Home Enterprise Tech Chord, a headless commerce startup led by former Glossier pros, raises $18M

Chord, a headless commerce startup led by former Glossier pros, raises $18M

Chord, a headless commerce startup led by former Glossier pros, raises $18M

Last year, former Glossier executives Henry Davis and Bryan Mahoney unveiled a original e-commerce startup called Arfa. Today, they’re announcing a original imaginative and prescient for the company, along with a original name, original funding and an acquisition.

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The name first: Involving forward, the New York startup will be identified as Chord, which Davis (Chord’s chairman and COO) said reflects the fact that the startup is now “exclusively centered on our technology offering,” rather than on launching its contain order-to-consumer brands. (Davis also said that Chord will be sharing extra information around plans for its present brands soon.)

Mahoney (Chord’s CEO) said the platform affords brands with “commerce as a carrier.” In varied words, as a industry moves into the realm of headless commerce (where they select e-commerce infrastructure that’s separate from the front-quit ride), Chord is designed to give all of their desires, across extra than one merchandise and features, including vow management, a buyer data platform and command management.

Davis urged that as a consequence of complications like insufficient data infrastructure and increasingly advanced, multi-channel agencies, “Operators have been compelled to make compromises and tradeoffs on their core industry. We want to accumulate rid of that as a idea. Your tech stack is right here to enhance you.”

Chord founders

Chord founders Henry Davis and Bryan Mahoney. Image Credits: Chord

And while there are certainly heaps of varied headless commerce startups, must you gawk across the e-commerce landscape, Davis said, “All and sundry’s struggling with with the same instruments to achieve the same factor. Rather that carry another headless approach to access those same instruments, we wanted to carry along an offering that made you differentiated and larger.”

As one example of how Chord is varied, Mahoney said that its buyer data platform is something “we bake into all the things we achieve,” offering “a single analytical layer” that’s accumulating data across the platform.

The startup has also acquired Denver-based e-commerce data startup Yaguara for an undisclosed sum. With the Yaguara team becoming a member of Chord, Davis said the startup will be able to “double down” on data and data visualization.

And, as mentioned, the company has also raised an $18 million Series A, bringing its total funding to $25 million, according to Crunchbase. The spherical was led by Eclipse Ventures.

Taking a gawk ahead, Mahoney said the company’s imaginative and prescient is to “be identified as the Stripe of headless commerce — the way that they have constructed the infrastructure powering payments on the earn, we want to vitality headless commerce.”

Chord, a headless commerce startup led by former Glossier pros, raises $18M