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Clyde Christensen was Bucs’ chaplain plus Tom Brady’s coach

Clyde Christensen was Bucs’ chaplain plus Tom Brady’s coach

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — Clyde Christensen had a bigger function than factual being Tom Brady’s quarterbacks coach this season.

The 65-yr-extinct longtime assistant coach additionally served as Tampa Bay Buccaneers chaplain. It’s no surprise then that Christensen spent time Friday afternoon leading a prayer match in a automotive automotive automotive car parking space outdoors Raymond James Stadium factual two days sooner than the Good Bowl.

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“It’s been an unpleasant particular lope and we’re out here praying and asking God to bless our city and shield us from one of the essential essential issues that beget space on a Good Bowl weekend,” Christensen suggested The Related Press. “I mediate the measurement of a city is how attain we treasure our down and out, how attain we treasure our downhearted, how attain we treasure our widows, how attain we deal with racial distinction. I mediate that’s the initiating point and that’s why I took the afternoon to return out here with some fellow-hearted other folk and pray.”

When Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians determined to assist the team’s chapel products and companies in home thanks to COVID-19, he turned to Christensen, a religious Christian, to manual.

“It was moderately surprising,” Christensen acknowledged. “He didn’t inquire of me. He attach it on my plate and I kinda tried to turn it down about a instances. I wasn’t having a leer for additional work and headaches, nonetheless it’s been kinda orderly. It’s been orderly for me in my thought because it’s made me pray extra tough for our workers and our coaches and our town.”

Christensen mentored Andrew Honest real fortune and Peyton Manning sooner than he received an opportunity to work with Brady, who chases his seventh Good Bowl title when the Buccaneers (14-5) face the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs (16-2).

Christensen was segment of Tony Dungy’s workers in Tampa between 1996 and 2001. He served as an assistant for the Colts from 2002-15. Christensen returned to the Buccaneers in 2019 when Arians came in.

“I was here 25 years within the past with coach Dungy and his name to me was to dart construct an impact any technique we can,” Christensen acknowledged. “I undercover agent coaching as a platform for bigger issues. Soccer is soccer, however the choice is powerful bigger than that. I worship every segment of this city and I wanna undercover agent this weekend showcase the coolest.”

The prayer match was organized by Athletes In Action in partnership with World Justice Mission, one of many leading world anti-trafficking organizations.

About 30 other folk, many sporting Buccaneers jerseys, gathered in a automotive automotive automotive car parking space to pray and hear to assorted leaders. Amongst the speakers was Trey Burton, a seven-yr NFL worn who threw the “Philly Particular” touchdown dart to quarterback Cleave Foles within the Eagles’ victory over Brady and Recent England in Good Bowl 52.

“I’m from Tampa so having this here is truly icy,” Burton acknowledged. “It’s superior to thought other folk which are smitten by ending trafficking. There’s 40 million other folk soundless enslaved on the present time and we predict about no children must soundless be going through what so many children are going through.”

Meriam Guirguis, an executive at First Horizon Financial institution, additionally was among these in attendance on the match.

“Tampa Bay has persistently been a neighborhood that truly does near collectively,” she acknowledged. “Having the quarterbacks coach two days sooner than the greatest match of the yr coming out and showing toughen is nice.”


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Clyde Christensen was Bucs’ chaplain plus Tom Brady’s coach