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Cattle producers enjoy top prices as loyal consumers buy expensive beef

Cattle producers enjoy top prices as loyal consumers buy expensive beef

The young cattle market is booming for the duration of the nation and the next increase within the label of beef is no longer deterring loyal Australian consumers.

Key functions:

  • Cattle prices fly to ranges no longer seen for the reason that 1960s
  • Consumers peaceable purchasing beef despite label rise
  • Farmers reaping rewards of solid market

Persisted search info from on top of increased rainfall fill precipitated the spike in cattle prices, which fill reached document heights no longer seen for the reason that 1960s.

Early Newspaper

Farmers and butchers had been relishing the solid market, with baseline beef products now promoting for around $5 more per kilogram in contrast with the identical time last One year.

Despite the label leap, Mount Gambier butcher Michael Lamond acknowledged potentialities had been peaceable showing up to purchase beef products.

“If we went assist 12 months ago to check up on what folk are buying, then I am pleasing sure all the pieces would possibly perhaps perhaps be peaceable the identical.”

Cattle at saleyards

Younger cattle are in unparalleled search info from at cattle exchanges for the duration of the nation.(

ABC South East SA: Todd Lewis


“Even at your top quit, your scotch fillet, gaze fillet, folk are peaceable prepared to pay the first rate cash for it.”

Mr Lamond acknowledged the trade had “skyrocketed” and he was grateful to consumers for staying the direction.

“On the quit of the day, folk are starting up to realise cattle prices are getting increased and do not check up on like going down anytime almost as we suppose.

“It’s good to check up on farmers getting valid cash for their cattle and they keep that cash assist into the economic system.”

The Eastern Younger Cattle Indicator (EYCI) hit a excessive of 941 cents per kilogram carcass weight at market’s quit, Tuesday.

Those prices had been exceeded within the South East of South Australia with yearling steers fetching a median of 1,015 c/kg carcass weight at Tuesday’s sale in Naracoorte.

Man at saleyards

Stock agent Dale Keatley monitors prices at Mount Gambier and District Saleyards.(

ABC South East SA: Todd Lewis


Mount Gambier cattle agent Dale Keatley acknowledged there was immense search info from for all classes of cattle.

“I don’t want to derive too angry, but I will’t peep things altering within the short term anyway.

“Folks are undoubtedly buying stock with a level of self assurance, but they doubtlessly will fill to be attempting a shrimp bit at among the prices they’re paying for many of these weaner cattle, a few of them check up on a shrimp bit ridiculous.”

Mr Keatley acknowledged the strength of the trade had a immense drift on stay for your total economic system.

“There’s rather deal of farmers with a shrimp bit of a spike within the label, that are genuinely upgrading fencing, we’re seeing new cattle yards and hay sheds whisk up, they’re buying new utes and motorbikes and so what that does is it undoubtedly provides our total economic system a capture.

“When the farmers are making a few bob, or no longer it’s valid for your cities.”


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