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Claiming state voting reforms are racist is ridiculous. I should know: Ken Blackwell

Claiming state voting reforms are racist is ridiculous. I should know: Ken Blackwell


Ken Blackwell, Notion contributor
Published 4: 00 a.m. ET April 8, 2021

Early Newspaper

Claims that voter ID regulations are racist are false. Most voters of route toughen voter ID requirements, and these reforms are helpful for obtain elections.

Outrage from Democrats, firms and Predominant League Baseball about voter identification requirements and Georgia’s “Election Integrity Act of 2021” feels fancy leftovers reheated for the third time. At any time when Republicans suggest commonsense voter ID measures to assist safeguard our elections, liberals react by shouting that it is voter suppression and Jim Crow 2.0.   

These claims are false, and they also distract from the accurate issues of promoting election integrity and struggling with fraud.   

Hans von Spakovsky, a senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation, notes, “Nearly every person of voting age already has such IDs, and people that attain not can with out issues acquire them. Every state with an ID requirement issues a free ID to any individual who doesn’t already beget one. Despite the empty howls of ‘repression,’ states which beget implemented ID requirements beget viewed turnout traipse up, not down.”

Excellent muddling the discuss 

Arguing voter ID is a intention of voter suppression is a smokescreen designed to muddle the discuss. Rather then lecturing us with false arguments, Democrats should listen to Unlit and Latino voters who toughen ID requirements on fable of they realize we wish to take easy steps to supply protection to the sanctity of the ballotfield. 

Rather then debating the deserves of voter ID and election regulations, liberals model them — and any individual supporting them — as racist in attempts to shut down any debate. For example, Stacey Abrams calls Georgia’s law “a redux of Jim Crow in a traipse neatly with and tie.”  

This is ridiculous. Abrams herself praised New Jersey’s fresh voting procedures, the establish voters rise up to 10 days to vote early. Under Georgia’s fresh law, they acquire 17 days.  

The records doesn’t matter, the views of African Americans and Latinos create not matter, the precise textual content material of the fresh law doesn’t matter. The hyperbolic rhetoric ignores the fact.  

Liberals are now pushing a federal elections invoice, H.R. 1, which they declare will dispose of “racist” state regulations. This legislation sabotages state voter ID requirements by forcing states to allow any individual to vote, with or with out an ID, if they trace an unverifiable statement attesting to their eligibility. Evidently stated the invoice would dispose of voter ID in 35 states. What may perhaps well perhaps also traipse unsuitable? 

Boycott the Georgia boycott: Nine ideas to thwart the Georgia ‘voting rights’ boycott 

If H.R. 1 is enacted, our elections will be apt as a few years of factual governance will be thrown out and replaced with half of-baked left-wing talking options. For example, states may perhaps well perhaps be required to implement expertise that does not exist, couldn’t take away ineligible voters from voter rolls and would should allow paid political operatives to salvage absentee ballots

Listen to the voters who largely toughen voter ID regulations

Fortunately, the American folks strongly disagree with a ban on voter ID, as an Related Press ballotdiscovered that 72% of respondents toughen it. Likewise, an Atlanta Journal-Constitution ballot discovered 74% of Georgians supporting voter ID. 

Digging deeper, the Rasmussen Reports discovered that extensive margins of minority voters toughen voter ID as neatly: 69% of African Americans and 82% of alternative nonwhite minorities.  

3 reasons it isn’t a gargantuan deal: No, Georgia’s fresh law is not Jim Crow on steroids

It never ceases to amaze me that Democrats imagine African Americans create not beget, and aren’t in a position to obtaining, an ID. Significantly since you wish an ID to attain routine issues equivalent to originate a checking fable, pressure a car, board a flight or shield up tickets at the necessity-call window at Yankee Stadium or Fenway Park. Most Americans beget identification, and people that create not can snappy acquire one, as states equivalent to Georgia provide free IDs to any individual who needs one. 

Voter ID is the most entertaining election reform that states beget adopted; confidently all 50 will attain so. If there became as soon as any hint of racism connected with it then I’d be the fundamental to book the payment against it. Likewise, the reforms in Georgia acquire it less complicated to vote and more challenging to cheat.   

Ken Blackwell became as soon as the first African American to be elected statewide in Ohio — as secretary of state and state treasurer — after serving as mayor of Cincinnati. Apply him on Twitter: @KenBlackwell


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Claiming state voting reforms are racist is ridiculous. I should know: Ken Blackwell