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Carry out massage guns actually work? We asked the experts to find out

Carry out massage guns actually work? We asked the experts to find out

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It is most likely you’ll perhaps well perchance additionally simply like viewed massage guns blow up on social media, thanks to interesting gradual-movement videos, or heard out of your mates how principal they lend a hand alleviate sore muscles after a onerous workout. Nonetheless ought to you suspect that they’re correct the most up-to-date fitness type that’s particular to blow by in a 300 and sixty five days or two, you’re spoiled. Massage guns aren’t correct tall for viral videos; they’re an amazingly useful tool that helps restoration and injury prevention.

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Massages like lengthy been identified to be useful for restoration, but going to a masseuse to derive your knots and soreness released on a day-to-day basis is unrealistic for most. That’s why massage guns and the percussive therapy they utilize like develop into wildly neatly-liked in contemporary years. These handheld gadgets pound your muscles in snappy succession, which truly helps you derive higher sooner. Actually, vibration therapy has been shown to lend a hand alleviate the soreness you derive after working out so that you just need to be in a spot to derive lend a hand to exercising sooner. Plus, there are even reviews that declare how vibration therapy also helps prevent muscle wretchedness ought to you practice it prior to a workout.

On the other hand, Dr. Jason Wersland, founder and chief wellness officer of Therabody, parts out that percussive therapy and vibration therapy aren’t the same. “It’s primary for folks to know there’s a difference between vibration and percussion. The body responds another way to each and each,” he says. “Theragun pioneered percussive therapy which is a deeper, extra lustrous mode of restoration and body activation.”

Dr. Karena Wu, proprietor and clinical director at ActiveCare Bodily Therapy in New York, explains how this therapy works. “The snappy percussion actually pumps the dwelling and promotes fluid circulation. Massage in and of itself is an ‘irritant’ to the muscle, designed to raise blood waft to an dwelling,” she says. “If a affected person requires various ground dwelling to duvet in a session or they actually desire a short warmup on the tissues, the massage gun will get archaic first.”

Donald Zerio, a physical therapist at Spear Bodily Therapy in New York, explains that massage guns work correct love your tried-and-correct foam roller. “They raise out work in the same sense that foam rolling works,” he says. “It is another way of tender tissue mobilization that offers the lend a hand of loosening up tight muscles, which offers a feeling of relief and offers a short-time interval enchancment in flexibility.”

Ashley Rozek, physical therapist and clinical director at Spear, also says massage guns are a tall tool for both restoration and pre-workout. On the other hand, to derive the handiest exercise of them, it’s most likely you’ll perhaps well want to peek some authentic lend a hand. “I specialise in it’s a ought to-like to reach anticipate a physical therapist and find out how to safely and precisely exercise the gun to your body so that you just need to be in a spot to successfully exercise it at dwelling,” she says.

Zerio concurs with Rozek, pronouncing it’s primary to know precisely how to exercise your massage gun. “There is a undeniable quantity of talent fervent with it, and you will additionally be in a spot to be troubled yourself ought to it’s most likely you’ll perhaps well be no longer cautious,” he says. “We utter our sufferers to raise in their massage guns to a physical therapist so we are able to declare how to exercise the a quantity of percussion heads and differ the depth and flow for explicit muscle teams.”

There are tons of massage guns on the market, from a top price Theragun that goes for $600 to principal, more cost effective ones on Amazon. To allow you to resolve out which massage gun to secure, we asked our experts for some guidelines on what to peek out for.

Wu says to find a tool that is actually happy to utilize. “Ergonomic construct in deliver that ought to you utilize it, your arm doesn’t fatigue,” she says. “Weight of the massage gun is mandatory in deliver that you just’re going to be in a spot to again utilize it against or to an dwelling without straining your other arm.” She also recommends finding individual that has extra than one attachments so that you just need to be in a spot to exercise it on a quantity of muscle teams all throughout your body.

Zerio parts out that flow and noise are some extra tall factors to glance out for. “Overall specs to pay consideration to are the diversity of percussion heads provided with the product, the noise level (some of them can sound love a jackhammer) and the quantity of flow alternate choices,” he says. “Dearer massage guns like up to 5 flow alternate choices, which isn’t actually mandatory, when two to three is all you actually want.”

Zerio says it’s actually extra primary to pay consideration to depth than flow. Wu explains the difference. “Varied speeds will translate to being extra light and calming versus sooner and further stimulating,” she says. “Depth of percussion or amplitude will translate to extra of a vibratory versus percussive feeling, which again would possibly perchance perchance well be acceptable to extra superficial areas versus deep areas.”

Under, we’ve listed out massage guns that match our educated steerage, moreover to the massage guns they exercise themselves in their practice.

PureWave Gen II Twin Massager ($149.95; padousa.com)

PureWave Gen II Dual Massager


PureWave Gen II Twin Massager

“I exercise the PureWave Gen II Twin Massager because I find it’s acceptable to a broader inhabitants,” says Wu. “It has a lengthy handle construct, which is the handiest massage gun that can perhaps well reach down to your lower legs and your entire bottom without sacrificing your other body parts. The PureWave is tall because it has extra attachments (seven versus four generally) and a percussion (for higher muscle teams) and a vibration aspect (for smaller and further superficial areas). The PureWave also has 12 speeds, which methodology you need to be in a spot to practice them on of us which would possibly perchance perchance well be extra soft.”

Sonic X Private Percussion Massage Gun ($159.99; amazon.com)

Sonic X Personal Percussion Massage Gun


Sonic X Private Percussion Massage Gun

Zerio uses the Pulse Fx massage gun from LifePro, which sadly isn’t out there for utilize anymore. On the other hand, this massage gun from the same imprint parts six a quantity of attachments and has a zigzag, ergonomic handle for a easy massage.

Theragun Prime ($299; theragun.com)

Theragun prime


Theragun prime

“Our weird aggregate of amplitude, frequency and torque makes the Theragun extra lustrous at making improvements to movement and aiding in restoration than any other tool out there,” says Wersland. The Theragun Prime is the imprint’s 2d-most payment-efficient massage gun, and parts a 16-millimeter amplitude, that methodology it goes to derive deeper into your muscles than most other massage guns you’ll find. Theragun also has an app that can perhaps well pair with the Theragun Prime and stroll you thru restoration routines and further.

Theragun Mini ($199; theragun.com)

Theragun mini


Theragun mini

The Theragun Mini is the imprint’s lightest and most portable probability, coming in at round 1.5 pounds. It’s bought an amplitude of 12 millimeters and three flow settings, and when we examined it out ourselves, we loved its quiet and efficient massaging abilities. In the occasion you’re an athlete or physical coach buying for a extra extremely efficient tool, check out our corpulent breakdown of Theragun’s most up-to-date line of massage guns right here.

Hypervolt ($299, originally $349.99; amazon.com)




This neatly-liked massage gun comes with 5 attachments and three flow settings, and it weighs 2.5 pounds. Its high-torque motor ensures a extremely efficient, efficient massage without reference to where you take cling of it.

Sonic Handheld Percussion Massage Gun ($99; amazon.com)

Sonic Handheld Percussion Massage Gun


Sonic Handheld Percussion Massage Gun

With eight interchangeable heads, 5 speeds and an ergonomic construct, this massage gun is the most payment-efficient on our checklist at $99. Nonetheless don’t let the price imprint idiot you — the Sonic percussive gun soundless has all the pieces you wish for a radical massage.

Vybe Skilled Percussion Massage Gun ($149.99, originally $199.99; amazon.com)

Vybe Pro Percussion Massage Gun

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Vybe Skilled Percussion Massage Gun

Featuring 9 speeds, eight attachments, a 12-millimeter amplitude and lengthy, ergonomic handle, the Vybe Skilled ticks all the containers. Plus, three of this massager’s heads are made from steel to actually dig into your deep tissues.

Opove Massage Gun ($199.99, originally $209.99; amazon.com)

Opove massage gun


Opove massage gun

This massage tool from Opove has a deep, 15-millimeter amplitude, 50 pounds of stall force and 5 attachments to give you a deep and extremely efficient massage. It’s also rather light, weighing in at correct 2.3 pounds so your arm won’t derive as tired when hitting those onerous-to-reach spots.

Carry out massage guns actually work? We asked the experts to find out