Home Australia Chop seeding started six months ago and these farmers are still going

Chop seeding started six months ago and these farmers are still going

Chop seeding started six months ago and these farmers are still going

To seed a gash in August is extraordinarily rare in Western Australia, nevertheless farmers on the relate’s south inch are doing it anyway to are attempting and salvage an exceptionally moist season.

Key factors:

  • While WA as a complete is forecasted to reap a file gash in 2021, some south inch farmers are still reseeding vegetation misplaced to water harm
  • Reseeding in August is extraordinarily rare on WA farms, nearly six months after the originate of the rising season
  • If paddocks are left bare over summer they anguish erosion, moisture loss and weeds

“Early [seeding] for canola is the first of March and the general public would seed from the first of April to mid-April. Cereal vegetation are early April to mid-Can also,” Nathan Hunt mentioned.

Early Newspaper

His farm, 60 kilometres north of Albany, is amongst WA’s worst hit by water harm in 2021.

About one third of it has failed thoroughly even after extra than one reseeding attempts.

Farmland left fallow over summer could sight essential moisture loss or erosion, or weeds could simply develop and jeopardise next 12 months’s gash.

“Preserving [the soil] is why pretty a pair of people will gash,” farmer Jeremy Walker mentioned.

Rain has torn a deep trench in a farmer's paddock. He looks down at the damage.

Rain hasn’t correct burst the seed on Nathan Hunt’s farm, it has torn deep trenches in some of his paddocks.(

ABC: Angus Mackintosh


If their paddocks are dry ample and the sky is sure, both Mr Hunt and Mr Walker will be seeding all over again with barley and wheat this month.

“[The latest would be] the originate of September — we would normally be doing a quilt gash after that,” Mr Hunt mentioned.

‘Wet since day one’

Friends to WA’s south inch could sight flowering canola and deem the season is rising properly, nevertheless by the intense yellow rows, fair empty patches are visible.

This bare soil could simply have had seed burst or drowned.

Even the flowering canola will not be any longer stable — vegetation leaning to 1 side are more seemingly to die if the water would now not subside.

a patchy canola field seen from above

Grand gaps in Mr Hunt’s canola are mighty clearer from above. (

Equipped: Regan Soper


Patchy, waterlogged paddocks are no longer going to sight any extra seeding on his farm this 12 months.

Uncharted territory

Elders agronomist James Bee advises farmers across the southern excessive rainfall zone, pretty a pair of whom will be happy to interrupt even this 12 months.

“It could truly most likely label barely you $50 per hectare to originate your tractor up and drive your seeder by the paddock — never mind the label of seed,” he mentioned.

“Ruin-even yields [on barley] are above a tonne a hectare.”

But when farmers quiz when, how, or in the occasion that they’d simply still are attempting reseeding this August, Mr Bee can no longer provide as mighty files as he’d treasure.

“We could form some of that files this 12 months, which could be nice particularly for the excessive rainfall zone.”

Flying over burst seed paddock

An air-spraying plane flies over a paddock of burst seed.(

ABC: Angus Mackintosh


Some farmers form have journey of dull reseeding, nevertheless or no longer it’s removed from newest or comprehensive.

“In the middle of the final 20 years the frequent seeding date has changed by extra than a month,” Mr Walker mentioned.

“The used guys relate they historical to [seed this late], nevertheless the types had been shorter serve then.

Farmers who form will be hoping for frigid, dry autumn climate to cease extra seed burst.

They’re going to even be cautious of comparisons to various WA farms as the Grains Alternate Association of WA forecasts a file 20 million tonne statewide harvest for 2021.

Chop seeding started six months ago and these farmers are still going