Home Breaking News Closing two escaped prisoners arrested in Jenin, ending manhunt

Closing two escaped prisoners arrested in Jenin, ending manhunt

Closing two escaped prisoners arrested in Jenin, ending manhunt

The closing two remaining prisoners who escaped from Gilboa Penal advanced earlier this month, Munadil Nafayat and Iham Kahamji, dangle been arrested on Saturday night time by Israeli forces in Jenin, putting an finish to a almost two-week-lengthy manhunt.

The arrest used to be made by the IDF, Shin Bet and police special forces in response to intelligence from the Shin Bet. Israeli forces surrounded the house where the prisoners dangle been hiding and the two prisoners surrendered with out any fight and dangle been transferred to the Shin Bet for questioning. Two Palestinians who helped the two prisoners dangle been also arrested by Israeli forces.

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While the safety forces dangle been leaving town, clashes broke out with Palestinians in a sequence of locations, with stones and explosives thrown and shots fired towards Israeli forces. Three Palestinians dangle been reasonably wounded during the clashes, according to the reports. No injuries dangle been reported amongst Israeli forces.

Fouad Kahamji, Iham’s father, informed Al-Quds.com on Saturday night time that Iham had known as him earlier than the arrest and informed him that he used to be trapped in a house with civilians and that he would give up himself for their safety.

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Four of the six prisoners who escaped from Gilboa Penal advanced, Zakaria Zubeidi, Mahmoud Ardah, Mohammed Qadri and Mohammed Ardah, dangle been captured by security forces in and approach Nazareth closing weekend.

Israeli security forces arrest closing two escaped prisoners in Jenin (Credit ranking: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit)

Top Minister Naftali Bennett responded to the grab of the two prisoners on Sunday morning, saying “over and carried out. All six terrorists dangle been captured and can also return to reformatory, in a dauntless, refined and rapid operation by the Shin Bet, the police and the IDF.”

Bennett thanked security forces for working tirelessly day and night time to grab the escaped prisoners, adding “what went nasty will likely be repaired.”

“Since they escaped, Israel Police, led by the Northern District of the police, has been mobilizing many forces, alongside with diversified security organizations, in a wide deployment of thousands of police, Border Police and volunteers, in an intelligence, investigative and operational hunt and due to distinctive cooperation between all organizations, the police, the Shin Bet and the IDF, we managed to discontinuance the circle together,” acknowledged Israel Police Chief Kobi Shabtai after the two dangle been arrested.

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Shabtai explained that the safety establishment realized over time that the two dangle been positioned in Jenin. Security forces willing for several days for the operation which took build on Saturday night time after information that they had been waiting for used to be got.

“The entire security establishment and we, the officers of Israel Police, will continue to behave resolutely and aggressively for the safety of the electorate of Israel,” acknowledged Shabtai.

Palestinian gunmen in Jenin had acknowledged over the weekend that they’re willing to thwart any strive by the IDF to enter town or its refugee camp in search of two security prisoners who escaped from Gilboa Penal advanced.

The gunmen acknowledged they’ve shaped a “Joint Operations Room” consisting of representatives of plenty of Palestinian factions to repel a imaginable “invasion” by the IDF.

Palestinian sources acknowledged the gunmen belong to several armed groups affiliated with Fatah, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad. The sources claimed that the IDF used to be preparing to begin a essential offensive in the camp following a series of shooting incidents.

Hamas spokesperson Hazem Qassam responded to the arrests on Sunday morning as successfully, saying “We salute and pay huge homage to the heroes of the Freedom Tunnel in Gilboa Penal advanced, who demonstrated the skill of the Palestinian to behave in resistance in all cases and in all instruments.”

Qassam harassed out that despite the recapturing of all six escaped prisoners “this operation will remain irrefutable proof of the fragility and weakness of the Zionist security machine and its inability to withstand the desire of the Palestinian fighter.”

The Hamas spokesperson added that the motion’s armed forces wing, the Al-Qassam Brigades, had promised to include the six recaptured prisoners in any future prisoner alternate deal and that freeing Palestinian prisoners would remain a “top precedence” for the Palestinian factions.

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Khaled Abu Toameh contributed to this file.

Closing two escaped prisoners arrested in Jenin, ending manhunt