excessive Charge in Islamabad were beefed up to relieve course of the refugees and are working with the Pakistani government to guarantee border officials are full of life for their arrival, he talked about.

“We’re working with refugees to enhance them while in Pakistan and facilitate onward recede to Canada, and we will add sources the build valuable,” Cohen talked about.

“We request extra refugees to leave Afghanistan and attain to Canada by assignment of Pakistan in the arriving days and weeks.”

Cohen talked about 2,200 Afghan refugees beget resettled in Canada to this level, with one other 400 in transit.

The federal government has promised to proceed doing no topic it is miles going to to gather other folks out of Aghanistan. It has additionally pledged to bag at least 20,000 refugees who fabricate it to neighbouring international locations.

This account by The Canadian Press used to be first published Sept. 11, 2021.

Canada helped 145 Afghan refugees flee overland to Pakistan